Pittsburgh Power Electrify In Home Opener

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It was the opening night for Pittsburgh’s new arena football team.

The Power kicked off its first season at the CONSOL Energy Center against the Philadelphia Soul.

The Power is one of three expansion teams in the AFL this season.

Arena football may look like it’s all about offense, but earlier on Friday, one of the Power’s owners, Lynn Swann, said defense is the key to victory.

“The team that usually has the advantage at the end, towards the end of the game, is a team whose defense can take the ball away, stop the other team a couple of times and take advantage of that,” he explained. “So just like the other team that wears black and gold in this city, defense means a lot.”

The Power and Soul were tied at 52-52, but after a pick-six in overtime, the Power lost, 58-52.

Their next home game will be broadcast live at 7:30 p.m., March 19 on Pittsburgh’s CW.

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One Comment

  1. Gary says:

    It was a fun game to go too and I had a great time. The only downside to the entire game was BUBBA, that guy is an idiot and really needs to not be associated with this team. If anything he took away from my experience at the game

  2. Joe says:

    Had to love it when Corbett got booed LOUDLY at the beginning of the game.

  3. Penny says:

    First time for Arena Football and I am now a huge fan! The game was so much fun to watch. GO POWER!

  4. Denise McGrady says:

    Is it on TV????? If so what channel?????????

    1. Loren DiGiorgi says:

      It was carried live on NFL Network. Pittsburgh’s CW will carry future games, as will The Fan.

  5. Dakota says:

    What an opening night!! Good job guys, it’s unfortunate we lost in OT, but still a tremendous job.

  6. redrock100 says:

    why didn’t they like the governor?

    1. Joe M. says:

      I’m guessing his proposed budget that contains drastic cuts in public education was a factor. Gov. Corbett is a joke!

    2. Boo Corbett says:

      Wouldn’t you boo too if Corbetts budget provided for a renovation of the Lt Gov’s mansion including the construction of an in-ground swimming pool?

  7. stoopm says:

    You people that paid to attend this debacle are saps. I am convinced that someone could dress a bunch of donkey’s in black and gold uniforms and there would be scores of Pittsburgers in line to shell out money to watch and cheer. Unbeievable!

    1. aj rel says:

      Why you so mad bro !

    2. Joe M. says:

      I like any event that brings people into town and boosts our local economy. I just hope that all of these AFL games and “Monster Truck” rallies don’t ruin the ice for the Pens.

    3. I love this city says:

      Obviously you’re not from here because A. You spelled Pittsburgh wrong and B. You can’t grasp the fact that we Pittsburghers love to support our sports teams no matter what. It’s our passion and we will do everything to show it.

    4. Dakota says:

      Must be a Cleveland fan

  8. Kathy says:

    one very disappointed senior who can’t afford NFL network was sooooo disappointed first Power game not televised.

  9. choo_choo says:

    to stoopm…you’re an idiot!!! Go back to your miserable life…

    1. stoopm says:

      Let me guess, you are one of the morons that attended this joke of an event. That’s O.K. as long as you’re happy with yourself.

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