Steelers President Weighs In On Lockout

By: Kym Gable

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s difficult to imagine a Sunday in autumn without Steelers football, but months of fruitless negotiations between NFL players and owners have put next season in jeopardy.

Talks broke down late Friday in Washington, D.C., and the owners imposed a lockout at midnight.

Steelers Chairman Emeritus Dan Rooney declined comment about the situation at Saturday night’s American Ireland Fund Gala; but Steelers President Art Rooney II did say the clubs did everything they could to lay the framework for a fair agreement.

Rooney told KDKA’s Kym Gable, “I think we made a very good offer and certainly something that should have been the basis to continue bargaining. We thought we were going to make some progress, so it’s a very frustrating week and disappointing.”

The NFL Players Association opted to decertify, essentially giving up collective bargaining rights – a signal the legal issue will likely drag out for months.

“We did offer them some economic concessions,” said Jim Quinn, the NFLPA attorney on Friday. “They rejected out of hand, basically said that’s not enough.”

Now, both sides are engaged in a game of finger-pointing that may ultimately be decided in a courtroom.

“Hopefully, we can get back to the bargaining table soon and get something done so we can get back to football,” added Rooney.

It’s the league’s first work stoppage since 1987.

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One Comment

  1. Todd says:

    Look both the players and owners make alot of money.. But the owners have a much bigger risk going into each and every season.. Ask your self these questions.. How much does it cost to host a football game.. Utilitys, advertising, paying the players and coachs.. Paying the staff at the staduim, paying the police to patrol the area and control the crowds at games.. The list goes on and on.. The owners should have more say in what happens.

    But the players also should have rights,. I just don’t see the need for a player to make 25 million a year. I don’t care who you are.. No one needs that much money to live on.. Just cause you play a sport for aliving does not make you special.. Look at this for example.. A pro Billiard player must WIN to get paid. And when he does win its peanuts compaired to what the league min is for one player.. Yet they spent thousands of hours learning and becomming the best.. Just imagin if only the WINNING TEAM IN THE NFL got paid each week. ..

  2. Ron says:

    I think we the people should have our government lock out the owners from using our football stadiums built by the taxpayers. The government should lock out the owners from using the airwaves where these owners derive most of their revenue. Now the issue is put into proper perspective

  3. So Ron, you want the government to have the power to decide who or what gets broadcast over the airwaves? Wow. As for “our” stadium, the Steelers did pay some 75 million dollars toward its cost, so should we pay that back to the Rooney family befoer we kick them out? Both sides could have and should have given ground, but the owners deserve to make money since the NFL is a business.

  4. John says:

    I would LOVE to see no football next year! That would be so awesome. What would people do with themselves? Spend more time with their kids and family? Work in their yard? Save some money?

    It’s just a sport, folks. It does nothing to make the world a better place. The players and owners would do well to remember that.

    1. Garry says:

      While I completely agree that its just a sport, and I wouldnt mind seeing a Pittsburgh/America without football for a year, sports, especially as the high school and below level, are a great team building and responsibility teaching tool.

    2. Hines2HOF says:

      You have the right to NOT participate in viewing, listening or reading about the NFL, or any other professional sport…. But the simple fact that the NFL creates approx. 9 Billion dollars annually, makes me believe that you are in the minority of this issue…. It is just a sport, but to those of us who enjoy watching & participating in Fantasy Leagues, it will be a devastating blow…. The fact that the two sides, cannot mutually agree on a plan that divides & consumes, to the tune of 9 BILLION DOLLARS, is the real story here…. They are both being extremely greedy…

  5. Chris says:

    I fell that the biggest loser in all of this is us NFL FANS!!!!! The owners & the players are both “GREEDY” I DO NOT fell Sorry for any owner or player in this Lockout.
    They should be GRATEFUL for having a Job.,NOT UNGRATEFUL!!!!!!!
    A lot of us fans have to struggle ,just to make sure there is a roof over our Kids heads and food in there mouths and paying our Bills.While You owners & players don’t have to worry about money,considering on how much money all of you make
    in a year or a month.

  6. Chris says:

    I hope they lock the players out for a couple years just to teach them a lesson. Then maybe everyone will shut up about football for a while and worry about something that matters.

  7. Chester says:

    I will guarantee that if there is a strike and next season is lost, when they do play again, the Steeler faithful will be there in full force like the sheep they are because they have nothing else in their lives. You can spout off all you want about how you wouldn’t mind if they took a year off, you know I’m right.

  8. Derek Tucker says:

    Here what I think there lots of people out taken pay and benefits cuts. Alot of people at US Airways had tranfserd to another city leave there famlies back in Pittsburgh. Then there another thing here too everybody has prooperty in Allegheny County there taxes gone up twice witth in 8 yrs. There people out of work retired . How can the NFL look at themselves with all that money they can not divided it up. Roger Goodell owners coaches and players do me a favor. GO TO HELL I can live without football.

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