By: Heather Abraham

MOUNT WASHINGTON (KDKA) – Crews began demolition inside the abandoned Edge Restaurant on Mount Washington Monday morning.

The job will take Independence Excavating about four to six weeks to complete and their plan of attack is to start inside and work their way out.

“No wrecking ball, no. It’s going to be a 450 excavator. They call it a ‘wishing stick.’ It’s like an extension that goes on and it’ll actually go into the windows and be able to pull back and pull some of the wall and stuff down,” John Carroll said.

The location of the restaurant presents some obstacles for the $100,000 demolition project.

One problem is securing materials so debris doesn’t fall down the hillside.

“A lot of coordination, mobilization. You notice all the streets here are pretty small and we [have] some very large equipment coming in,” Carroll said.

While the restaurant has lost its edge, it has maintained one of the best views in the city until now.

The plans for what will replace the Edge are extravagant. Plans are in the works for a 20-story hotel featuring restaurants and luxury condos.

There’s been both support and opposition for the project, especially concerning the height. However, people are thrilled at the very least to see the Edge come down.

“I think this is way too high for the sight for the vista here and for people behind it, who are going to suffer a loss of view because of it,” Sandy Kish said.

As for her feelings on the building coming down, she said, “It should have been done years ago.”

It may take some time for the new construction to get underway. The developer has received financial offers, but is still looking for a backer.


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