By David Highfield

CANTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Police say a violent kidnapping in Washington County ended with a man being forced to run away naked as shots were fired at him.

The victim ran to the back door of Tim Inglis’ home in Canton Township.

“It was bizarre,” sais Inglis. “I cracked the door, and he said, ‘Would you please call 911! Someone’s trying to kill me!'”

Police have charged 20-year-old John Riggle of West Wylie Avenue with kidnapping and robbery. State police have not released the name of the second suspect.

The victim says it all began when he was walking late Friday night. Police say the two kidnappers asked him, “Why did you rob us?” They allegedly then took him at gunpoint into Riggle’s apartment.

The victim says they threatened to kill him, cut his face and pistol whipped him. Police say they then took him for a drive, and one of the kidnappers ordered him to get naked and run from the car as he fired shots him.

“He was really scared and embarrassed,” said Inglis, who heard a knock at his back door in the middle of the night. He threw some clothes to victim to try to warm him up until police arrived.

Police say they found a handgun, shotgun and marijuana inside Riggle’s apartment. He’s in the Washington County Jail on $100,000 bond.

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