Man Fires Shots At Woman Over Empty Gas Tank

ARONA (KDKA) — A Westmoreland County man is facing charges after allegedly firing a gun at a woman who failed to fill up his truck with gas after using it.

According to police, 30-year-old Joseph Francis Demarco, of Arona, came home and found the gas tank nearly empty.

“Apparently she had borrowed his truck, she was gone for an extended period of time, she was supposed to fill it up with gas and he was aggravated,” State Trooper Steve Limani said, “and said, ‘My truck doesn’t have gas in it. You didn’t fill it up with gas.’ And they were arguing because she said she put gas in it.”

He then became angry and allegedly fired a pistol at the woman several times at their home in the 2200-block of Main Street.

Police say Demarco initially confronted the victim outside and fired a shot in her direction. He then kicked down the door and fired three more shots toward her in the bedroom.

She was not injured, but police said the inside of the house looked like a “shooting gallery.”

“We found that the house was riddled with bullet holes as well as old ones and the three fresh ones that we believe to be apart of our incident,” Limani said.

Demarco is facing one felony count of aggravated assault and several other charges. He’s being held in the Westmoreland County Jail on $100,000 bond.


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  • Little Pepe

    Must be one of those dual tank jobs to cause him to blast away like the Cisco Kid.

    • MADD

      Cisco Kid lost his DL – he couldnt drve – DUI. drunk again.
      She probably saved someones life.

  • Bill

    Hey Joe, why the long face?

    • Big Daddy Kahuna


  • eddiethesnitch

    Hate to see what happens when SHE leaves the toilet seat DOWN.

  • Lor

    what a moron


    The tats around the neck would be the first reason my daughter would not be dating this idiot. Hey fool, the person interviewing you for a “REAL JOB” notices stuff like that……I guess McDonalds would hire ya!!!

    • Yup

      Hey now, not everyone with tattoos are trash. In his case, yes. And I often think neck tattoos are disgusting, but I just hope you know that many tattooed people have “real jobs.” Including myself, so please don’t lump us all in with this piece of trash.

      • Dan

        Yep, not all people with these tattoos are trash, but it’s a huge obstacle in getting hired. I don’t hire people with visible tattoos. Tattoos are a way of making a statement. I’m fine with that, it’s their right. But it’s a statement that I don’t support when I hire.

  • will g

    i guess it doesn’t matter if his truck has gas in it now.

  • Lloyd Christmas

    ‘Harry you’re alive & you’re a terrible shot!’

  • rodney

    This is right down the road i know him but who was the girl I wanna know LOL anyone know ?

    • keisha

      no license, record since 2000, tats head to toe, bald, bad temper, shot up the dump.
      Girl u deserve better – run far away – dont look back…………..

  • Jimi Hendrix

    Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand………….

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