Suspect Punches Woman In Attempted Purse Snatching

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police are looking for a man who allegedly hit a woman and attempted to steal her purse Monday morning in downtown Pittsburgh.

According to police the incident happened on Strawberry Way, near the intersection of Grant Street and 6th Avenue.

The man allegedly tried to steal the woman’s purse, but when she resisted, he hit her in the jaw.

She was taken to a hospital to be examined.

The suspect is described as a black male with dreadlocks and anyone with information is asked to call police.


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  • Cop

    Dont know why he gotta rob, go deal or something more money in it idiot

  • chance

    Black with dreadlocks. Should be easy to spot….HaHa!

  • Drew Knueth

    Wow a black man tried to steal a purse what a surprise. He’s probably from the Hill or Homewood.

  • pittgirl

    I hope she kicked him in the *!+**

  • FixPGH

    And this is why KDKA doesn’t allow comments because the yard apes chime in with their ignorant comments.

    • Bob McBob

      Who you calling a yard ape, you jive turkey?

  • schwartzer

    This has to be marty griffin or whatever his real name is-watch swindling the goyim on YT if you really see how people steal

    • schwartzer

      posting the wanita comment that is

  • critter

    typical spook

  • Its unfortunate

    This is why racism still exists. I knew before reading the article it was a black “man”. Its a shame to say that but it is so true. I am a white man and I don’t disrespect any person based on skin color but when it comes to crime it is a fact, not racism.

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