Some Charges Dropped Against City Fire Lieutenant

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Pittsburgh fire lieutenant was in court today after he was suspended following his third drunk driving arrest in a year.

A 13-year veteran, Stephen Japser, 39, was arrested in Braddock Hills and Bellevue. He entered in-patient rehabilitation after his latest offense last month.

Now, three of the five charges he was facing have been dropped.

“We were able to get some very serious charges thrown out, including the careless driving. This man has no record whatsoever. He puts his life on the line every day he puts his uniform on. We are happy with the result,” Attorney Blaine Jones said.

The case will now go to the Court of Common Pleas.

Jasper is still facing charges of DUI and improper turning.


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One Comment

  1. Jason says:

    > This man has no record whatsoever.

    No record whatsoever!? What do you call the OTHER two DUIs THIS YEAR!!!

    And don’t play the “fireman/hero”card. Yes, fireman are good, but that has nothing to do with the recklessness of driving drunk!

  2. Jason says:

    > He puts his life on the line every day he puts his uniform on

    And he puts our life on the line every time get gets behind the wheel drunk.

  3. Concerned says:

    Quick question Mr. Jones, will you be pulling the “fireman” card when you have to defend this guy when he is on trial for killing someone while driving drunk?

  4. ROB says:

    This guy is a drunk, he has got away with this too many times. Now the jlude lets him off again from the most serious charges, what a joke. Next time he will kill someone. These City Fireman have too mluch time on their hands, work one day and off three. something needs to change.

  5. Harris says:

    Glad they didnt sell the parking garages for these bums. How many of them end up with domestic abuse, alcohol abuse etc. I’m just lucky we have a volunteer fire service and it runs better than any city one.

  6. God says:

    Let me be the one to judge for none of you have EVER left a club/party and driven drunk!

    1. Nate says:

      I sure haven’t. After I open beer number two, someone else gets the keys.


    2. Bob says:

      God? You are a pompous nitwit. I don’t care who else had a drink and drove home, he is the one who has been caught three times in one year. It is people like you who deserve to meet him personally head on some saturday night. He has already proved he has no intention of stopping his behavior so a long jail stretch may get him out of the drinking habit.

  7. Mindpower says:

    Union protectionism, every working man and woman that supports and cares for his Family is a hero. Being a fireman doesn’t automatically make you one.

  8. Concerned says:

    @ Mindpower, while your statemen is very true about the working man, please there is no need to involve the unions in that statement. The union lawyers did not lessen this mans charges, some idiot lawyer and, even brighter, judge did not.

    1. No lie says:

      Concerned, Do you think Police and Firemen do not get ” special Treatment “when brought up on charges. If it would have been you before the Judge on your 3rd DUI I think the outcome would be different.

  9. typo says:


  10. Dennis Baran says:

    He’s Blaine Jones! Forget the law! He’s Blaine Jones! Look under “trash” in Websters. But don’t forget; He’s Blaine Jones! He got his 30 pieces of silver. But remember, He’s Blaine Jones! Ps. I wore a military uniform 24/7 for 27 years. But remember, He’s Blaine Jones!

  11. Dennis Baran says:

    He’s Blaine Jones! Laws don”t matter! He’s Blaine Jones! He gets his 30 pieces! Why? He’s Blaine Jones! I wore a military uniform 24/7 for 27 years. But remember, him, not me; He’s Blaine Jones! Look under “trash” in Websters.

  12. Dennis Baran says:

    He’s Blaine Jones! Laws don”t matter! He’s Blaine Jones! He gets his 30 pieces! Why? He’s Blaine Jones! I wore a military uniform 24/7 for 27 years. But remember, him, not me; He’s Blaine Jones! Look under “trash” in Websters

  13. Maocolor says:

    Quit playing the fireman/policeman card every time one of your union trash gets busted for drugs, alcohol, and for abuse.
    The City of Pittsburgh has big problems with fireman/policeman who in this city are treated like “Gods” when some of them should be put in jail like any other criminal.
    Get rid of the Fire Chief and Police Chief both who cover up major problems within their Departments…. no dept is pristine clean as you would like us to believe.
    Wake up Mayor and Public Safety Director your departments suck !

  14. Black Cat says:

    Who was the Judge?

    1. Black Cat says:

      I always like to know who the judge is in case they run for re-election.
      Sometimes they mention the Judge’s name in articles, and sometimes they don’t—go figure.

      1. Dan says:

        Good point. The slimy lawyer is doing his job…but it’s the judge that falls for it.

    2. Dennis Baran says:

      Judge Blaine Jones!

    3. Dennis Baran says:

      Who else would it be.. His Dishonorable Judge Blaine Jones! When it comes to keeping criminals on the streets. It is always Blaine Jones!

  15. bobbyjo says:

    could it be cause he’s “of Color”???? that the charges were dropped…

  16. BOSS HOGG says:


  17. Ron Maciejewski says:

    The city firemen that I have dealt with while they were working to keep my house and others from catching fire were nothing but professionals. Don’t let 8 or 10 guys out of 600 cloud your judgement. And please don’t use a kdka comment section to bash people you do not know.

    1. Yup says:

      Uh, he drove drunk, arrested 3 times (this year) and is getting away with it. Yes, I am going to hate. So many police and fireman get off with stuff like this, way more than 8 or 10. If you are supposed to “be the law” then you need to follow the law!

  18. Sara Sams says:

    Dont play the Race card. i know white public offcials who have the same charges. P.S. Im a white person..

  19. Sara Sams says:

    Have you ever had to bury both parents with in months of each other because of a DRUNK DRIVER. ??? I have . I dont tollerate drunk drivers. I will report your Ass in a second..

    1. Yup says:

      right on.

      Sorry to hear about your parents. Seriously, I don’t understand why this is still a problem in America, you think they would have found a solution by now but with people like this, that get away with things, it will never end.

  20. Yup says:

    Last night a friend of mine was almost killed by a drunk driver. Luckily the drunk woman swerved in front of her and ran into a car sales lot and detroyed 3 cars for sale instead of 3 lives. I haven’t seen a report in the news yet, but there should be one. Drunk driving is a serious business and for you to drop charges against a man who has had THREE arrests this year is absolutely disgusting! It makes me lose all faith in our state. I don’t give a flying frack that he is a fireman, he may put his life on the line to fight fires but he is putting OUR lives on the line by getting behind the wheel drunk. You let him get away with this and he will keep doing it. Driving drunk IS careless driving! You people are idiots!

  21. Black Cat says:

    Shortcut to:

    I beleive he has been terminated.

    1. Yup says:

      Yup, lost his job! Finally something fair (to regular people who would be thrown in jail in a second had this been a non-union/city worker) happens. Keep it up, keep doing it to any public protector that decides to be an idiot. Maybe now go find the ones that are helping drug dealers deal under the radar?

  22. Jim says:

    what a shock…a Pittsburgh firefighter breaking the law. And the list continues…

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