Woman Injured In Baldwin Borough Crash

BALDWIN (KDKA) – A woman escaped serious injury despite being ejected from her vehicle during an early Tuesday morning accident in Baldwin.

According to police, the accident happened on Becks Run Road around 2:45 a.m.

The woman lost control of her Chrysler Sebring and sheared off a telephone pole while heading toward Route 51. She also damaged two other poles in the accident.

Neighbors heard the accident and could tell it was severe.

“I just heard a real loud bang and I just jumped right up. At first, I thought the tree was coming through the house. I ran outside and saw the car smoking,” neighbor David Linnerd said.

Her vehicle flipped, which caused her to be ejected. As a result of shearing off the telephone pole, wires fell down onto the roadway.

“I was worried. That’s what I told the cop when he got out of the car right here. I told him, ‘I don’t know, this is going to be rough.’ We both ran up together and she was laying on the ground. She was hollering a little bit, but she seemed conscious and alright,” Linnerd said.

She only suffered minor bumps and bruises in the accident and was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital for treatment.

Becks Run Road is currently shut down to one lane while crews work to repair the damaged telephone pole.

The investigation is ongoing and police are looking into what role, if any, alcohol played in this accident.


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One Comment

  1. Karen McKee says:

    thank the lord she was ok. wow she is very lucky to have been in a wreck like that and come out with nothing seriously wrong with her.

    1. wow. says:

      yes thank the lord for having her drive wrecklessly and carelessly and endangering other motorists and sheering off a pole and being ejected. yes thank the lord.

  2. pole replacer says:

    probably drunk. thanks i made ot with a call out duq light man

  3. KottaMan says:

    What is it with people being ejected so frequently anymore in this area? Sorry to sound cold about it but seatbelts were invented for a reason. I am convinced that stupidity cannot be cured.

    1. laughing at idiots ejected says:

      kottaman, theyll say it was the grace of the almighty god that she didnt have a seatbelt on and it wouldve killed her but god prevented it……..she was at fault for the crash going those speeds it was her fault she was ejected. but theyll still argue that a seatbelt wouldve killed her and by being ejected was a miracle of god…….religious nutjobs.

      1. Lisa says:

        hate much?

  4. CitizenX says:

    Drunk im sure…

  5. Ace Slick says:

    Ya really have to watch what you say about all these pea brains being ejected here in Pittsburgh, Pennsyl-tucky, especially the 30 or so that have been killed by their stupidity over the last few months. Your comment will be “purged” due to your insensitivity.

    I’m surprised there isn’t 15 posts about how seat belt use kills people and air bags explode and blind people. Lisa and Karen might be two examples.

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