Port Authority Approves North Hills Service By Private Company

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Port Authority has approved the plans of a private company to provide bus service from the North Hills.

Lenzner Coach Lines would operate four weekday round trips from Franklin Park and five from Marshall beginning on March 28.

The service would partially replace two routes being eliminated by the Port Authority as part of a 15 percent reduction in service.

Lenzner would charge $10 per round trip.


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One Comment

  1. Tired of This says:

    How about doing more stories on overstaffed garages, what goes on during shifts, people collecting pensions and how many “sick days” they fill in, and how local government officials do nothing so they can get elected again and again? It can be a series entitled “Why Pittsburgh Goes Nowhere.”

    1. Joe says:

      One of the best comments I have read on this site. Nailed it!

  2. hc says:

    Wish they would take the whole thing over!

  3. Former Rider says:

    Politicians replaced many private businesses that provided bus services around Pgh with PAT thereby establishing a quasi-municipal entity that catered to unions. Now that the money is drying up, it’s time to let private business take over the routes.

  4. Sean Neizmik says:

    Please don’t comment on something you know nothing about. Port Authority ATU members pay into the majority of thier own pension fund. I get sick and tired of people blasting the working class before they know all the facts. I guess other companies don’t have sick days or retirement plans? If that it the case I sure wouldn’t want to work there.

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      WE ARE ALL THE WORKING CLASS SEAN… and Guess what, the rest of us dont get TAXPAYERFUNDED retirements. Dont be so selfish. We pay for ALL of our Retirements.

      1. Sammyknows says:

        Zoetzotron – YOU DO NOT PAY FOR OUR RETIREMENT! That is paid for by the payroll deductions from our wages. So if you want to say our wages are paid for by taxpayers then that is true but the retirement plan is not directly. In case you may have forgot, I’m a tax payer to. The Authority doesn’t pay into this or pays very little towards it! That being said, the 25 years and out program was probably a mistake.

  5. Level_green says:

    Man I can’t wait to hear from the Union crowd that predicted this move to be the end of he world. I guess we’ll see now if the service is any better and if the riders show up.

    Watch out for the Union brotherhood to picket the buses, probably vandalize the buses in the off hours and do everything else they can do to stand in the way. What they don’t get is that kind of stuff just galvanizes the rest of us as Anti Union.

  6. swin says:

    I’m for privatizing the Port Authority. The Authority never should have taken over the old Pittsburgh Railways Company, or the old Monongahela Inclined Plane Company for that matter.

    That being said,if anyone thinks that the entire transit operations in the county can be turned over to a private for-profit company without massive cuts in routes and service, then you are dreaming. Even during its best years around the turn of the 20th century, public transit companies were marginally profitable at best. Once competition from the private automobile came around, these companies had no chance to make a profit unless they would only serve neighborhoods that had 2 characteristics:
    1. A very dense population.
    2. A very high percentage of people who did not drive.

    So, you figure it out. How many Pittsburgh neighborhoods meet these conditions? I’ll get you started – they do not include Shaler, Baldwin, Fox Chapel, Monroeville, Ross, Upper St. Clair, Pleasant Hills, West Mifflin, Sewickley, Plum, Whitehall, etc. etc. etc.

    These are the cuts you will have to live with. Service to most areas of the county require public subsidy. It’s that simple. If you want to privatize and run public transit for a profit, you will have to serve only select neighborhoods and anybody who wants public transit will have to move into one of those neighborhoods.

    Just like the old days, when many people could not afford a car, when they bought a house they considered how close it was to a streetcar line.

  7. swin says:

    I’m a retired teacher. Years ago I used to charter Lenzner for field trips – they were a class act. One time hen I was low on funds and could only afford a typical school bus for a trip out of the county, they sent me a coach anyway. They said that they had a cancellation and it became available and they figured my kids would find it more comfortable for a long trip. They still just charged me for the school bus. I wish them well in this endeavor.

  8. Sean Neizmik says:

    This issue is not a joke. This involves peoples lives and families throughout the region and the ability to grow this community. It is not the workers or the ridership that created this problem it is the lack of dedication from some of our state representatives. What is needed is a dedicated funding source (which other major cities have throughout this country) and with it would be a yearly budget that PAT would have to adhere by. It would create stability and organization. Those that bash public transportation really don’t understand its importance. One should travel abroad to other cities and countries and you will see how much an importance transportation is to that areas infrustructure. If you are really serious about your community and its economic growth you should contribute and support in finding solutions through expansion not reduction. One question…why are those of you that post such negative comments afraid to use your real name instead of a “nickname” or initials? Have you taken the same effort that you used to write such comments and written or called your local representative to exress your opinions on this issue?

  9. Pat says:

    are you serious, this is like the bait and switch, looks good in the beginning, but wait, lets see how long it takes till the fares rise… my vote is keep port authority, remember the people who depend on it…

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      Competition will keep prices down… and NON UNION labor

  10. Sean Neizmik says:

    Maybe we should eliminate the school teachers unions, privatize public schools and make drastic cuts to retired teachers pensions and health care. Would that solve the shortage in the state funding for education? Why should people have to pay the same % of school taxes if they have no kids or their kids already graduated. Why do most of the high schools now have to look like college campuses with sport facilities that are better than most Div. III schools? See how easy it is to throw stones and I no nothing abouth the logistics of the education system. And your comment on privatizing public transportation holds no merit if anything it is outright rediculous. The idea is not to make a profit it is to sustain operating expenses and provide a service to the people in this community that’s why it is called public transportation. I guess it is easy to write the type of comments that you are making when sitting at home collecting a steady income. What about all the people out here that are struggling to get by working two or more jobs just trying to survive, or many that can’t afford cars or are going to college or are in internships throughout the city to establish a career.

  11. Mary Ellen Calk says:

    It starts at $10 and then goes up, up, up because private companies are FOR PROFIT!! It will cost them more than they think. Thats why PAT is always in the red. What I dont understand is why the community, the people, are only thinking of themselves. “I dont ride the bus”. “I dont know why everyone cant afford a car”. Always about “me, me, me”. Oh and then its the unions fault…ALL workers are slime, ALL workers do NO work, ALL workers get benefits free (lie), ALL workers get a pension PAID FOR by PAT (another lie..almost ALL pension paid for by union workers).
    As in ALL companies, yes there are workers at PAT who shouldnt be there. But its the same way everywhere. We all have worked with people who seem to do nothing yet still have a job.
    STOP blaming the working class. Wake up people!!! And believe that if all goes as Bland, Corbett and other politicians want, they wont lose out on anything, but you and I will!! (Corbett oks pay raises for his people: Senate & Legislature pay ZIP, NADA for health ins etc.) Note: some pay 1%..WOW

    1. Dave says:

      I am the working class. And you ranting about “me me me” is funny. The “me me me” is any group who doesn’t own transportation and expects others to subsidize _them_.

      1. Joe Public says:

        Wow..if you think the only entity thats subsidized is transportation? Now THATS FUNNY!!!!!! I agree with Mary—when did we stop being a caring society? Dont want o hear ur answer cause it will be bogus and bs AND I dont want to see u in the unemployment line to collect if ur laid off or getting any freebies or working FOR A COMPANY THAT GETS TAX BREAKS and on!!!!!!1

  12. Sean Neizmik says:

    The bottom line is that this circus has been going on long enough stemming from the lack of leadership and dedication in Harrisburg. The state legistlatures need to get down to work and find a dedicated source of funding for Public Transportation in the State of PA. Then assign a budget to adhere to…and at that point Management and Labor like it or not will have to make the necessary adjustments needed to provide an uninterrupted, proficient service for this great community and its ridership. This funding uncertainty year after year is not fair for the citizens of this community and to all the workers it effects. It all gets very old and stressful to all…its time for our appointed officials to come up with a set source of funding and budget.

  13. steve bland says:

    How about all the riders coming from the north hills who need to leave work earliy or your kid gets sick ect… GOOD LUCK finding a lezner bus if its not rush hour,then the joke will be on you.Mabey to good to be true

  14. Sean Neizmik says:

    I have one question to all…has anyone seen Dan Onorato at all and the excess drink tax money that was raised? anyone? Last I had seen him was at a lobor function asking for votes from the working class people. Isn’t that something, as how serious an issue drinking and driving is you will be taxed for the times that you drink but if you become intoxicated and can’t drive public transportation (the main reason the drink tax was created) will not be available to get you home safely.

  15. swin says:

    To Sean Neizmik

    ‘The state legistlatures need to get down to work and find a dedicated source of funding for Public Transportation in the State of PA.’

    In reading the Constitution, I see that we have the right of free speech, assembly, religion, etc. etc. Nowhere, however, do I see that we have the right to transportation. You, my friend, are the typical liberal who is running out of other peoples’ money to spend. You want a source of dedicated funding from Harrisburg – there is another word for that – it’s called a tax.

    You want transportation service but you are not willing to pay the full price for it. So you declare it a necessity or a right and your answer is to get other people to pay for it. Only now your perceived ‘right’ infringes on someone else’s right – their right to keep the fruits of their own labor and not have it taxed away from them.

    Put public transportation back into the free market place and eliminate the distortions in the economy that public ownership has caused. Private companies will serve only those neighborhoods that use transit enough to make it profitable. Then people who live out in the far reaches of suburbia, who no longer are given their ‘right’ to transportation, will have to decide whether they can live out in the country or if they must move into one of those neighborhoods served by transportation.

    This is the way it used to be, when Pittsburgh Railways operated the system. Oakland was served, the Hill District was served, Beechview was served, as was Lawrenceville and Bloomfield. But Upper St. Clair wasn’t and neither was
    Sewickly Heights, because the ridership simply wasn’t there.

    And you, the ordinary citizen, made a choice when deciding where to live. If you needed public transit, you moved to Lawrenceville or Shadyside. If you didn’t need it, you could move elsewhere. But it was a ‘free market’ decision and a decision that did not involve the taxpayer having to pay for your choice.

  16. Sean Neizmik says:

    Maybe we should all ask ourselves one more question….How many current or fomer elected officials have personal financial interest in the surrounding area’s private transportation companies or supporting structures for transit? Do a little research and you might be very surprised on what you find…

  17. Sean Neizmik says:

    Like I said before it is easy to throw comments out there when you are sitting at home collecting a pension.
    Boy is that funny to hear you express your opinions as a republican/conservative … did you switch parties before or after you retired as a school teacher who’s tax payers money funded your past salary and now pension? You of all people an educated man such as yourself should know that “one who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.”
    …or could I be wrong and you taught at a private school in which our Federal Tax dollars help fund!

    1. swin says:

      This is my last comment so I’ll let you have the last word. You chose to reply to a comment I made, not the other way around. Then you go into a discussion that has nothing to do with the points I made. Then you make a personal attack against me instead of addressing my arguments. At this point I am convinced that no intelligent conversation is possible here. And although I don’t like having to stoop to your level, let me quote you as follows:
      ‘I was wondering if you happen know of any place that me and my family could move to where we don’t have to pay school taxes?’
      Well I don’t know where ‘me can move to’ but if this is an indication of your educational level then perhaps I can understand why you are unable to argue against my ideas and instead want to attack me. So go ahead have the last word – I won’t reply.
      And by the way, I am NOT a Republican.

  18. joe s says:


    1. Doug B says:


  19. joe s says:


  20. Sean Neizmik says:

    One more question I have to ask in response to one of your statements towards the conclusion of your comment. I was wondering if you happen know of any place that me and my family could move to where we don’t have to pay school taxes? Oh, that’s right owning a home is a choice and not a right so maybe I better just go find some subsidised housing somewhere so you can pay my school taxes for me. Just think it would be kind of like me paying for myself anyways since your pension is paid for by my taxes in the first place.

  21. Richard says:

    Any news that transit is moving away from PAT and the union is GREAT news! I hope it continues that way until all transit is privatized. For Sean to say that the ‘majority’ of the union pension is member funded is a real joke! As for sick days and retirement in the private sector, yeah, it’s six sick days a year and a contribution every pay to your own 401k plan. And significant contributions to our own health care plan, not the piddly amount the union members pay (and complain about). Good riddance!

    1. Mary Ellen Calk says:

      Yes Richard, the majority of the pension IS FUNDED by the EMPLOYEES. A simple, verifiable fact.

      1. Zoeyzotron says:

        What is most? What percent???? I seriously doubt it is most. How about your Health Care. Your wages are too high as well. Its not me speaking, its the plain hard facts. PAT is Bankrupt. Cuts will continue and competition will rise from the ashed. Thats Capitalism.

  22. Sean Neizmik says:

    A little FYI
    The Union and Management have already made concessions in pay and in health care issues, but without a dedicated funding source from Harrisburg it is all for nothing. You would think that by your statements employees at PAT are getting rich, far from it. Matter of fact I bet you the majority of the people out there if actually offered a job at PAT driving a bus wouldn’t even consider taking it. Would you? and if so have you ever applied if it is such a easy well paying job to do?

  23. joe s says:


  24. Sean Neizmik says:

    Wow you would think that all the companies that some of you work for do not get tax breaks or write offs…guess what I pay for that out of my taxes. How many of the companies that are out there get tax breaks but keep out sourcing work overseas till your job gets cut? We wouldn’t even be having this discussion if jobs were brought back into this country and everyone was making a descent wage. Mass Transit wouldn’t even be on anyones radar then. So lets all keep buying products made in China driving foreign automobiles and letting the lobbyists rule this country. Oh…I am sorry I have to go, I have to fill up my Chevy and donate more to the rich oil tycoons that take advantage of us every day.

  25. Kelly says:

    Sean Neizmik must be a Port Authority high paid driver. What are you so worried about. I am so happy that Lenzner will take over some routes. You drivers need to get a REALTY CHECK. I pay $1300.00 a month for health care in a union job. I do not drive an empty bus around making $55.00 hour. I am tired of my tax dollars going to bail you guys out. NOBODY BAILS ME OUT!! I drive to work and I get no tax dollars for my gas or upkeep of my car. I worked in town for years and put up with rude Port Authority drivers. Everyone is sick of it. Maybe you will have to start looking for a job. I see nobody at Port Authority is willing to take a pay cut. How about cutting out some of the high paid managers that do nothing. I am so tired of Port Authority always crying the sky is falling. Balance your books like the rest of us. If you don’t have it don’t spend it and expect us to pay more taxes to fund you. Those drivers sit in front of my house at night with there empty buses running while they talk on there cell phones.

  26. Mary Ellen Calk says:

    To Kelly-$55 an hour…are you kidding me? Do you really think that?? And talk about rude drivers? What about the rude cashier at McDonalds, the rude supervisor at the electric company, the rude and arrogant branch manager at the bank?? So you think PAT has the only rude employees? Get a life!!
    To all others-What makes you the authority on what someone else is worth? I can guarantee that if someone else had to figure your salary you would not be getting paid what you get paid.
    To Sean-You are absolutely correct when you state that there are so many tax breaks etc that companies get that people either dont know about or refuse to open their eyes. PAT is in the news. Many other companies being helped, bailed out, or otherwise subsidized that you dont hear about.
    And then again, when did society stop caring about those who could use a little help? Those who ride buses out of necessity. Those who also ride buses because its better for the environment…(jeez..were there any subsidies for any environmental entities?)
    Bottom line is…SO MANY people benefit from some sort of government aid/assistance/program but these same people dont want to help fund a “PUBLIC” concern. Prime example: Construction worker gets laid off EVERY winter. He does not hesitate to run down and collect unemployment (a government program). EVERY year he does this. Yet he wholeheartedly complains about taxes, govt fundings, public transit aid. But does he STOP collecting unemployment? NO!!!! Why? Because its HIS job, HIS livelihood. As far as I can see–He should get another job in the winter months. Not sit on his behind getting “free” money. (No..the amt he pays for uc tax does not come close to covering what he receives in benefits). SEE>>>>>its ok when its YOU and what YOU get paid and what YOU think YOU DESERVE or are entitled to. I’m tired of hearing all these people whine about PAT. Get a life. Go to church. Help others.

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      HEY MARY, per the Post Gazette in 2010 50 drivers made more than $80000, 5 were paid more than $105000 and 1 driver made in excess of 130,000. That is outrageous!!! So knock off your old union BS. Unions have abused the system and will now pay the price for it.

      1. Mary Ellen Calk says:

        Do u know how they made that much money? I actually took the time ti find out. The few who did this accomplished it by working back to back to nack OT shifts. They literally “bunked” at the garages. Their families brought them food, changes of clothes etc. It was not from working a normal full-time yearly cycle of 2080 hours. Its easy to throw out a few high-ball inflammatory numbers..it makes it appear that it is the norm. But then again, isnt that what sells papers, gets more people to watch certain TV news channel? Its about the ratings and we have seen our fair share of half-truths. It happens in ALL areas. Right now its the Port Authority.
        You want to complain about something legit? What about their “legacy” costs? More people are retired from PAT than are active workers. Its the retiree costs that are killing them right now so dont blame the current workers. They have saved PAT $50 million with concessions. But nothing done with leagacy costs and from what I understand they can not legally do anything about them. I certainly hope I’m wrong about that.
        As far as unions go…boy, so soon we forget that without unions people were working for very little wages, extremeley poor working conditions, long, long hours, no benefits. Yet the companies and owners were making a mint. And yes because of unions, EVERYONE feels the effect in their current jobs whether in a union or not. You can legally take breaks, dont have to work through lunch, arent required to work 15 hour shift without compensation, So pleas stop the old union BS and criticism when its a fact that you and I have better working conditions because of them.
        NO I dont work for PAT, NO IM NOT IN A UNION….

      2. dan says:

        hey mary, so your downing someone who works for there family. someone who gives up seeing there wife, kids, and holidays. so you can get to where you need to go. working so they can have something in life. missing plays, games, first steps etc. its a shame that people are so jealous that they wish bad on people. i guess your all for the war thats been going on for ever an how much it costs, an how much gas is going an going an going up, an that the gas attendants are only making a few dollars, while the private co. is making billions. thats ok right ! its ok to go to the dealership an pay a 100 plus an hour to work on your car, while the person who is working on it makes 20 an the private co. makes billions. these are the same people who are your neighbors, sit next to you in church, who hold a door open for you some where,etc. next time you go out in public wear a shirt that says “ITS ALL ABOUT ME, ME,ME,ME”

  27. Sean says:

    Maybe you should start taking the trolley or a bus into town that way you won’t have to spend so much for gas or have to pay for wear and tear on your car. By the way no I am not a driver…far from it actually. I don’t think anyone is asking for a bailout that is the media’s terminology. A dedicated source of funding is needed for a NON-PROFIT government agency to service the public. As for working for a living yes I do would you like to compare hours on the job I would be more than happy too and yes I pay for my health insurance and into the majority of my pension. By the way I would never wish for you or any other union worker to lose their job and to have to start looking for another one. I have alot of respect for unions without them big money would have us all living in poverty. They are all not perfect but I will never forget what happened in Homestead, PA and the lives that where lost to give the working man and woman a voice. As for the drivers sitting outside of your house it is called a layover and if they didn’t do that to maintain a timely schedule they could be written up and fired and would be out looking for a new job like you wished earlier on fellow union members.

  28. joe s says:


    1. Mary Ellen Calk says:

      ooooohhhh…..what a nice CHRISTIAN thing to say!!! WOW..now you want to take away my freedom of free speech? WOW!!! I must have struck a nerve!!
      Problem is not with taxes but how they are spent. Things like…
      Corbett going to remodel now (like you or I can start new job, or move to new residence, and remodel to our liking)
      People he put in same positions under Rendell, same job, same duties and he gives them a big fat “NEW” starting salary.
      All the “pork programs” our legislature want.
      I could go on and on.
      Mr Joe S, I try to think of others, not just myself. Where I may have it hard, somone else definitely has it harder. DONT TAKE IT OUT ON ME. Dont strike against me personally.
      By the way, I am not rich, dont work for PAT, not in a union…..

  29. dr. michael says:

    This is the most intelligent thing Port Authority has done in years.

    Nothing but fiscal mismanagement, poor service, overpaid rude drivers, maybe this will begin a trend to have decent public transportation.

  30. TIMSTER says:

    Kelly, I could not agree with you more. The operators will never quit or take cuts, you know why? Where else will they make the money they do with a CDL license? I’ll tell you, no where and they all know it. They will complain about these comments, but, they will not look elsewhere for employment. And as they ride the union coat tails, they could care less about the riders and non-riders who pay there salaries!

  31. Nana Green says:

    I would love to know wheere everyone works, for what company, what kind of qualifications they have for their job, if they volunteer for pay cuts, if they DESERVE THE PAY THEY GET, you all are ENVIOUS JEALOUS SPITEFUL PEOPLE who cant see that the rich are trying to STOMP OUT THE WORKING CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So much said by u guys, So many lies u believe. Well someone else (wealthy, no conscience) will get the last laugh on all of us!

  32. FedUp says:

    What a bunch of self-centered, greedy individuals the union is! I heard today they are trying to ‘boycott’ getting trained (by working overtime, which they get paid for) on the new routes that will take effect March 25 when the service cuts go through. Why not be thankful they still have a job which overpays them and chokes all the perks out of the taxpayer (ultimately) they can!

    1. Mary says:

      1st..Read message below from TL. PAT had MONTHS to implement everything.

      2nd..Drivers ARE WILLING TO BE TRAINED. They are CHOOSING not to do it on overtime (THEIR RIGHT!!). So they CAN BE TRAINED during their NORMAL SHIFT. That leaves an open shift that must be filled by another driver…OVERTIME for them (if they CHOOSE it).

      Of course all this OT leads to some drivers being paid $80000+. And of course John Q. Public then complains LOUDLY at how much they make. What a CATCH-22!! They are damned iether way.

      FYI>>>Dont believe everything you read in paper. OMISSIONS & HALF-TRUTHS (especially from PAT MGMT) make for better stories!!

  33. TL says:

    The company was informed MONTHS ago there was no way a garage full of displaced drivers would be trained in time for the new pick to go through. They were told months ago! Now they’re trying to cover their own a$$ by blaming the drivers. As usual, they didn’t listen.
    The Port Authority Brass has made this mess by trying to skirt rules in regards to training drivers and trying to implement drastic changes in a short period of time. The media will never cover this aspect of it though. No way.

  34. Sean says:

    Why is everyone centering their issues on just the drivers apparently you people know nothing about the logistics of the port authority. PAT also has a support structure that contain a maintenance division with very skilled Police officers, high voltage techs, substation techs, LRV techs, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, electronic techs, ect… and their salaries are all on the lower end of the national average for these career fields. You cannot get rich working for the U.S. government (unless you are a politician) and again those that are so jealous and envious of operators how many of you have actually submitted an application for that type of career if you think that the job is so easy. The Port Authority is a major factor in a city and county’s infrastructure. Remember one thing a private company is PROFIT only and when they start to loose money there will be not warnings or public hearings for the ridership they will just shut down whichever route they are responsible for and could care less about the public. With them money is the only driving force.

  35. john q says:

    “Cannot make the same money anywhere else”
    …I drove as a cdl driver for about 15 years at a couple of major companies. They pay about the same as a PAT driver makes. I made overtime cash there. The overtime was mandatory!
    There was no major difference of what I had compared to a PAT employee. I paid similar money for benefits and had a similar retirement program at ALL of the companies.
    The internet is providing this forum to be possible and giving a certain portion of loud mouths a way to spread half truths, misinformation, and their hate messages against a certain portion of the working public.
    Leave them alone! They All earn their paychecks fairly and from what I have read, their union hasn’t done anything wrong either. You people are all getting fired up based off of the words and opinions of self-centered people that strive on creating disturbances and, truthfully, have probably never held a “real” job and have no career. They are following the tea party rule of thumb….cut everything that is a public expense- no matter if its needed or not!
    Also, just because someone claims “Doctor” in the post- it doesn’t mean that they really are one or that have any experience or training in finance or public policy. And don’t forget the truth about Doctors…even the ones that made “D’s” in med school still carry the title of Doctor after graduation! I DO NOT USE PAT but I consider them to be a Vital part of our economic outlook- locally.
    They carry 250,000 people a day in this county from what I just read. I’d say that they are vital! And i mean Exactly how they are!
    Grow up and stop listening to the portion of society that has never made more than $10/hr at a job! We are all on this Earth to get along and lend a hand to those in need.
    Well….250000 people a day in just this area Must be “in need”!!

  36. john q says:

    And by the way….
    As of the 2010 census, there were a little over 500,000 households in the county. What that means is that almost 1 person from Every two households rides PAT every day.

    …sounds like a pretty important service to me!

  37. SKIDDER says:


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