Rivers Casino Contributes Money To Community

NORTH SHORE (KDKA) – As part of their gaming license, the Rivers Casino made a monetary commitment to community redevelopment.

On Wednesday, they passed out checks worth more than $350,000 to help fund 11 different projects.

It seems only fitting that there was big money being handed out by the Rivers Casino Wednesday morning.

However, it wasn’t gamblers cashing in. Instead, it was an entire section of the city.

“It means a lot to us today to work with the North Side Leadership Conference to see a lot of the dreams come true for the business owners here on the North Shore,” Rivers Casino General Manager Joe Barrett said.

The casino’s pledge was to give $3 million over three years and the first checks were handed out today.

“Roughly $350,000 to 11 projects,” Barrett said.

“We’re just so happy with the participation that we’ve had with the casino thus far and it’s going to be a great event. It’s a great day,” North Side Leadership Conference Board President Gloria Rayman said.

Rayman said it is one thing to be handed giant checks. However, the money behind the checks must be spent wisely.

“It’s improving housing stock and businesses here on the North Side,” Rayman said.

Deciding where to spend the money was the hard part.

“People came up with some real nice innovative proposals. We hashed them out, we talked about them and we talked about what would be best at this time. And we just came up with the decision to divvy the money out the way that we did. It’s definitely a great thing to be a part of,” Jamie Younger said.

The group is already planning and discussing where to spend the next amount they’ll receive.


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One Comment

  1. Mill Hunk says:

    I guess the hasseling of the Casino paid off, why did just the NS get monies. I guess only NS residents gamble at the Rivers, not other communities.I’m sure a lot of executive directors of these community groups will get pay increases.

  2. will g says:

    they shouldn’t have a problem with the gaming license ,sounds like something from the godfather. they can pass out 1million a year. this place is a license to print money. i always knew casinos made money, but the profits must be enermous

  3. Leslie Woods says:

    I agree w/ millhunk. What! Are the funds only for northside. I think the entire city has contributed to the sucess of the casino. How about donating to the library that their threatening to shut down. Northside is not the only neighborhood that has needs.

  4. Brother Rhaan says:

    Hm, it’s that same Northside Leadership Conference Group that bemoaned and attempted to put a halt on the annual NorthSide Reunion at West Park, because their constituents groaned about not haviing a place to walk their dogs nearest the Aviary. I hope the monie$ dry up from greed.

  5. Sammy says:

    In other news 3 thugs were arrested in 2 robberies over nite. Black on white crime that never get’s new’s cverage.

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