Measure Asking Wilkinsburg Councilman To Resign Voted Down

WILKINSBURG (KDKA) — A Wilkinsburg City Councilman accused of punching a woman showed up at the council meeting, only to have fellow members introduce a measure that would ask him to step down.

Carl Lewis, 38, allegedly punched his friend and tenant Michaelann Dilorio Sunday night.

On Wednesday night, a fellow council member called for his resignation, reminding members they start each meeting with a moment of silence for victims of violent crime.

“The last thing we need is a community leader who is embroiled in some sort of criminal allegations,” Jason Cohn, a council member, said.

The council president tried to halt the vote, saying it was a “private matter involving two individuals who [do] not involve business before council.”

In the end, the motion lost 5-to-4, meaning the council would not ask him to resign.

Lewis did not speak to reporters. His attorney, Tom Farrell, said the criminal charge would be handled in the courts.

Lewis’ preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 24.

Wilkinsburg Councilman Allegedly Gives Woman Black Eye

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  • DAN

    I guess it OK to beat women in Wilkinsburg. Cant really say I’m surprised here. No wonder that place is such a DUMP and no one wants to go there!

    • Anggie

      Does he admit to the allegations? I thought we were innocent until proven guilty here in the U.S.?

      If he admits to the charges or it is proven that the charges are true, then yes he should step down or be made too.

  • Mr T

    I pitty the woman who doesnt do as shes told in Wilkinsburg !

  • Jack F

    Is this a joke? What kind of message is the council sending to people? I guess it’s only fitting that the council consists of violent thugs since Wilkinsburg harbors so many.

  • Amanda Beck

    Mr Lewis not being fired gives the whole city a “BLACK EYE” This is so sad he can get away with this…This wouldnt have been the case if Mr Lewis was white and the woman was black!

  • Tina Traficante

    Your so, so right about that!


    I will say the man has some balls to show up at the meeting. I love the look on his face in these pictures, what, you mean I can’t hit a woman until the white meat shows? And then show up at a meeting? Quick, call Jim Eckers at the tanning saloon, I smell racial discrimination here?

  • amatt

    i definitely don’t think race plays a part, but i do think there is something totally wrong here. Someone commented if he was white he would have been removed from council…..yeah right i know plenty of white men who do dirt on councils and executive chairs including judges and haven’t seen one step down yet……So please dont make this a race issue but yes he does need to be punished.

  • amatt

    Why make it a wilkinsburg issue,,it’s everywhere not just in one community..I’m starting to believe these comments are just to start arguments and whatever else because these comments truly doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t state any truth…all people are the same and no race is perfect.


    Beat them upside there heads, until the white meat shows.

  • Mindpower

    If not on the council what kind of job would he be qualified to perform, maybe a boxer.


    Personally I can’t tell the difference between the two Redrock100

  • redrock100

    Typical fatherless community

  • Anus

    Here’s what it is, this guy is a straight up crook. He’s been busted in the past but what happens is that he pays off the police so they decrease the charges. Furthermore, wimminz need to listen when men tell them to not drink their vodka, or make them sammichs.


    It wasn’t me officer, it was my cousin, he looks just like me. I am a good person, ask my my dad if you can find him.

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