Pittsburgh Schools Supt. Proposes Cuts To Capital Spending

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Linda Lane presented her budget to the school board on Wednesday night.

It includes a 75 percent cut to capital spending.

Dr. Lane believes the deep cuts are necessary, saying it makes no sense to borrow money and spend $60 million on capital projects.

Under the proposal, $18 million for renovations at Arlington Elementary would go away. Parents hope safety isn’t compromised.

“I think that they should still take care of all the safety issues,” Edwin Koch, a parent, said.

Officials say safety issues will still be resolved, as well as repairing basic facility needs like roofs, boilers and windows.

Sherry Hazuda, the school board president, says the district can’t use the Gates Foundation money for renovations now that the proposed state budget makes cuts.

“That takes care of your extras for empowering effective teachers – it doesn’t pay the bills,” she said. “And we knew we were going to be impacted by the governor’s budget, didn’t realize how much, but had actually already started looking at things before he gave us the bad news.”

The school board will vote on the plan next week.


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  1. garrett barnett says:

    They are cutting education spending but are quick to sprnd 483million on four new prisions in the state of PA which already as the most prisions in the USA> EDUCATION now keeps our kids out of tommorrows prisions..But it looks like the plan is to make a mess and sweep in all into the prision system in the near future. Since the decision makers already got theres they must not care. One of the easiest things to do is to lock up the UNEDUCATED where as they spend 30grand per yer to house inmates. This is totally BACKWARDS. More than 500years ago it was tried and proved. I guess the good doctor forgot where we came from as a society,and a culture of Black People.It dont have to be this way ..WHAT did DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING get assasinated for ….EVERYBODIES rights to live in a better society,more educated and less abused and mistreated.

    1. Eyes Wide Open says:

      I agree with you Garret. We do need to start keeping the good teachers at schools that can make a difference. I should know, I tried to sub in the Pittsburgh area for 3 years. The Nepotism in this area is almost sickening. We hire our nephews, nieces, cousins, sons and daughters. While that is all well and good, it gives no insentive at all to other good teachers to want to stay in the area. Then they cut the budgets more loosing more jobs and making it that much harder for good people who want to teach and make a difference in young people’s lives.

      1. Richard says:

        “While that is all well and good, it gives no insentive at all to other good teachers to want to stay in the area.” It’s ‘incentive’, not ‘insentive’. You were looking to get hired as a sub teaching what? Not english I hope!

  2. redrock100 says:

    Hiring teachers is the not the problem stupids. Put the father back in the family.The children are savages.

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