Memorial For Pittsburgh Fallen Heroes Needs Donations

BLOOMFIELD (KDKA) — The permanent memorial for three Pittsburgh police officers killed in line of duty needs money for completion.

Officers Paul Sciullo II, Eric Kelly and Stephen Mayhle were fatally wounded during a standoff in Stanton Heights in 2009.

To honor their memory, efforts have been underway to erect a memorial in Bloomfield.

Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto says the memorial needs $20,000. If 200 people give $100, the memorial can be finished.

“What we’re asking for today is help from the community to become a part of this,” he said.

When the plastic cover is pulled back, the public will see St. Michael the Archangel to represent all the police officers.

Meantime, the tragedy has bonded the loved ones left behind. Sue Sciullo and Marena Kelly call themselves family now and rely on each other daily.

“She’s like a mom to me. We’re like a big family now,” Kelly said. “Since this happened, we’ve been together every day, talk all the time. So, it’s like we’re just one big family.”

To make a donation, visit:

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One Comment

  1. DAN says:

    Funny how quick everyone forgot about this when there wasnt media attention to it….Guess you see who really cares when there isnt news crews all over to publicize it! Shame on everyone who has forgot about these brave men!

    1. Sara Klingensmith says:

      Agreed, Its sad that the mayor only cares about what makes him look good! He sure doesn’t care about the police or their families.

    2. Bloomfield Mike says:

      I also agree Dan, its a sad state of affairs in the city now! Bloomfield has been overtaken by thugs and West Penn will probably close in 5 yrs. The mayor and the city has failed the people of Bloomfield.

      1. City of PITY says:

        How right you all are. I dont live in Bloomfield but all of the sections of the city that used to be nice are suffering. Mayor LUKE doesnt care unless there is a media camera around to catch him pretending to care!

  2. Anvil says:

    I have not forgotten about this incident, now nearing the 2-year anniversary. However, if it wasn’t for the media, I would not have known about the need for additional funding to finish this memorial statue. I gladly donated $100 of my money to help in the effort.

  3. Lauren d cosgrove says:

    We have already gave them enough money.

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