Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg Fire Departments To Merge

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Pittsburgh and Wilkinsburg Fire Departments are officially merging.

Officials from both towns called the merger a win-win at a news conference Monday morning.

Under terms of the agreement, Wilkinsburg will pay the city $7.5 million over five years for fire protection. That will save Wilkinsburg about $600,000.

Wilkinsburg will keep its main fire station open, staffed with firefighters who are now City of Pittsburgh employees.

“We’ll be able to provide them a municipal service at less of a cost to them, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. I’m also happy to tell you this will be of no cost to city taxpayers,” Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said.

It’s part of a 20-year deal with renewal options every five years.

The city already provides trash collection service for Wilkinsburg under a similar arrangement.


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One Comment

  1. RavenMad says:

    When does anything the City does that involves Unions not end up costing the taxpayers. Especially the firemen.

    1. You're mad alright says:

      Put your own fire out then.

      Don’t like it? MOVE.

      You’re simply a hater.

  2. CROW says:

    kind of agree with Raven!!! City closes so many fire stations, yet can provide Wilkinburg with units?? lol… Reason wilkinsburg cant afford to keep its own station is…………like so much problems with other services….section 8 where renters dont pay anything towards township taxes and yet expect same serivces as taxpayers do….until we make EVEYONE pay for taxes places like wilkinburg will never be able to afford anything….. just waiting to see if wilkinburg joins the school system with pittsburgh or penn hills…..then again penn hills is being section 8 out and the growing problem will be handeled by the city of pittsburgh……….FAIR TAX NOW!!

    1. Henry says:

      Can you explain this logic to me? Although the renter isn’t paying property taxes, the landlord is. So how is section 8 the problem?

      1. here ya go says:

        because only the one landlord pays the fire tax not each individual person in section8

  3. Thoma50 says:

    Section 8 is the problem because it keeps property values low – these landlords pay little in taxes because their properties are not worth much. The tax burden falls onto the homeowners who try to keep their home values high – therefore paying more in taxes…

  4. Thoma50 says:

    Yes, the section 8 people pay taxes via their rent payments, but this gets into another discussion on how renters vs. owners take care of their property..

  5. dansuxs says:

    The City of Pgh can’t properly fund it’s own pensions and it just got Wilkinsburg’s fire department pension headache dumped on it.

    It’s also my understanding that the majority of the firemen from this firehouse are not Wilkinsburg residents. Now the City of Pgh Fire Dept has employees that do not reside in the city. It’s long been the employment requirement that you need to be a City resident. The fire department union now has a loophole to hire non-residents in the future.

  6. Thoma50 says:

    It is my understanding that the Wilkinsburg Firefighters have a time frame where they must move into the city or lose their jobs.

  7. s says:

    I am currently ranked at the top of the eligibility list for the next firefighter recruit class, but it seems I have been bypassed by Wilkinsburg firefighters.

  8. angry says:

    Funny how others had to maintain city of pittsburgh residency just to test to become eligible to get on the list (current one has been out for almost two years waiting for the next round of hiring)paying and contributing taxes to the city only to be told that now this group doesn’t have to be held to the same standard. That to me doesn’t seem to be at no cost to current taxpayers just sayin

  9. me says:

    They have a year to move to the city. Sorry to everyone on the recuit list dont blame the ffs.

  10. angry says:

    No one is blaming the firefighters we are blaming the city. So they have a year while people have been paying the city for years just to apply and be on the wait list? How is that fair?

  11. s says:

    Angry. I am with you. I plan to seek legal advice on this issue.

  12. angry says:

    Good for you s I agree with you and think you should! This subject isn’t being brought up to the news media just how wonderful it is. The city politicians should be ashamed of themselves for their double standards!

  13. dansuxs says:

    Wilkinsburg is small and only covers 2.3 square miles? How do much larger neighboring city of Pittsburgh communities get by with volunteer fire departments.

    This is a shady deal.

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