2 Pet Cats Shot In Conway, Beaver Co.

CONWAY (KDKA) — A local family was upset enough over someone shooting their two cats, killing one them, but they became enraged when they realized the type of gun that had been used in a residential neighborhood with children playing outside.

Darlene Rose, of Conway, Beaver County, says that her veterinarian told her the cats were shot with a .22 bullet. Experts say that type of bullet can travel as much as a mile or more.

“It’s terrible that the cats got shot,” but Rose says it’s scarier that so many kids were outside Saturday afternoon when it happened and could have been hurt.

“All the while this was happening our children were riding up and down the street on their bikes.”

Rose has passed out 40 fliers to neighbors warning them and offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person who shot the cats.

The one cat, named Shooting Star, is recuperating but may still lose its leg. The other cat, a female named Ralph, crawled up under a Jeep in the family’s yard after being shot, and that’s where the family found it dead.

Ralph used to sleep on 10-year-old Ivy’s bed each night. She says she misses her cat very much.

Conway police say it may be illegal to fire a .22 in that neighborhood.


One Comment

  1. Jody says:

    I will match the award. I have much to say but……………….

  2. I love this city says:

    Keep your cats indoors like you should and these things won’t happen.

    1. Marilea says:

      Yes, it is true the cats would have been safe if they were kept inside. That does not give any one the right to shoot @ an animal if it is out walking the neighborhood. I hope they catch the person whom did it. It was cruel and very stupid.

      1. I love this city says:

        I agree that it doesn’t give them the right to shoot at someone’s animal. Thank you for not taking my comments out of context.

    2. Billford says:

      I’m a tech and my cats go outside. It’s okay if you vacc for FeLV & FIV. i won’t endorse “cats should be kept inside”. IMHO.

      1. Marsha says:

        I agree get their shots and let them enjoy the outdoors like cats are suppose to.they don’t harm anybody

  3. Kitty Ann says:

    Keep yourself indoors and the world will be a better place!

    1. Pitty Ann says:

      Were “Shooting Star” and “Ralph” neutered?

      Which raises another question, are YOU neutered, Kitty Ann?

      1. Neighbor says:

        Yes, both cats were “fixed” and up to date on all their shots!!

      2. friend says:

        Yes both cats were fixed, up to date on shots, and very much loved. Kitty Ann are you loved?

    2. I love this city says:

      While I’m staying indoors Kitty Ann, you are more than welcome to come and clean up the mess that cats make on my property. While you’re at it you can also break up the numerous cat fights I hear in the alley.

      1. I love cynical a-holes says:

        So, um, just wondering this and all, why “should” animals that are technically made to be outside be kept inside? I mean if they have the means and patience to take proper care of an outdoor cat, why should the cat be trapped inside all day?

        And yes, CLEARLY it is the owner’s fault that an idiot shot a high powered weapon too close to a residential area and the bullet just happened to hit their cats instead of their kids. Shame on them.

        *rolls eyes*

      2. Well I love cynical a-holes says:

        I was unaware that animals were “made”. Can you please point me to the nearest factory? As I would like to talk to them in making cats for indoor use only. Also maybe a travel size for those long trips to the beach. I have a cobra. Is it cool if my pet comes and plays in your yard?

    3. friend says:

      Sorry Kitty Ann, the comment from me was meant for “I love this city”. If your from Conway you know it’s not a city, it’s a little boro, but the houses are right on top of each other and whoever shot a 22 in the neighborhood is an irresponsible gun owner, my child was out and could have been hurt. If they had a problem with cats, there are numbers you can call to have someone humanly trap them. It’s not your right to take it upon yourself to shot them, even if they are on your property!

      1. I love this city says:

        Hello friend. I’m so glad you are worried about if I’m loved or not. Well I am. The comment that I made was not to promote the shooting. It was simply a statement of cause and effect. I do not believe that letting your cat roam around the neighborhood is a good idea. I have several problems with people doing so and it causes quite a headache among the neighborhood. I wish I could find out whose cat is. Then I would have them clean up the cat puke on my front porch, the garbage that it gets into and break up the cat fights that I hear in the back alley. If someone has a pet they should be responsible for it. I am deeply sorry to hear that an animal was hurt. But this could’ve been avoided if people kept their domestic pets in their home.

      2. friend says:

        But here’s the big picture, if it wasn’t there cats, it would have been someone else, a stray, or any other wild life, Someone shot a .22 in the neighborhood while people were out!

      3. friend says:

        So how could it have been preventable if it was a stray? Answer that with your “Cause and affect” answer. OK, so the stray would have had no one to love it, so how do you keep that inside? How do you make that preventable? I can explain how it’s preventable, YOU DON’T TAKE IT IN YOUR ON HANDS AND SHOT IT WITH A .22. if happened to a stray it most-likely still would have been found by someone

      4. chill out says:

        @ Friend – All “I love this city” is trying to say is hat domestic cats should be kept inside. The way this story is written it’s main focus is the shooting of the two cats. And the cause and effect still stands. Where do you think stray cats come from? Do they grow on trees? No, it’s from people letting their cats out and getting it on with fellow outside cats….

      5. freind says:

        @ Chilly out: Why should I the more I think about it the more irate I get! Know one knows whether this is the only time this happened, I take that back, the jerk that shot the .22 knows how many times they shot their gun in our neighborhood, so how many other pets or animals have been killed and never reported or never found? How many other times has this person put my child in danger by shooting their .22 in our small community. I’m sorry for the lose and injure of the pets, but I’m worried about my child’s safety!

  4. Meat says:

    Most people would not think of letting a dog wander the neighborhood,but a cat is somehow different.Not saying shooting a cat is justified,but please keep your “pets” on your own property.My yard is not your cats,bathroom or hunting grounds,thank you !

    1. Yup says:

      Sounds like the cats may have been in their own yard, it says the bullets can travel – not that the cats were out wandering. More than likely passer-bys were walking through the area and shot at the cats purposefully – that’s how Pittsburgh likes to treat their animals because they are nothing but a bunch of loud-mouth, bad-grammar hicks. Please everyone, keep your cats inside – if they go onto Meat’s property they will be shot because he, like most other Pittsburghers, is a selfish, souless ass.

      Animals should be treated just as humans are treated. Just because they are smaller doesn’t mean you can kick them around. If you feel the need to abuse an animal it just means you are weak, and don’t have control of your own life and don’t know how to be a provider or leader.

  5. Neighbor says:

    The fact that the cats were shot are not the point (still cruel and horrible) but the fact that someone is shotting a 22 gun in a residental neighborhood and during the day when children are out playing. What if the bullet would of missed and struck a child?!?!?!

  6. Carlos says:

    “Conway police say it may be illegal to fire a .22 in that neighborhood.”

    Wouldn’t you think they would know definitively if it were or not?

    1. Other Neighbor says:

      Unfortunately the Conway Police/Boro are a joke…they are very busy monitoring how long before or after trash pick up your garbage cans are on the curb….very sad.

  7. ala860 says:

    I hope the next time the person pulls the trigger to kill an animal, it blows up in his face. If people only promoted life as much as they seem to enjoy taking a life, the world would be a better place. If they had a problem with the cats,why didn’t they talk with the owner first. I live out in the country away from everyone but if I lived in a community where everyone lives on top of each other, I’ll have an outdoor enclosure for my cats so they could get out and enjoy the sunshine but they would still be on my property.

  8. Carlos says:

    “I hope the next time the person pulls the trigger to kill an animal, it blows up in his face. If people only promoted life as much as they seem to enjoy taking a life, the world would be a better place.” Kind of a hypocritical statement, no?

    1. Dave says:

      Lol! True.

  9. ala860 says:

    You have a right to your own opinion. Why did you even bother reading this story? Apparently, it’s all a joke to you.

    1. I love this city says:

      Carlos didn’t say one thing about the story. His comment was to your asinine statement.

    2. Krystal says:

      I agree. Obviously hardly anyone sees the fact that this was done during the day, in a neighborhood with kids outside playing. What if a child was shot? Would some moron be making the comment to keep your kids inside or on your own property or else this wouldn’t happen?? Common sense people. Look at the big picture.

  10. Seeking balance says:

    I’m sorry they lost their one pet, but relieved the other should be ok (may lose the leg, but animals recover way better than we do). A loved cat is an INDOOR cat. It’s been proven that outdoor cats lose YEARS off of their lives. Plus, if your cats are loose, they risk injury and death every day – by cars, other animals & apparently an idiot with a gun. That being said, I like cats, but I have dogs, AND a 6 foot fence….have had the dogs come very close to ‘catching’ cats in the yard & it would not have ended well with pack mentality being what it is. Plus, I don’t really appreciate this time of year when I come home and find my front or back door ‘sprayed’ by a neighborhood feline. Please keep the cats inside for everyone’s sake….

    1. Friend says:

      Not all cats can be forced to live inside, some are happy never to step foot outside they’re whole lives, most people who have cats know this and yes when you let your cats outside your aware of the dangers of them getting hit by a car or attacked by another animal and though it hurts when something like that happens it’s easier to except, but to have someone viciously shot your cats is unexceptionable! But if you must know there are dangers to letting your dog out as well. In Conway last summer 18 DOGS were killed because some sick-o was throwing rags soaked in anti-freeze into peoples yards that have dogs. One owner had a 6 foot fence he put his dog into to use the bathroom and his dog was not safe. Whether it’s a cat or dog it’s not someone’s right to kill them.

      1. I love this city says:

        “Not all cats can be forced to live inside.” What? Are they holding guns to their owner’s head to let them out of the house? DON’T LET THEM OUT AT ALL! They won’t know what they are missing and they won’t sit at the door all day meowing.

      2. friend says:

        YA they’re called strays!

  11. kristy says:

    why people insist on allowing their cats to be outside is beyond. this isn’t the first story that ended this tragically and, due to owners like these people, it certainly won’t be the last. be a responsible and loving cat owner and keep them as indoor pets only!

  12. Really? says:

    All you people saying the cats should have been kept inside and this could have been prevented should keep yourselves inside… and read some books and educate your minds 🙂 KIDS WERE OUTSIDE PLAYING WHEN THIS HAPPENED!

  13. vurp says:

    Rofl very amusing comments

  14. LK says:

    Cats are curious creatures and here before humans. They have every right to go outside if they wish. Maybe they are safer indoors, but perhaps we are too, so maybe everyone should stay inside. What about dogs, they should stay inside too. NO onw has the right to shoot any living thing that is considered a pet nor are they allowed to shoot within city limits. They need arrested, all gun rights taken away and forced to face the children and tell them why they did it. It a matter of time before they shoot dogs, maybe even yours.

    1. Ryan says:

      Dogs are supposed to stay inside unless they are on a leash or fenced in. Should be the same for cats.

      1. Shame on society says:

        no one has the right to go shooting animals for fun. This is why, as a society, we have ruined our rights and privledges. Until we learn that guns are not for joy killing or robbery, or anything malicious, they need to be taken away. Whether animals should or should not be outside is a mute point. They are animals and all animals should be allowed freedom of outdoors. To not allow an animal to go outside when it really wants to, is being cruel to the animal. Whether or not it is safe is also not the point. No place is safe, not even your own home.

  15. br says:


    You would be surprised how many raccoons are getting into your garbage. I have stayed up at night to catch the culprits , thinking a cat, it was coons and a dog. Most cats do not like our garbage.
    As for cat puke, they won’t come onto your porch if you do not feed them.

    1. I love this city says:

      Bry, I have seen the cat clawing away at the bag not even 5 minutes after I put it out. And obviously I know better not to feed the things if I consider them to be pests. Thanks for the tips though.

  16. People suck says:

    At one time, respect was something people had, but no more. Respect for any life is more important. If people can’t respect life or anything else, what is the point of those people living? Maybe we need to start over. If you answer the questions wrong, your shot. That should weed out the people who hate so much.

  17. TwoCents says:

    I live in a rural area and have dogs. They are licensed and NEVER go outside unless on a leash or a 100′ lead so they can run. I keep them on my property, clean up after them and yes, they are ‘fixed’. In my area cats roaming around are not viewed as pests since they are hunters and help keep rodents (and yes, the occasional songbird) in check. I do believe they should be spayed/neutered/vaccinated and licensed. If that were the case, over-population would be kept in check due to the expense. A little common sense goes a long way. Shooting someone’s pet….VERY bad JuJu!

  18. kristy says:

    this story is NOT about kids getting shot. it’s about some halfwit(s) DELIBERATELY targeting cats that should NOT have been outside to begin with. true, kids might’ve been hurt or worse, but the idiot(s) were INTENTIONALLY aiming for the cats – NOT kids.

    1. idiot free says:

      you’re an idiot. you obviously don’t have any kids

      1. kristy says:

        yes, i do, as a matter of fact, the article has to do with a moron shooting at cats deliberately with intent to maim or kill.

  19. kristy says:

    Parasites such as fleas, ticks and worms most commonly attack outdoor cats. If you allow your cat to go in and out at will, he will carry these parasites back into your home. Outdoor cats are more likely to contract diseases such as toxoplasmosis, ringworm and roundworms, all of which are zoonotic meaning they can be transmitted to people.

  20. kristy says:

    The health of outdoor cats is threatened by contagious diseases such as feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus, feline infectious peritonitis and rabies. Feline immunodeficiency virus, or feline AIDS, for example, is a fatal disease that is carried by up to 14 percent of the cat population. It is transmitted from cat to cat by blood and saliva. This happens primarily through biting so outdoor and male cats that fight with other cats are at greatest risk.

  21. kristy says:

    Cats are notorious hunters, and even if fed, may seek out wild prey to satisfy their instinctive urges. The American Bird Conservancy estimates that cats, along with other factors such as loss of habitat by land development, threaten many songbird species. The ABC has developed an initiative to encourage cat owners to keep their cats indoors. Other major animal organizations promote indoor living for cats as well. Sexually intact cats allowed to roam freely contribute to pet overpopulation by reproducing indiscriminately.

  22. kristy says:

    Along with the pet overpopulation problem, the other important argument for keeping a cat indoors is his life expectancy, which is dramatically greater than that of a cat living outside or even one allowed out via a pet door or other access method. Cats who live solely outdoors live about three to five years on the average while the average life expectancy of indoor cats is 14 years or longer.

  23. Ryan says:

    Cats that run around outside are filthy creatures. There are plenty of people I know that keep their cats inside, like they are supposed to be. They are not wild animals, people.

  24. Meat says:

    Another comment from a selfish-souless ass,where is your cat now,I mean right now ? At your feet,curled up on your lap ? Or,is it wandering the streets,spraying someones deck,using a somebodys flowerbed as a litter box ? NO,not ok to discharge firearm in residential area,reporting a cat wandering around to authorities is a laughable solution,keep all pets under control,bottom line.

  25. Seeking balance says:

    Cats have a ‘right’ to be outdoors?? It’s cruel not to let them do what they ‘want’? Seriously people, if your argument is that a domestic pet was shot and all that, then the side effect of having a DOMESTIC pet is that it DOESN’T get to do whatever it wants!! My DOGS do not get to do what they want, for their safety and for the safety of others – why is it that it is inherently different for cats??? Don’t think so! I literally ‘walk my yard’ when I first let my dogs out and I actually do STAY out with them to make sure nothing is thrown over the fence (they will ‘drop it’ if commanded, even food & they don’t necessarily ‘want’ to). It’s just silly to say animals can do whatever they want, WILD animals can do whatever they want, domestic ones have rules. Keep the cats out of my yard & I don’t care (much).

    I DO NOT think shooting pets is right or acceptable!! And for a crowded street full of children there should have been SOME adults present, so SOMEONE should have seen something! If you did, TURN THEM IN so they can be prosecuted!!

  26. Meat says:

    This story has gotten way too much scrutiny,the story about the guy in Washington Co. that apparently abused his kid,has received far less attention. ME-OW ??????

  27. kristy says:

    meat – and your point is? obviously, whether you like it or not, this article has garnered more attention and interest.

  28. Meat says:

    That is my point,it has garnered more attention and interest,I think the comments speak to this. KDKA should do more pet/animal stories,it’s what the people want,aside from stories about Steeler Nation.

  29. Larona says:

    Outside cats earn their keep. I have 3 TNR cats (trap/neuter/return). They don’t kill birds but they do bring dead snakes and mice up to the back door every day and keep the groundhogs from infiltrating my yard and ruining my flower and vegetable gardens. Outside cats perform a service. They control the vermin. Since these cats have been living on and around my property, I don’t even have mice in my barn and I’m sure my neighbors are benefiting from their hunting skills as well. Even the ships bringing people to this continent in the 1700’s had cats on them to control the rat and mice population, which in turn helped control the disease that vermin overpopulation brings. That is how domesticated cats first came to this country. The reckless person who shot the cats is a ignorant , hateful and dangerous.

    1. Meat says:

      Larona,you mentioned a barn,I’m thinking you live in a rural or somewhat rural area.I can see a benefit to having” outdoor cats” in this situation.Your point is well taken,I’m sure many of the comments are not being directed towards this application of feline pest control,it’s the “pets” I’m seeing sneaking around my birdfeeder or depositing little gifts in and around our yards,that some have a problem with.

  30. Seeking balance says:

    If ONLY people in the city would do the T/N/R situation. The feral cats in Mt Washington run rampant, get in engines of cars for warmth, leave ‘unpleasant’ things in peoples yards (my dogs have REPEATEDLY been treated for worms thanks to those lovely cats), scream/yowl at night, run in and out of traffic, scratch/bite children who run in and out of traffic to chase them, etc… Sorry, don’t see the use in the city for ‘pet’ cats to be outdoors, and truly disgusted by the feral situation. My dogs would likely help with the deer overpopulation, but that’s illegal & I’m ok with that – I live in the city! Barn cats are great, but NOT the subject most are referring to.

    Again, that does NOT mean someone should shoot a helpless animal! That should never be tolerated!

  31. SSS says:

    Shoot,Shovel & Shut Up

  32. Sumting Wong says:

    Cats are delicious.

  33. pets shopsonline says:

    I’m really easy to be friends with once you people learn to see it my approach.

  34. CrosbyFan says:

    Its sad that there are more bad people than good people in this world. Peple like this don’t deserve to be out in the public. Maybe I should hurt an animal they love and see how they like it. Can’t stand people like this. Maybe I should go hurt dogs since making jokes about cats seems to be ok with everyone.

    1. Dikbag says:

      Maybe you should go back to the gay bar

  35. catwoman says:

    what if a songbird with a .22 felt threatened and shot the cat in self defense. I have seen some mean cats and have been afraid…. What if the cat threatened a child and the parents had to shoot to protect the child….

  36. I am very sad right now says:

    my cat was shot in the leg today, with a .22, and he broke it, but luckily he did not die. On the down side, it will take a lot of surgery and pins to heal it and make it back to normal again.

  37. Jethero says:

    Number one, I have to agree 100% that had the animals been kept inside, this wouldn’t have happened. But more troubling is the wave of anti-gun sentiment our nation’s propaganda engine seems to have instilled in people. The people that would control us LOVE to see us attacking a fellow citizen, who his a victim of negligent pet ownership, for his use of a lowly .22. 100 years ago, you could have shot a stray cat with a 12 gauge (both barrels) and likely nobody would have batted an eye. For one, people would have simply accepted the homeowner’s obvious right to live free of stray animals. For another, hiding behind the wildly waving banner of “please protect the children!” is utterly idiotic. While I won’t claim shooting a .22 is 100% SAFE, it’s NOT the heinous crime it’s obviously being portrayed as here. When you get an injured animal and report it to the police, they will come to dispatch it with a .17 HMR, which has very similar characteristics to the .22. Folks, a .22 is nothing. A gun owner who is practiced and familiar with all the concepts of shooting can discharge in relative safety a .22 if he/she watches the angles and backdrop. Very simple concept actually. We’ve allowed them to drive this ungodly FEAR of guns into us, and I’m afraid that’s all part of the plan.

    Respect your neighbors FIRST, and problems won’t arise in the first place. Keep your animals indoors.

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