Jamie Dixon Discusses 71-70 Loss To Butler

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/93-7 THE FAN) — Pitt Basketball head coach Jamie Dixon joined Seibel, Starkey and Miller on 93-7 THE FAN on the heels of winning the Sporting News Coach of the Year award, but first he addressed the heartbreaking 71-70 loss to Butler on Saturday night.

“You know, I think when your season ends, it’s always a tough time – you don’t have another team to get ready for, another opponent, you’re not in the gym, so there’s always that time unless you’re the one team that ends the year with the win,” Dixon said. “So, it’s time to go on and start recruiting and get ready for next year.”

But fans wanted to know why Dixon left guys on the line when Gilbert Brown took a second shot.

“First concern is making the free throws – that’s what you want to have in mind,” Dixon said.

“That first concern is making free throws, making players comfortable as possible so we can get two free throws down.

“I didn’t want to move them down off the line after we made the first and knocked it down, swish, just keep them as comfortable with it. I’ve always felt that on the line is better than off the line with making free throws and then we wanted our guys matched up to who they’d be guarding too after the play was over,” he explained.

Listen to the full Dixon interview with Seibel, Starkey and Miller:


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  1. Roscoe says:

    why are pitt people always making lame excuses for ff/ups?

  2. Thoma50 says:

    Pitt never got better as the year went on. In the beginning of the season, Pitt came out and took a lead and held on to the lead. As the season wore on – that happened less and less. The struggled more in the first half and had to come back and win games in the second half. Other teams progressed more throughout the year than Pitt did – and I think that is why they struggled so much at the end of the year. I also think they need to switch up their defense too – much too predictable…

  3. Bob Cousy says:

    Stupid play to have anyone trying to whack the ball out of a defenders hands since most likely they will end up committing a stupid foul. The player who got the rebound looked as if he was just going to toss the ball up in the air or try to make desperation pass. No way Pitt should touch him at all. Dumb play period end of story end of season

  4. Still a Panther Fan says:

    What Excuses???? I see a young man (Nasir Robinson) take more resonsibility that the average person twice his age would not. I see a coach who was asked a question give an honest answer. Get a life people!! This is not the end of the world. I’m proud to be a Pitt fan. I like the way Coach Dixon runs his program. I’d love a Final Four appearance. But i’ll take a program that doesn’t run afoul of the NCAA and doesn’t recruit the “One and dones”.

  5. Mr.Jones says:

    Dennis Green with slicked back hair.The faces change and the results are always the same…March Sadness for Pitt fans.Is consistent top 20 good enough? Maybe for some but my guess is not for too much longer.Oh well, there is always the Basketball/Heimlich maneuver clinic this weekend at the YMCA.I think we know the who the guest of honor will be.

  6. bill calpas says:

    Mr. Dixon has lost control of this team and he knows it and fans know it. Mr Dixon has left the players take control the game and that;s reason why we can know longer win.

  7. Mr. Bob says:

    No number 1, or 2 seeds for that matter, made it to the final 4. I guess all those teams are horrible too. I am sick of these “fans” that watch Pitt one time a year and want to fire Dixon. These individuals should just wait for those stupid Steelers to begin playing again.
    Bill Calpas – Please provide examples of how Dixon has lost control of his team? I love people who make statements with no facts.

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