PITTSBURGH (KDKA/93-7 THE FAN) — Pitt Basketball head coach Jamie Dixon joined Seibel, Starkey and Miller on 93-7 THE FAN on the heels of winning the Sporting News Coach of the Year award, but first he addressed the heartbreaking 71-70 loss to Butler on Saturday night.

“You know, I think when your season ends, it’s always a tough time – you don’t have another team to get ready for, another opponent, you’re not in the gym, so there’s always that time unless you’re the one team that ends the year with the win,” Dixon said. “So, it’s time to go on and start recruiting and get ready for next year.”

But fans wanted to know why Dixon left guys on the line when Gilbert Brown took a second shot.

“First concern is making the free throws – that’s what you want to have in mind,” Dixon said.

“That first concern is making free throws, making players comfortable as possible so we can get two free throws down.

“I didn’t want to move them down off the line after we made the first and knocked it down, swish, just keep them as comfortable with it. I’ve always felt that on the line is better than off the line with making free throws and then we wanted our guys matched up to who they’d be guarding too after the play was over,” he explained.

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