Liquor Control Board Mulls Opening More Stores On Sundays

EAST LIBERTY (KDKA) — With the threat of privatization looming, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has come up with a proposal that would keep the system under state control.

The changes would need to be approved by the Legislature.

The plan includes allowing more stores to be open on Sundays and those that are could stay open later.

“That would be great,” one customer said. “Weekends are obviously the time to go out and buy your booze, so I think that would be good.”

Right now, only 25 percent of current stores are open on Sundays and they close at 5 p.m.

Another change would allow direct shipping from out of state to a buyer’s home instead of state store pick-ups.

The changes were kicked around in state appropriations on Tuesday, but Governor Corbett has gone on the record in favor of privatizing the system.

Joe Conti, chief executive officer of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, spoke to Mike Pintek on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA about the proposed changes.

Conti says that the LCB gives Pennsylvanians the best of both worlds.

“You get the social responsibility component that we’re so strong on, you get a tremendous revenue return that perhaps would not be met by the private sector,” Conti explained. “We are No. 1 on returning revenue on wine sales. We are No. 10 on returning revenue on liquor sales in the country.”

Conti says the ideas have been around for two to four years and are not in response to the idea of privatization.

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One Comment

  1. JJ says:

    State stores suck and are a rip-off. I hate the fact that you are limited to what the state chooses for selection and then you have to pay their overinflated prices. I was in New Jersey this past year a paid $8.50 for a certain bottle of wine. About two weeks later, back in Pittsburgh, I stopped at a state store to buy that same wine to bring to someones house and the state store price was $13.00. So, i had to pay an extra $4.50 to fund some state workers retirement pension.

    1. NJ says:

      i’m originally from NJ, and the wine may be cheaper but trust me, the hard alcohol is definitely cheaper here in PA.

  2. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Too little…Too late!

  3. JAUN says:


  4. Feedup with stupidity says:

    It is long overdue for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to get out of the dark ages with there stupid liquor laws and state run stores.
    It would be nice if the beer sales were modernized also. Why must I buy a case of beer when I only want a six pack?

  5. jack says:

    Why is getting drunk on Sunday different than getting drunk on any other day? I don’t care what the state says, I’ll get drunk when I feel like it!

  6. expittsburgh says:

    I like how _now_ they want to open more stores (appease customers) when the threat of them going away is a real possibility. Companies should do what they need to survive, but a govt bureaucracy shouldn’t. The private sector is more than willing to provide this service, so LET THEM! We don’t need the gvt running alcohol stores.

  7. BEERMAN says:


  8. Terry says:

    why not let any store or gas station sell beer or wine like the all the other states

  9. BEERMAN says:


  10. Admiral Lujtens says:

    Privatize, Privatize and then PRIVATIZE! But, what can you expect from a union dominated state? PA is still in the 19th century when it comes to alcohol sales…ONE of the many reasons we lose population!

  11. L Robinson says:

    Why does this state over tax and control so many things that other states would not even bother with? I have lived in many, many states and this by far is the most controlling on items they should not be involved in in the first place.

  12. Marjorie Katekovich says:

    When I travel, what a treat it is to buy my wine in a grocery or drug store and how convenient. Put more State Stores in grocery stores or give it up guys. There are huge warehouses in the south that sell wine from all over the world and cheap too.

  13. Sacha says:

    like the liquor “CONTROL” board, port authority is also failing because of greed. both need to be privatized. if people want to drink, that is their RIGHT! stop CONTROLLING all aspects of our lives as taxpaying Pennsylvania citizens. we should boycott buying any form of alcohol in the state until they get the message- the bureaucrats will get no tax dollars from us. we could all go out of state or online or whatever, as long as Pennsylvania doesn’t get a red cent until they let us buy alcohol on OUR terms.

  14. beerman says:

    have a drink or 3 and relaxe

  15. hinquisrene says:

    You made some clear points there. I looked on the internet for the subject and found most persons will agree with your website. Acrylic Dining Chairs

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