Pedestrian Injured In Strip District Accident

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man is in critical condition after a pedestrian accident in the Strip District.

The man was apparently walking against the light when the driver of a white van struck him at Liberty and 17th Street.

The driver did stop after the crash and cooperated with authorities.

The pedestrian is being treated at Allegheny General Hospital.

Stay with KDKA for the latest developments.


One Comment

  1. Robin says:

    Bring a crew down to the Strip District especially on a Saturday. Its impossible to cross the street. Penn ave is one way and everyone does right turn on red. How are u supposed to cross. Even at a crosswalk. It is a miracle there have been so few accidents.

  2. critter says:

    who cares. quit jayalkng

    1. S says:

      Obviously you cared enough to click on the link and respond.

    2. DBUSH says:

      Listen here you cold-hearted jerk, there is a teenager FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE right now and you have the boldness to post this? You are one sick individual. What do you do? Sit around all day at your computer, looking up news stories and then posting comments to them? You sick jerk. Get a life!

  3. Ronni says:

    This is my 19 year old nephew that you are talking about. I no longer live in the PGH area and cannot be with my family at this exact moment and went online to see what I could find out about his accident. I am so disheartend to see your post. He’s a good boy who never has done anything wrong to anybody. He is a very happy go lucky young man, who loves science and is looking into pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He made a split decision, bad choice and could possibly pay for it with his life. He’s been through so much in his life already and does not deserve this. People post things and act like they are above everything and everyone else, but this could easily happen in your family critter, and how would u feel to see a post like this about a someone u love? Why have people become so ignorant???

    1. xx says:

      I witnessed the accident yesterday, and I have been thinking about it since. I am so sorry that anyone would post such negative comments. I am sure it is the last thing you or your family need to see at a time like this. I truly hope that your nephew recovers from this accident.

    2. jeanifer love says:

      hello to you. my name is Jeanifer. it was my truck that was involved in that accident with your nephew. I have been trying to get info on him but they keep tellin me that since im not family they cant tell me anything. My heart is so heavy because of this. He is in my prayers as well as the family. When people say that he wsa wrong it makes me mad because i remember i use to do the same thing when i was younger. i am so sorry this has happened.

  4. daryl says:

    I’m with ronnie on this….im not a member of the family but I’m best friend with this young mans aunt…if tables were turned how would you feel…he did nothing wrong…this family has gone through more then most in the last 3 mths…it amazes me how rude people can be without knowing them…my prays are with this family…

  5. buc-eye says:

    AeroSpace Huh. There is a reason why its called a traffic light and the others is called a crossing signal. Just b/c light is green, doesn’t mean walkers can cross

    1. S says:

      It really does amaze me about how ignorant people can be. There are different reports about the incident. Get the facts first before you open your mouth.

    2. daryl says:

      ok heres the thing regraudless of what happened today a 19 yr old is in the hospital fighting for his life that is just beginning…and there have been people hit by cars that’s have followed of the lights that’s means NOTHING….everyday one of get behind the wheel of a car…we are driving a deadly weapon and we should ALWAYS act like it is a deadly weapon because we can end our life or the life of another driving a car…soo let not be d*cks and point the finger and say someone is wrong…the only people that know the whole story are the family member…sooo lets all act like adults and show some respect to this family that needs our prays…

    3. S says:

      It really does amaze me about how ignorant people can be. There are different reports about the incident. Get the facts first before you open your mouth. He also is my nephew and he doesn’t deserve this, he’s heade

  6. Jason says:

    well said daryl.

  7. daryl says:

    ok how about this you shut the f*ck up and mind your damn business…no one asked you what you think..nor does any one care what you think…his parents taught him very well…you don’t know the facts…and you don’t know what his parents taught him and didn’t teach him….your barking up the wrong tree “buc-eye” so stay in your spot and keep your mouth closed. your parents should of taught you better

  8. Mich says:

    I think the point that everybody seems to forget is there is a kid who has been fighting for his life since 3pm and while he has been going threw one surgery after another some of you have nothing better to do then sit on a computer and bad mouth him and his parents in their time of pain. Please either keep this young man and his family in your prayers or keep your comments to yourself! This young man would have done anything to help anybody in need and he would not have passed judgement he would have just prayed for them to get well so please do the same for him in his time of need! .

  9. Brad says:

    Poop sandwiches .. That is all

    1. DBUSH says:

      You are a real intelligent one, Brad. Why not keep your immature remarks to a different location instead of on a discussion board about a person fighting for their life? Thanks.

      1. Brad says:

        Who is less intelligent the fool or the fool who follows him on a posting?

  10. Alexis Watterson says:

    A friend of mine was hit on the same street about 1 yr ago & nearly killed. There needs to be pedestrian bridges built over Liberty so that people can safely cross & get to the numerous bus stops along that street. It is that simple of a solution to keep everyone safe.

  11. LeGrande says:

    Don’t trip on the “critters” of this world,Family. They can’t help us nor can they hurt us….they’re just there merely doing what they’ve been taught in their little tiny incestuous “Critter” families.

  12. daryl says:

    you cared enough 2 post a comment…take ur ass somewhere else…

  13. Ce-ce says:

    Does anyone know how the young man is doing or what his injuries are?

  14. Jackie says:

    Ronni, I hope he is doing ok. I work with him and agree with you that he is a fabulous young man!

  15. Jeanifer Love says:

    Please pray for him. It was my truck that he ran into and my heart is so heavy. It happened so fast and i wish that day never happened. I keep callin the hospital but they keep tellin me that since im not family they cant. havent been able to sleep because i keep seeing him trying to move and talk. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY. i am so deeply sorry this has happened.

  16. Mich says:

    Your pretty bold for making statements getting your face on the news and then to post here as well! Maybe you should think twice before speeding and not pose for cameras! Your heart might be heavy but think of those of us who love him and had him ripped from under us! Only God knows if one day he will be able to laugh with us again but even then that poor kid will never be the same! How could you have called the hospital do you even know his name? And If you cared why not go visit? It’s one thing to say it weighs on our hearts but it’s another to feel the pain in your heart from seeing your family bleeding and fighting for his life, a life that just barely was starting.

  17. Ce-ce says:

    Jeanifer can’t keep her mouth shut , stay out of peoples business or stay away from the cameras!! She’s an attention seeker!!

  18. best brands says:

    Great post. Cheers.

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