Region’s Newest Congressman Is Tea Party Favorite

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — This region’s newest member of Congress may be the area’s most conservative.

Congressman Mike Kelly, of Butler, was a co-founder of the Tea Party movement in his area.

Making his first appearance on the KD/PG Sunday Edition, Congressman Kelly repeated many of his strong conservative views that make him a Tea Party favorite.

“When you don’t have it, you can’t spend it and you can’t give it away,” said Congressman Kelly.

Older than most freshmen and an established car dealer, Congressman Kelly says he keeps asking himself one thing.

“What if you went to Congress and didn’t worry about bringing money home,” he said. ”What if you didn’t worry about re-election and what if you only worried about representing your people the right way, how would you do it?”

Congressman Kelly says he’s troubled by the Washington habit of raising the federal debt limit.

“I have a real aversion to being able to set your own debt limit,” he said. “I can’t do it in business, and fortunately, lenders would never let businesses do that because you would have a lot of people who go out of business.”

When it comes to education, the conservative Congressman prefers that the Feds get out of the business altogether.

“I don’t really believe the federal government has any business telling us how to educate our children,” said Congressman Kelly. “I would rather see that done at the state and local level where true education takes place.”

While Congressman Kelly did not second-guess the President’s authority as Commander-in-Chief, he had blunt questions about the Libyan engagement.

“We’re trying to figure out why we’re there, what’s our strategy, what’s our end game, how are we going to pay for all this?” he said.

Congressman Mike Kelly
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One Comment

  1. Michael Compton says:

    Some of their hearts might be in the right place, but tea party people are electing congressmen that are going to do things that are diametrically opposed to their stated goals. They vote pro-business 100% of the time. They vote against regulations 100% of the time. Sorry, but there’s no way to rein in an out-of-control Wall Street when you offer your perpetual support to their biggest enablers (republicans, tea party or otherwise). Dems are no picnic, and they FREQUENTLY support the same garbage repubs do – but at least they are sometimes willing to put the brakes on the corporate buyout of our country.

  2. Joe says:

    Mike, how much did you get from Cash for Clunkers?! What a total hypocrite!

    1. Ron says:

      Hypocrite? A politician. Naw…couldn’t be. Could it?

  3. TeaPartyWillSavetheUSA says:

    Okay, let’s disect Congressman Kelly’s statement:
    1.He is against raising the debt limit. Outstanding! I don’t believe that the rules of economics change, even if the federal government (this rule should be taught to every democrat at every level of government).
    2. Removing the federal government from education. Again, oustanding. The federal government does not possess the constitutional authority to dictate to sovereign states how to educate their children.
    Michael Compton, you speak in complete generalities. I cannot even respond to your statement. Joe, your a moron. Ron, I agree with you, but I don’t think this man is your typical politician.

    1. Joe says:

      You obviously are unaware that if the US did not raise the debt ceiling, we would default on our loans, causing a worldwide economic panic. It makes no sense not to raise it.
      The federal government has ALWAYS been involved in education. Thomas Jefferson and other Foundng Fathers were FOR the federal government’s role in education. Example: The US Military Academy.
      Mike Kelly is the typical teabagger.

  4. Noname please says:

    Mike Kelly is spot on, that’s why he was elected. If this region had stronger conservative leadership we would be in much better economic shape and our public schools would be something to be proud of. Everyone wants a handout and feels entitled to what the next person has. How about working for what you have and taking pride in your work. There is nothing wrong with being pro business, what do you think makes our communities strong? Dems have been in charge for too long at the local level and have ruined our competitiveness because of funding these large union pensions and taxing business out of the region. Wake up!

    1. Joe says:

      More conservative areas tend to have a higher rate of government assistance, more liberal areas a smaller rate. More conservative areas tend to be less educated, more liberal areas tend to be better educated. Not opinions, facts.

      1. YEAH says:


      2. Zoeyzotron says:

        Oh yah, like Appalachia or inner cities…. Both have the highest rate of welfare. Joe, your comment has zero merit backing to it.

  5. JIM B says:

    I never met a car dealer who didn’t make money from every deal .

    1. 2059 says:

      Hey Jim do you make money when you work? Well so do car dealers, idiot!

  6. chance says:

    Hey Jim B, car dealers are in business to make money. Is that a foreign concept for you? What do you get paid with on your job (If you have one) BANANAS? You are the perfect example of class envy. No one gave Mike Kelly his dealership, HE WORKED TO BUILD IT!

    1. Joe says:

      Mike Kelly inherited the car dealership from his father. He did NOT work to build it. It was given to him.
      Once again, this whole thread just proves how clueless teabaggers really are.

  7. chance says:

    JOE,( Mr Class envy!)
    How do you think his father got the dealership and didn’t Mike manage and grow it effectively? It seems to me that you wouldn’t last a week in that position with your outlook. Work and build your own legacy instead of trying to detract from others’ accomplishments.

  8. Joe says:

    chance, your original post was WRONG! Mike Kelly was GIVEN his father’s car dealership and almost ran it into the ground. You were WRONG in saying, “No one gave Mike Kelly his dealership…,” because his father gave it to him.
    Stop with the class envy nonsense. This is not Fox News or right wing talk radio.
    What part of his father giving him the car dealership do you not understand?

  9. chance says:

    Why do you even bring up what others have? It’s something that shouldn’t concern you or any of us, unless you think they should share it with you, without you earning it.

  10. say what? says:

    Joe is nuts!

    Public records show Mike Kelly did purchase his dealership in 1998 from his father. He has more than doubled its size since then.

    You sound like a person with a vendetta trying to undermine a good man. You should find something constructive to do with your time.

    I hope that you realize the basic concept of growing wealth from generation to generation. That is the american dream, not corporate greed.

  11. George X Busch says:

    I called this guys office and I was told he was not a Tea Partier. I talked to Ben who had some foreign accent. No one ever writes me back from Cadillac Kelly’s office

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