Less Affluent Districts To Bear Brunt Of Corbett Education Cuts

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — When Governor Tom Corbett urged the legislature to cut public school funding by 10 percent across the board, that didn’t mean every school district would lose the same amount of money.

Complicated formulas dictate which districts lose the most money. The hardest hit districts include:

  • Duquesne – $2,561 per student
  • Clairton – $1,480 per student
  • Pittsburgh – $1,220 per student
  • Sto-Rox – $1,149 per student
  • McKeesport – $1,014 per student
  • Pat Sable has been the business manager for three school districts and says those with higher assessed property values and wealthier residents get less state basic education funding and are suffering less under the Corbett cuts.

    Those districts include:

  • Quaker Valley – $121 per student
  • Fox Chapel – $122 per student
  • Upper St. Clair – $135 per student
  • South Fayette – $152 per student
  • Mt. Lebanon – $156 per student
  • With Corbett education cuts affecting schools disproportionately, Sable says the problem is that it is a lot harder for less wealthy school districts to make up the lost money.

    “Even if, for example, like the school district of the city of Duquesne wanted to raise taxes, the ability to pay is just not there,” he said.

    That leaves only one option – cut programs unless teachers and administrators take a pay freeze.

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    One Comment

    1. Laurence N. Michaels says:

      I wonder if when Taxpayers sent Mr Corbett to Harrisburg if they REALLY wished for him to Cut the Budget & Reduce State Spending by CRUSHING the POOREST of the POOR…School Districts like Duquesne & Sto-Rox…have little or no resources & now they lose $2,500 per Student ?
      Is THIS Type of SLASHING of the POOR Really what Conservatives & Tea Party Folks wanted ? I truly do NOT BELIEVE these Fiscal Conservatives expected these types of actions….and just THROW-IN Port Authority Services Cuts to the poorest of our Commuters WHILE FIGHTING AGGRESSIVELY for Marcellus Shale Gas Companies whose Billion Dollar Revenues are being protected in PA while a poor maintenance man can no longer afford to work downtown.
      Frankly I don’t think Governor Corbett is a Cruel man…I do HOPE & PRAY that he will rethink & re-work this SLASHING of the POOR Strategy to find a way that makes more sense & is consistent with the values of the Citizens of the Great & humane State of Pennsylvania. We are a generous folk…we don’t respect mindless & disproportionate slashing of quality education of students (just because they are poor) We want fair & reasonable educational support for ALL Students in the commonwealth!

    2. Roger says:

      So the no child left behind directive just go a little more challenging. This is what happens when people sit on their behinds, don’t tell the politicians that the children are the priority and don’t vote. Sad that this country doesn’t really value education and health.

      1. TELL THE TEACHER says:


    3. Alicia says:

      The Reverse Robin Hood Effect…it’s just the Republican way!

    4. CAROL says:

      how do these republicans sleep at night? I didn’t vote for him. I live in Sto-Rox. It is not a bad school district.. My children went to Sto-Rox they are doing fine. Alot of good people cone out of that school district. Yes it is a poor community. I believe poor communities have a strong work ethic. Here they go again just like Port Authority. If they are not hurting the elderly it comes down on the poot. I just don’t get it.

    5. bruce USA says:

      Hey Wake up!!! It’s always been this way. Pawn off the poor on the poor and Mt Lebo and the rest of you less unfortunates keep you property values intact!!! Who’s kidding who??? Distribute evenly??? You don’t think so!!!

    6. Dan says:

      The “affluent” districts suffer less cuts because they GET less in the first place! The parents there are paying high local taxes to fund their schools. It’s not that these schools are getting more state money, they aren’t. They’re getting less just like all schools but were taking much less to begin with.

    7. JoeFromPGH says:

      Laurence N. Michaels said….

      ” We want fair & reasonable educational support for ALL Students in the commonwealth.”

      Laurence….I believe this is LEGALLY MANDATED on the state. We should be seeingm some legal challenges soon (or at least I hope we will be seeing them)>

    8. Mindpower says:

      Dan, you are absolutely correct. My higher property taxes subsidize those that don’t pay their fair share.

      1. Dan says:

        I used to live in McKeesport 16 years ago. The taxes were $100/year (I’m guessing…but going by the Allegheny County real estate search for my old property.) Now I live north of the city and pay ~$8000/year. So it only stands to reason that my school district needs less money from the state….gets less money from the state….and therefore lost less from the state.

      2. Phillip Martin says:

        Did you ever think that their fair share is all that they have. You should feel fortunate to have what you have (often at the expense of those who do not).

        1. Kevin says:

          > (often at the expense of those who do not).


    9. CAROL says:

      What do you mean fair share? Do you think that someone who makes 25,000.00 a year should pay the same as someone who makes 80 to 100000.00 a year. Thanks to our politicians from a while back my community is stuck with 4 projects and half-way houses and section 8. Who suffers, the children and the elderly paying such high taxes. I don’t know who to blame. It used to be a real nice neighborhood, now it is a crime-ridden ghetto. What to do? The children suffer. I do alot of praying.

      1. Phillip Martin says:

        Grow up! Who do you think caused people to be in this position in the first place?

        1. Noah says:

          I guess the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 is not the answer you were expecting?

    10. Mindpower says:

      Carol, why should I pay more, because I work harder, maintain my home, Yes I pay more for working harder. is that fair. My tax rate is higher than someone making $ 25 K. . Maybe you should move, you have that option. I get tired of paying for other people’s children, that make no incentive to improve themslves..

      1. Working Stiff says:

        People do not have the option to move. People live in the poor communities, because, guess what? they are poor. Did you ever hear of the poor working class. They are these fools like me who don;t make a lot of money but make too much to get anything. I live in McKeesport in a decent modest home and i can not afford to live in USC orMt. Lebo not because of the home prices, which are expensive, but the propert taxes put it way out of reach. . So yes i guess you are right, i should be punished by my child not getting an education or go into debt so bad because i can not afford the taxes on the house/property that i pay a mortgage on. People blaming people for living in poor areas saying you can move just proves how out of touch some people are.

        1. James says:

          You’re not being punished. And your child is getting an education. This article does not say that McKeesport school district is being closed. And it’s no different than college. Some colleges are better than others. And you pay more to go to the better colleges. Same with school districts. School districts with more local tax revenue in turn offer teachers more money and are more selective in the hiring process. This usually means that those schools then have better programs (not always of course…) It’s like that in all facets of life.

    11. Working Stiff says:

      yes i understand that, but i really have no tolerance when people say just move. it’s not that easy for people and it is not that black and white. people can’t look at things as just black and white.

    12. CAROL says:

      Wish I can afford to move. I beleive they(the politicians) should share the love and let some low income houing be brought into USC and the the rest of the affluent neighborhoods. Let me tell you something, my family all worked very hard and never got anything from the government. I worked hard all my life and never went to college (hard knocks). My daughter went for her bachelors degree and is now going for her masters degree. With the help from government loans. Now this is idiot wants to cut funding? Another smack for the working poor. Cannot afford to move I just want my community back. God bless your wealth. But God bless us poor working class also. God bless all of us. WE NEED IT!!!!!!!!

    13. FedUp says:

      Corbett got elected on the promise of a balanced budget with no new taxes. Where did you THINK he was going to get the money to do that??? Pull it out of his……drawer??? Cuts hurt but as you poor folks know, you can only spend what you have! I voted for him and would do it again. He’s done more towards balancing the budget in three months than Rendell did his entire time in office.

      1. Linda says:

        Everyone suffers with this budget plan…

        I am a professional women, graduate of Penn State and a parent of 2 in The Penn Trafford School District (losing 2 million dollars), I fear for the future of Pennsylvania if these cuts are passed. How is a school district to cut 2 million dollars from their operating budget wihtout hurting education quality.

        This is merely passing of the buck to keep campaign “promises” while knowingly pushing the burden to raise taxes on to the local municipalities.

        I am also very concerned about the funds being pulled from our State Universities – very soon it will be less expensive for our children to go to school out of state. That is an absolute crime.

        When we don’t put Education first we put our children and our future last.

    14. Donna Werner, Brentwood School Director says:

      I think the public has the right to DEMAND that ALL elected officials in the state of PA take a MANDATORY pay cut of 30% before they cut our public school funding. What they are paid is ridiculous, especially when it is at the expense of our childrens futures. And guess what Mr FedUP – Corbett said HE wouldn’t raise taxes to balance the budget because he won’t – he is forcing the school districts to raise taxes at the local level. Wake up! Our children deserve better than what our governor is wanting to give them. Our children are our future for years to come, our Governor is soon to be our past.

    Comments are closed.

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