MegaBus Names Pittsburgh As New Hub

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -MegaBus officially named Pittsburgh as one of its hubs Tuesday morning and is expanding service to nine new cities.

The company has offered service in Pittsburgh for over a year now.

This is the company’s second stint in Pittsburgh. Their first attempt offered service to Chicago.

When they brought the service back, offering trips to New York and Washington, D.C., they knew they were on to something.

“The growth has been phenomenal. We’ve seen anywhere from 35 to 45 percent growth in our ridership and that’s exciting,” MegaBus President Dale Moser said.

Today they announced Pittsburgh as a hub with service to Akron, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Erie, Toledo and Toronto.

As for the cost, one-way fares to the new cities will be as low as $1.

“People are looking for value. They want to save money, they want to leave more money in their pocket at the end of the day and it’s all about spending the money when you get to the destination,” Mosen said.

The first few seats on each trip sell for $1. The price goes up as the bus fills up, with a last-minute trip to New York costing $39.

The company did receive some negative publicity last year when driver error led to a fatal accident in Syracuse, N.Y.

However, the federal agency that oversees bus safety gives MegaBus a satisfactory rating.

“We train our drivers over all of the requirements that are out there by the federal and state,” Mosen said. “We’ve put a whole bunch of technology into what we do now. But, we’re still a very safe form of transportation.”

Local officials couldn’t be happier that MegaBus is making a commitment to Pittsburgh.

“Now we’ve got a very affordable way to bring people to a very affordable city. So, there’s a great opportunity here to bring in people who are young and old [with] a comfortable way to get here and an affordable way to get here,” Beverly Morrow-Jones of Visit Pittsburgh said.

MegaBus handles all of their reservations online. While trips to the new cities won’t start until May 11, you can start making your reservations today.


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One Comment

  1. RACOON CITY says:


    1. Dan says:

      bad move we cant afford any buses here

  2. CUB says:

    This is great news, especially when airfare is lower in cleveland or elsewhere

  3. TIMSTER says:

    Competition creates prosperity, more power to Lenzer, Mega Bus and any other company that can make a profit, sustain dependable service and still make the consumer happy. As for Mega Bus and Lenzer being union busters, I don’t recall see any stops in Akron, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Erie, Toledo and Toronto, that the Port Authority makes?
    They only way Mega bus can fail is to unionize it and let political forces start to run it.

    1. Timmy's in the well; Lassie get help! says:

      Timmy, Timmy, Timmy do some research.

      You’re already paying for Mega bus and you don’t even know it.

      Mega bus gets government subsidies (aka Corporate Welfare).

      1. Koch Brothers says:

        You’re darn right!

        Once Lenzer finishes ‘cherry picking’ they will make an offer for other routes with the demand for SUBSIDIES.

        Mark my word and I’ll even bet on it.

      2. busman says:

        you are wrong. I don’t think they get government subsidies

      3. TIMSTER says:

        The truth hurts as do the facts. Sounds like Timmy’s in the well is a misguided union person. As for paying taxes, at least it is going towards a viable entity, and not greed!!

    2. Lassie says:

      No, you are wrong.

      Start out by finding out what they pay per gallon of fuel. HINT: They don’t pay taxes on it.

      Follow the money.

  4. Stunned says:

    Don’t let Onorato hear about it. He’ll shut it down. Who do you think would have been a worse governor, him or the joker that’s in there now?

    1. LOL DAN O LOL says:

      Go ahead and let Dan (THE LOSER ) try to shut it down obviously you did not see the results by ( THE MAJORITY ) concerning his run for Governor.
      Dan is soon to be the one that gets shut down in politics with his communist outlook on life.

  5. Hoss says:

    While it is great news that Megabus is expanding its service in Pittsburgh, it is very poor reporting to compare the expansion against the recent PAT service cuts. The only thing in common these two groups have is the word “bus.” Different types of service, different types of vehicles, and one group is a public entity while the other is a private business. Sheesh! It’s like comparing football and curling. Come on, KDKA. You can do better than this.

    1. Dan says:

      > Come on, KDKA. You can do better than this

      hahaha. Good one Hoss!

      1. J says:

        SO true… come on… do some real reporting on an important topic – like NEW business coming to town!!!

  6. Concerned Rider says:

    Comparing Port Authority to MegaBus is idiotic – two different products, another perfect example of idiotic reporting by our local reporters.

    1. Black Cat says:

      Well said. The headlines grabs your attention—the article is hideous.

  7. Hoss says:

    Not to rain on the parade here, but be very careful about using a discount bus service like Megabus. The clue is provided in the article. One of the key reasons Megabus offers discount prices is because they do not have bus stations. This also allows them to skirt Federal inspection laws, which are geared towards inspecting buses which operate out of terminals like Greyhound. This can lead to discount companies deferring maintenance. Deferring maintenance of a 50 or 60 passenger bus is unacceptable. I don’t know about you, but if I’m on a bus traveling through the mountains of Pa., I want to be darn sure the brakes and tires of that bus are in good shape.

    1. dave says:

      Just because they don’t have a garage to inspect doesn’t mean the busses don’t have to be inspected. Same as with an independent cab company, vehicles still get inspected.

      1. Hoss says:

        Cabs get inspected on a local level because they are subject to local laws and only travel to and from local destinations. Interstate transportation is subject to Federal laws since the vehicles operate across state lines. Federal inspection of passenger buses occurs at terminals first. Then if the time, funding, and manpower permits, buses operating independently of terminals get inspected.

    2. busman says:

      Megabus has garages. They use local facilities.what you don’t know is that meagabus is owned by coachusa, guess who just took over those routes? Coachusa. They are owned by the same company. Therefore megabus has a garage in pittsburgh to do repairs

  8. Pele says:

    Best service for the best price right now regionally. To compare what this company is providing the consumer to other local situations is nothing but ignorance. This is a long haul provider and a good one at that. I know many college student who have used and still depend on Mega Bus for their transportation to and from regional cities including Sate College.

    I suggest anyone not understanding what this company provides please do your homework because your ignorance is shining clear and bright.

  9. Edward B. says:

    Is any one taking bets on when a special tax will be imposed on these riders or this company/riders to help prop up PAT? If the polititions were as creative at saving tax dollars as they are at coming up with new ways to tax the residents, we would really have something. (Start with getting rid of most of the social welfare programs.) Remember, for the government to spend one dollar, they must take in much more than just that inital dollar, thus, government is ineficent right from the start so we really shouldn’t have them doing anymore than absoutely necessary. Then when there exists the union rank and file, the management team and a bunch of politions all in bed together with their hands in the tax payers purse, the problems at PAT should be no surprise to any one.

  10. Raymond Schrader says:

    marty griffin quoted this morning that he was bringing in THE MAN this morning to explain the real facts about the bus cuts. THE REAL MAN, if he thinks this the the real man, then griffin is just a big an a–ho–. THE REAL MAN couldn’t even carry his own county in his run for governor. THE REAL MAN imposed a 10% drink tax and then used it to balance his county budget. wow he sure is a REAL MAN. this guy is nothing but a damm LIER. no i don’t work for port authority and i don’t use public transportation. some one who takes pride in people losing their jobs is a real man, and his assistant, marty griffin calls him a real man. BOTH OF YOU REAL A–HO–S

  11. Lor says:

    Megabus has a better record then Greyhound, they also have the right idea. Sad that a bus going hundreds of miles can charge a dollar and inter-city bus service can’t handle itself.

  12. Ted Woods says:

    We used Mega bus fora short family vacation to Washington D.C.. Great service, got there quickly and efficiently. Their stop in D.C. was near a metro line. We didn’t need to rent a car in the city. We carried all our luggage to the hotel and came home just as easily. Total cost per person $27.00 one way. Far less than gas cost and no Turnpike tolls. We will do it again.

  13. chevelle64 says:

    now i cant get that venga bus song out of my head, we like to party

  14. 2059 says:

    Maybe those POOR laid off PAT drivers can get jobs with Megabus and see what the REAL world is like.

  15. Shane says:

    I realize there is a whole bunch of you out there that are beyond frustrated with the recent cuts placed by Port Authority of Allegheny County. I can honestly say that I completely understand, because I’ve been there before. That is exactly why we here at the Pittsburgh Pony Express is offering the general public trips to and from your locations at a reduced rate that may even SAVE you money compared to your typical transit rates! Call us today at 412-366-1151 or email us at for more details and get that ride scheduled ASAP!!

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