Police: Missing Woman’s Boyfriend Uncooperative

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Allegheny County Police are asking for the public’s help to locate a missing young woman.

According to police, 19-year-old Alivia Christine Kail was reported missing on March 5. Kail told her parents she was going to Florida with her boyfriend and no one has heard from her since.

“She’s out there, which I believe that she is,” Christine DiDano, Kail’s mother, said.

Most recently, she was living in the Mount Washington area with a roommate. The last time she was seen was when she went to her brother’s house to get some clothes for the trip.

According to police, the boyfriend is not cooperating with them.

“The boyfriend was approached by the family members and friends about the whereabouts of Alivia and he gave some conflicting stories as to where she was located,” Allegheny County Police Lieutenant Jeff Korczyk said. “One story that she [was] dropped off in Mt. Washington and another that she was still down in Florida.”

The boyfriend’s identity has not been released at this time and police are not labeling him as a person of interest or a suspect.

“The concern now is the gentleman’s back here in the Pittsburgh area and my daughter still is not found and still not heard from,” DiDano said.

She’s described as being 5-feet-1-inch tall and weighing 110 pounds. She has green eyes and a blue flower tattoo with swirls on her hip.

“No matter what the situation is, no matter what is even being involved … because I don’t know, let her go,” DiDano said. “Let her come home, let her make a phone call. Give her back to her family.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Allegheny County Police at (412)-473-1200.

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One Comment

  1. stormie says:

    The phone was shut off last month for non-payment? Maybe she has a new phone and new identity because she does not want to be bothered by her family. She is a grown woman not a child. I hope this is not a foul play situation but I she is grown.

    1. kam says:

      thats just a stupid thought, she got along great with her family. and u would just have to know her to understand the situation of her actions. if she got a new phone it wouldnt be hard to find that out and track her down. and its quit obvious that if her “boyfriend” is not williing to speak about it then theres suspicion and more to the story. the stolen gun is the scary part,..just pray for her. ❤

  2. stormie says:

    The phone was shut off last month for non-payment? Maybe she has a new phone and new identity because she does not want to be bothered by her family. She is a grown woman not a child. I hope this is not a foul play situation but she is grown.

  3. John Walsh says:

    If she’s been missing since March 5th why is it only being reported now? That’s nearly a month ago already & she could be anywhere at this point in time.

  4. Nancy Dalena Elsesser says:

    19 is hardly an adult!

    1. Jason says:

      Hardly, but an adult nonetheless. It’s like being a little bit pregnant…you are or you aren’t. As an adult, she is.

    2. Dadd says:

      What about a 19 year old who pulls the trigger and kills someone you know, try them as juvenile ?

    3. lori says:

      that rly all ur concerned about? her bein called an adult? ur considered and adult at 18 lets get over that fact and concentrate on finding a missing woman. thanks ❤

  5. friend says:

    Her family waited too long Alivia would never just leave.

    1. April Alivia's friend says:

      This most def isnt like Alivia any1 who knws Alivia knws that she always has a cell phne she cant go a day with out talking 2 her friends or family…Even if she didnt have a cell phne she would still hve her friends or familys like it was hers…Something is most def wrong n this is very messed up…

  6. Ace Slick says:

    There’s more to this story than we know about. Things are being left unsaid.

    I bet she knows exactly where she is.

  7. redrock100 says:

    me thinks” what tha” stole a computer.

  8. Daniel says:

    Either the boyfriend is involved or she just wants to be away from family…..one or the other in my personal opinion as I do not know the family.

  9. critter says:

    Daniel. You figured that out did you.

  10. Mary says:

    I think Stormie knows more than they are letting on. How do you know this stuff. And I agree, 19 is hardly grown. Although now a days most kids think 12 in grown. I do hope they find her and unharmed. Regardless of how old she is a parent worries.

  11. Johnson Marks says:

    Great job police!! Wait till 25 days later to get leads, of course that’s why their police, their mentally unfit for Wendy’s or Burger King. Good luck!!

    1. Brad says:

      I bet you would be the first person crying if the police didn’t show up if something happened to you. Yet, you liken people who try to make the world you live in safer to employees at several fast food joints you frequent. How do I know you get fast food frequently? You obviously know all the workers there to make an educated assumption about their mental capacity. How else would you know? Unless, your just trying to make your self sound funny, but you failed. Miserably. Also how do you know the police waited to get “leads” what if no one reported her missing until recently? Do the cops read minds? If they do, we are all in some serious trouble. So I suggest next time you post, make a comment that has at least a tiny bit of merit. Or at least something that resembles humor.

      1. April Alivia's friend says:

        The Police were called they had 2 wait 2 get something on him b4 they could bring him in, but in did take a while for them 2 catch him dealing….I think more could have been done a lil sooner…

    2. 4everCurious says:

      Waiting 25 days to get leads seems like a long time to me too! Something should have been made public sooner so that the public could be helping in the search. Sometimes I wonder (from reading other cases too) if the police really don’t want to do the real work anymore.

  12. the truth says:

    I say the boyfriend has done something very wrong

    1. Brad says:

      Yes with a name like “the truth” you leave your opinions to speculation. Well done.

      I hope you feel the sarcasm.

  13. Yup says:

    Due to the fact that the boyfriend is not talking, and according to WPXI he has hired an out of state lawyer, I’d definitely be calling him a person of interest. He is hiding something, he knows everything. Why would he come back without her? Why would her phone bill be overdue and her phone shut off? The fact she was last seen with the boyfriend points to foul play for me, not just “running away” because would he run with her? Or if they fought while running away, wouldn’t he blow her cover out of spite? He needs to be labeled a suspect..maybe then he’ll start talking.

  14. ???? says:

    The boyfriend left with her and now shes missing and he has conflicting stories of where she is. How can he not be a supspect?

  15. Zipperlip says:

    Why would you not co-operate and get a attorney if you have nothing to hide. It appears this boyfriend knows a lot, seems to be the main suspect in this disappearance. Hope this person is found soon.

  16. katie says:

    I don’t even know why this is a story!? Lots of ADULTS leave their families and THEY don’t get on the news.

    Plus — it seems the police and family really do NOT want our help — otherwise — why leave out a KEY element of the so-called mystery — that is — NAMING the so-called boyfriend.

    If the named him — then people/witnesses could say whether they saw him at certain times, locations, with certain people, etc.

    How the heck is anyone supposed to help when they don’t even know who the heck they are talking about?

    Sorry — this is just a non-news event to me — station just trying to fill air time.

    Hope the ADULT woman is okay — but if they wanted our help — then they would give more pertinent details — sounds like a personal family issue — nothing more.

    1. Yup says:

      Katie – you sound young.

      Anyway, it IS newsworthy. Yes, this is an “adult” but she’s still young and the fact that her and her boyfriend went on a trip, he came back WITHOUT her, and WON’T SAY WHERE SHE IS is what makes it a news story. Every week they post a story about “Missing Man/Woman Being Searched for in -specific neighborhood-” so why not post this? Are you related to the boyfriend?

      It’s suspicious. He’s being very shady and while yes, they need to identify him, there is definitely something wrong here. Get a clue.

      1. katie says:

        Why don’t YOU “get a clue” — they are not giving out ANY information that the public can help with.

        Like — WHO is this so-called Boyfriend. If they WANT help – -they will say — so people can say ….oh yea..I SAW him! He was with her at this location, at this time, they were doing this activity (fighting, getting along, eating lunch, whatever)!

        Believe me – I KNOW how it works. They do NOT want our help and are just going thru the motions. Otherwise – -they would say WHO the heck we are supposed to be looking for.
        If they truly think the BF was involved — they would SAY WHO he is — so people who may have seen him (or them together) — can come forward with valuable information about where they may have seen them and what they may have been doing — it’s called EYEWITNESSES.

        Now…..YOU get a clue.

        This story is B.,S.!!!

      2. Yup says:

        Go read WPXI you nit-wit. His name is Alex Lorenzi and he’s been arrested on “unrelated charges.” Don’t get all your information from one source.

        And really, they know where he is and where he was. It’s not like they’re looking for him and have to release his name and picture. They can go to who they need to go to and question them. Going to Florida he more than likely used credit or debit cards so they can track where he was and go in to question people about the girl being with him at that time or what the attitude between them was like.

        Learn how stuff works.

  17. optimistic says:

    Have the hospitals/jails in the Miami area been contacted?

  18. bringliviback says:

    Alivia is my best friend this isn’t just some family issue she hasn’t even contacted friends. I know this took forever to get out there and Im am extremely livid about ot. Believe me if I was her family it would have been sooner but there is only so much you can do whenever you’re not a realitive. Deep down in my heart I know that her boyfriend knows what happpened to her. I would love to know why he is not a suspect and why this name isn’t all over the news also. I’m having faith in god and in our ugh police to figure this out and bring our livi back home to us. For all of you who are really sitting here saying crude things when you have no idea of what we’re going through all I have to say is get a life and some empathy for people who are going through a tragedy.

    1. There is hope says:

      I couldn’t agree with your statement more. Being that you are involved as far as being her best friend, it has to be gut wrenching to read all the negativity that people put. People don’t know till they are in these shoes. Sadly there are too many people in the world who think they know it all. Like the posts about her being an adult, yes this might be the case but she is still someones child and still someones friend. I really hope that everyone involved finds her and gives her family and friends some piece of mind. My thoughts are with all her friends and family. I also agree with you on the boyfriend, the news has no problem putting everyone else’s name on the news, why not his? Again my thoughts and prayers that they bring your friend home safely.

      1. bringliviback says:

        thank you so much we’re all praying and hoping that he’ll tell us where she is. I know in my heart hes the one who has all the infomation that we need to get alivia back.

  19. Read Me! says:

    This is very awkward, first off her facebook has some other guy saying he loves her as if its his girlfriend BUT then this guy arrested is taking her on trips and the news is calling it her boyfriend ? So Very FIshy! and wierd for outsiders like me who just heard about the story thru media sooo its hard to say how I feel……….. does anyone or can anyone clarify this ?

    1. GrammarPolice says:

      Ugh seriously these kids need to know how to spell and type! Reading their comments (glad she has so many supporters) is painful – they sound not only ghetto but just plain dumb! They need to use correct sentence structure regardless if they are on the internet, phone, or school!

      1. Yup says:

        Her Facebook page is actually pretty interesting. You have some boy totally obsessed with her (ex, not the guy she went to Florida with), looks like she left for Florida end of February, Saying March 1st she “Loves the beach and will be home soon!” , people started asking on her page where she was and that they hadnt heard from her March 10th, and a friend request accepted between March 18-19. That request could have been one SHE sent out awhile ago and he is just now accepting…or maybe they should question this Josh kid? Anyway, before she disappeared her status updated were very “I’m fly” “I’m cute/beautiful” etc. She seemed to be very confident of herself, maybe even too confident to the point of ignorance and got herself mixed up with the wrong people?

      2. TIMSTER says:

        You go GrammarPolice, I couldn’t agree with you more on the horrendous typing and grammar skills. As along as they can say “Would you like that Super Sized”, they will be alright in life. Illiterate idiots.

      3. Papi says:

        Youre the reason why kids hit teachers LOL

    2. bringliviback says:

      that is her ex bf they she finally left him after on and off relationship of three years (he didnt treat her very good) after a couple of months she started to really talk to alex, who isnt even her bf he never claimed her as his gf either, but she was starting to catch feeling for him she knew him for about a year and the last couple of months became closer to him

  20. Kam says:

    Theres a story on a missing girl and all u guys are worried and talkin about is her being called a “woman” seriously now…u guys are ridiculous. 18 ur considered and adult wat are they gonna call her a child? geez lets focus on the REAL problem here. like finding wat happend to her!!

  21. Rebecca says:

    I hope she is safe. I do not know her, but I have a little sister about her age and I couldn’t imagine what her family is going through. I will pray for her and her family. God Bless

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