PSEA Says Corbett’s Budget Hurts Everybody

Butch Santicola and representatives from the PSEA joined KDKA’s Mike Pintek during his Q&A Tuesday feature and discussed amongst other topics, the state budget, school vouchers and hours spent working in and out of the classroom.  In regards to the state budget Santicola was firm in stating “Governor Corbett’s budget hurts everybody.”

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  1. Frank says:

    Corbett’s Budget hurts everyone except for him and his closest staff. What a hypocrit – who dares not lead by example, due to his own Greed ripping off the taxpayers way more then Rendell and blaming the taxpayers for the problems caused by corporations getting away with paying ZERO taxes.

  2. LOL @ SANTICOLA says:


    1. Christian Man says:

      I wonder why you’re being ignored.

  3. redrock100 says:

    Corbett for President

  4. critter says:

    Frank. Quit watching msnsc and soak ur false teeth.

  5. Leighton says:

    It is quite disturbing to hear so many people attacking our teachers. Those of you attacking have no idea how hard these people work and what their own personal educational requirements are. PA wants highly qualified teachers with Master degree’s and then we want to offer them pennies? Our schools take care of our children, education them, provide guidance counseling, nurses, and special services for our kids with special needs. The anger needs stop and we need to stop pointing fingers at these folks. This budget can be fixed without taking away the livelihood of the people who work hard for our kids.

    1. Your Name Here says:

      Pennies? My mother earns $80K per year, teaching third grade, for 9 months out of the year. A lot of people get by on fewer pennies per year.

      1. Ashamed says:

        What would your mother say if she heard you say that? How long did your mom have to work in order to make it to 80K? How many hours does she put in? What type of student does she have to deal with on a daily basis? She did all of this and then came home and took care of educating you as well.

    2. Bob says:

      Leighton, you must be a teacher or married to one. Teachers get paid more than I ever did in any of my jobs I have held. I was a police officer for 15 years and never got near the pay and perks that teachers get. Its time for everyone to join the real world. Any business hase to live within their budget but that reality has never touched teachers, In tough times they need to accept that while everyone else is tightening their belts they are no different. The biggest problem is unions, every tear they want more more more. Well the well has run dry and if they don’t like it get a job somewhere else that pays better. I never could understand people taking a job and knowing what the pay is and the first thing they do is complain about the pay. They all need to grow up and be damn glad they have jobs at all.

      1. Zoeyzotron says:

        Bob, thank you for your service. If anyone is underpaid it is the police and our military.

        check out the gov. site I posted below detailing teachers salarys and benefits. I think you will like it…. Pass it on, taxpayers have a right to know.

    3. Zoeyzotron says:

      We all work hard… and do not have TAXPAYER FUNED PERKS like teachers. This gravy train is coming to an end.

      1. TEACHER says:

        To Zoeyzotron: What is your profession?

      2. Zoeyzotron says:

        TEACHER – My profession is one that has been in a cost cutting mode for 2 years, two rounds of layoffs, and one that does not rely on TAXPAYER Bailouts.

      3. Zoeyzotron says:

        TEACHER- I have also taken a little bit of time to understand the average PA School district Contract and PSERS, since they are funded by our tax dollars….

        Welcome to the recession… Feel free to debate with me.

  6. critter says:

    salary is not the issue stupid

  7. 2059 says:

    I love it when the Unions cry poverty.

  8. Zoeyzotron says:

    check out this website:

    Pull up your districts contract and give it a quick read. Teachers have NO idea how good they have it. their retirement through PSERS is worth millions alone.

  9. Allen Friend says:

    The teachers on Mike Piintek’s show justifed their salaries by comparing themselves to doctors and lawyers. They could have gone to law school or med school, but decided to go into teaching. The big difference between teachers and other professionals is that doctors and lawyers are judged on outcomes. Teachers want to have their cake and eat it too. The want to be paid like professionals without the accountability. I particularly loved the way Santicola orchestrated the Q & A by having his members flood the phone line to get the rehersed answere on the air. I’d pay teachers $150,000 a year if they produced the results and had to have their contracts renewed annually. Teachers have the lowest college entrance exam scores and the least demanding curriculum.

    1. mpkado111 says:

      Who taught the lawyers and doctors to read and write ?

      1. bob says:

        mpkado111, are you trying to suggest that without teachers we would all be illiterate? Speaking for myself I could read and write before teachers even got to me but your comment has nothing at all to do with balancing a budget. I have no problem with teachers getting paid a good wage WITHIN THE BUDGET.

    2. Allen Friend says:

      As I said in my comment, I would pay teachers $150 K per year if they were evaluated and retained based on outcomes! Your comment is the old PSEA taliking point whenever anyone challenges the alledged pay disparity between teachers with other professionals.

  10. A passionate teacher says:

    This program and the comments that I just read, made me sick to my stomach. I will admit that there are some very poor teachers out there, teachers who should be guided to find a different profession. I see a lot of people attacking teachers, there is a recession and teachers unions are looking to help by discussing the salary freeze. I think that it is easy to focus on the times that you have been disappointed and the bad teachers that you see, but think about the good teachers who are out there. I see many teachers who spend 10 hours each day in their building and then take work home on the weekend. Teachers who visit the homes of their students so that they make a more personal connection. Teachers who tutor on Saturday mornings. Teachers who give up their lunch periods to work with their students. Teachers who pour their heart and soul into every student they encounter. Every publicly paid employee should help to fix the budget problems, but it seems that recently the entire blame is being placed on teachers. There are other options. The budget proposed by Corbett will end up hurting students in the end because it will mean that schools cut vital programs that help your children become well rounded individuals. Class sizes will go up and you will see programs vanish that bring joy to students. Look around at what schools are doing to avoid raising local taxes. You will notice music, art, home economics, and many other programs disappear so that students are left with the bare minimum that can be afforded. Can you imagine attending school and not having options?

  11. Zoeyzotron says:

    Passionate teacher – No one is saying you are not important. Keep in mind though, it is your UNION that protects lazy/unmotivated teachers with tenure and non merit based pay.

    What bothers me about your comments is how out of touch you really are. You say that your union is now discussing concessions… at the 11th hour… Where the hell where they two and a half years ago? The rest of us have been in this recession for two years. 15 million Private sector employees have lost their jobs, countless others have taken pay and benefit cuts, and many many more have been forced to just retire before they had hoped. All this while we the taxpayer continue to fund your very good salaries, your cheap health care, and your absolutely UNSUSTAINABLE PENSION via PSERS. This is why taxpayers are angry with teachers.

    Please save the “how hard you work” speech… Newsflash—Working 10-12 hours a day is mostly standard, and we don’t get “planning periods”, most people work through lunch so they can go home before 7… and we do it ALL YEAR LONG, not for 190 days… just save it. Are you really that out of touch with the American workforce??

    Its nice that you have been protected for so long, but the rest of us have been dealing with this recession for a while now. Being that you are totally TAXPAYER funed(your union needs to remember that), it is time to make some real concessions.

  12. fairly odd parent says:

    Keep bashing teachers. That’s a great way to attract excellent new teachers. HA! Seriously, after reading all of these negative comments, what college student would want to be a teacher these days? I hope not my kids! You all had a chance to “ride the gravy train” but you didn’t so stop whining about it.

  13. Union parent says:

    There is only one issue. Who do you want to teach our children. Teachers’ pay needs to be competitive if you want to attract highly qualified people to the teaching profession.

    1. Involved says:

      The issue doesn’t come down to teacher’s salaries. The real issue here is the resources that are being taken away. Corbett’s budget cuts funding for public schools and provides additional funding for charter schools. District funding is decreasing, yet they will still have to pay the same amount for students who attend charter schools so there is an even bigger deficit in the end. If we want to fix the education system as it is, we need to provide the means to do so. The answer has to be something other than taking money from the districts that need it most.

      1. Union parent says:

        I agree. Teachers are the main resources. There will be an immediate effect and then a long term effect. The first place to cut will be teachers. In turn classrooms will be over filled. That will lead to a decline in academic performance. Beyond that bright young people will be less inclined to enter the teaching profession. This is only one negative impact of Corbett’s cuts. Just trying to keep it short and to the point.

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