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The Consumer Electronics Show is the place to see the newest high-tech gear and gadgets. Dr. Frank Viggiano just got back from the show and has some of his favorite finds:

Wilson Sleek Cell Phone Booster Antenna
Price: $129.95

Violight Toothbrush Sanitizer
Price: $49.95

Simplehuman Sensor Pump
Price: $39.99

Gear 4 Unity Remote
Price: $99.99

iChair (You Sit…It Stands)
Price: $34.00

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock (Use Your iPhone)
Price: $98.99

Idapt I4 Red Universal Charger
Price: $59.00

Dexim Flip Foldable Power Dock
Price: $54.95

Western Digital “My Book” External Drives
Price: $199.00 To $249.99

Cirago Nus 1000 Network USB Storage Link
Price: $54.99

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