Tractor-Trailer, SUV Involved In Fatal Beaver County Crash

HOPEWELL TONWSHIP (KDKA) — Crews were called to the scene of a fatal accident in Beaver County Tuesday night.

According to Beaver County 911, the crash involved an SUV and a tractor-trailer on Route 376 eastbound in Hopewell Township.

Officials said one person is dead an there is no word if anyone else was hurt.

The highway was closed at the Aliquippa Exit.

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One Comment

  1. Kim says:

    We just passed the accident. I’ve never seen so many emergency vehicles in 1 place, ambulances, police, rescue& fire trucks.

  2. Linda says:

    I watched the emergency vehicles pass my house ….. So many

  3. Carol says:

    The traffic re-routing for this accident was the worst I’ve ever seen. No flares or any warning of any sort until vehicles (all traveling at high speed) were directly upon a PennDot truck parked sideways across the road at the Aliquippa exit (marked by a bliinking light, but no arrow or anything). The rescue vehicles were obviously some distance farther on and couldn’t be seen from this point. In addition, the workers “directing” traffic off the exit weren’t wearing safety clothing and were nearly invisible. It’s a wonder there wasn’t a secondary accident; I saw vehicle after vehicle have to make a sudden stop. There were NO detour signs, no one to help you figure out where to go – and I happened on this more than two hours after the accident occurred. I suspect this is what we have to look forward to under Corbett’s austerity cuts.

    In the future, it would be helpful for KDKA and other news outlets to provide some information on detours in their reports of these incidents.

    1. jackie says:

      While that may be the case, it’s always good to take a step back — think of the family and loved ones of those killed so tragically — and Thank the Lord above it wasn’t you. A few hours trade-off and confusion may be worth it — when YOU could have been the one being carted off to the morgue. Think about it! Life is toooo short to get hung up on a traffic delay — esp. when someone died.

    2. @ miss carol says:

      it is the responsibility of the police and penndot to direct traffic not fire rescue and ems. its also volunteer fire police so if you have concerns please sign up and join the force instead of being a backseat driver. thanks

  4. PghProud says:

    I just totaled my car an exit south of there about 3 weeks ago. I was blessed to have been able to walk away from that. My condolences go out to those who have lost a loved one in this accident.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Are you serious? “They got jacked’?? This man was a friend. Please show some consideration for those affected. You just proved how immature and inconsiderate you are.

  6. ann wilson says:

    who was this person. i have lots of friends and relatives that live in that area and
    i am very concerned.

    1. PghProud says:

      According to

      Police said John Barbe, 40, of New Brighton, crashed his sport utility vehicle into the rear of a tractor-trailer. He was killed in the accident.

      Hope that helps

  7. friend says:

    John Barbe was a wonderful man who left this world far too soon. I wish that more people would have had the opportunity to meet him. My condolences and heart felt sympathy go out to his family and friends…so sad.

  8. Ray Mizgorski says:

    John was a very good and kind man. He will be missed by the many people that he touched in his life. I will always remember his smile and sense of humor.

  9. Ashley Menges says:

    John Barbe was an amazing guy with a great sense of humor. Sorry, to all his family and love one’s that he has left behind ♥

    PS: you ain’t got anything nice to say, then keep it to yourself. & if only you knew him, you wouldn’t comment such bullsh** about traffic. Apparentl they didn’t have enough time to put flares down. They were tryin’ to say a good man’s life.

  10. Frank says:

    May God rest the soul of John Barbe, who tragically died in this accident many, many years too soon. Lord, we ask your protection for all people on the roads at all times. Please allow those who come upon traffic accidents to give You thanks for their own safety and the safety of their families. Our lives are gifts from you, and we are thankful. In the name of Jesus, we pray.

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