Port Authority Saga Continues

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA)  Allegheny County Council President Jim Burn wants to be at the bargaining table with Pat McMahon and the Port Authority Union. 

KDKA Radio’s Robert Mangino believes that County Executive Dan Onorato has already been that man looking out for the best interest of Allegheny County in the Port Authority’s fiscal dilemma and there is little more that Jim Burn could accomplish. 

Mangino claims that the ball lies squarely in the court of the transit union and that significant concessions must be made if there is to be a future for the Port Authority in Allegheny County.

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  1. redrock100 says:

    another democrat who needs to shut up

  2. Whereismybus!!!! says:

    The ball lies squarely with Onorato and the PAT board. The union offered significant concessions, which Steve Bland called historic, then turned it down!

    1. Trocaca says:

      By significant you mean to not take a 3% pay raise not given to them yet in January 2012(but let’s not worry about the 3% pay raise they received in January 2011), and taking 10% of each union members wages and putting into the union pension fund. Please explain how any of that saves Port Authority as an agency immediate money to stop the layoffs and route cuts.

  3. Dan Taylor says:

    this situation that our city faces with Port Authority speaks volumes towards the pathetic mis management of this city’s opperations under this administration . In the 12th hour of his failed tenure as County Exc Dan Ororanto has the gall to promote , inable and continue this farce all geared towards the busting of unions in Pittsburgh ..from this joke of a mayor on down , this shows clearly how unconcerned and un connected this adminastration is in reguard to the people they are supose to serve..for this adminastration to ignore and turn a blind eye to the growing concerns of the city for so long and now to place thousands at such a disadvantage and create such disparaging hardships through out Pittsburgh is simply a sin ..this Mayor and this administration have not come to any table of need ,to any communities of this city ,with anything in hand for years .. it is a shame under God .. Hate to tell ya Luke and Dan but there is MORE to Pittsburgh other than Squirrel Hill ..Oakland ,5 th Ave to downtown .. and the MAJORITY of peoples impacted by your inabilities grows daily.. but oh my bad why on earth would any of this concern eigher of you ,, for we are just the working class people .The one light that has come out of this snowballing feasco in the is that the rest of the state was spared Pittsburgh’s plight in the election for Governor of this state there is a God somethere ..

  4. Level Green says:

    The Union took way too much in past contracts. Retirees pay virtually nothing for their health care so the rest of us do….

    Even the actions of this week are short term. When the money that ex-Gov Fast Eddie gave us runs out next July, then what are we going to do besides cut more.

    The cost structure is so upside down it’s pathetic. I hope someone has the guts to solve the root cause and not just keep putting tiny band aids on a bashing wound.

  5. Jeff Becker says:

    I know a driver that moved 3 buses and was paid for 16 hours Saturday because the UNION told him not to move buses until he heard from them. The union thinks they run PAT and that’s the problem. McMahon refers to the union employees as “my employees”. All employees work for the company, not the union.
    There are great bus drivers and maintenance workers, but they brainwashed by the union into believing that it is their right to earn up to $100k per year, have fantastic benefits, long vacations and big pensions. There lies the problem.
    A good bus driver and maintenance worker should earn up to $50k per year and help contribute to more than 5% to their healthcare and have a 401K like everyone else in this country.
    Plain and simple it can be a tough job, but working as a secretary for a demanding boss can be tough too. PAT jobs require very little education and training and almost anyone can be trained to do those jobs.
    Until the union recognizes that 66% of the money they receive is from taxpayers and the taxpayers have NO more to give, the sooner they will get their jobs back at a fair and reasonable rate.
    Last but not least. 180 laid off and more to come. While you are collecting unemployment, band together and get rid of Pat McMahon. You all have alot of time on your hands. There must be a leader in one of you! Go to Facebook or other means and band together, propose REASONABLE pay, healthcare and pension benefits (401k) and watch PAT grow and employ more people. Let me tell everyone this. If you do not, you will NEVER come close to this type of job or benies in the private sector. It’s up to YOU!

    1. Mon River Towing says:

      Great post, Jeff. You said it all.

      If PAT was created new today and you offered $50k, 401k, and 5% to all your workers I’m sure they would have no problem hiring and filling all positions. The money saved on labor costs would allow more buses, trolleys, and routes. Fares would stay reasonable. The riders wouldnt be held hostage once or twice a year to leverage the State for a bailout. Why dont people get this?

      1. ed says:

        This coming from a guy who charges $100 for a 20 min tow. I know it’s a highly technical job.

  6. dansuxs says:

    Did Dan Onorato and Jim Burn get bad plugs at the same hair club?

  7. jub says:

    who cares! lay them off, or raise fares so they can become a profitible company!!!! i pay car insurance, gas, maintence, plate fees, insp fees every year! people that complain about the fares going up to bad! tax payers shouldnt have to pay for the 50% of the dead beat people who ride pat to get to malls and bars or to go downtown to hang out! get a life port auth is a money loser and cant survive without tax money!

    1. tom says:

      JUB, yeah real smart lay them off so they can stop paying taxes, lose their homes, then your tax dollars will support them on unemployment, get them section 8 house and maybe a free cell phone, tired of the paycheck envy, a few drivers make anywhere near 100,000 a yr and they work 7 days a week.. people are moaning and complaining about how much overtime they make and when they dont want to and it is big news, you probably work in a tax credit building or a bailed out bank.

    2. Concerned Rider says:

      You obviously do not know your subject – public transit is not MEANT to be profitable. It’s partially funded by the government because of this. For it to be profitable, fares would have to increase dramatically, which would then make it inaccessible to those who need it most, and unattractive to those who use it as a economically and environmentally safe way to travel around the city.

      And for those of you who keep screaming “Privatize”, simply because that is what you hear others say and can’t form an opinion of your own, know this – the Port Authority was formed from several small private agencies that failed, so privatization does not work, especially in urban areas.

      The real solution here is for the Union and the Goverment to sit down, make reasonable concessions and get this done, get us back to having a viable transit system in the county.

      And can we PLEASE stop attacking the working class!! Seriously, I know concessions need to be made, and I don’t disagree that the current labor contracts need to be tweeked to keep the Port Authority fiscally sound, but for God’s sake, stop attacking the drivers – there is no point to it. There are plenty to bleme for the mess this system is in…..

  8. dave s says:

    If working at Port Authority is such a great job why is it all you “know it alls” don’t work there? A-couldn’t pass the written test. B-couldn’t pass the drug test. C-couldn’t drive a 40,000 lb. vehicle.D-couldn’t work weekends.E-couldn’t work Holidays.F-couldn’t work minimum wage for 8-weeks while training. G-couldn’t work 12-13 hour “swing Shifts” and get paid for 8 hours.H- couldn’t take a winter vacation for the first 20 years of your work career.I-couldn’t deal with the Public. Go and become a talk show radio host.I’m sure it pays better.

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