Port Authority, Union Willing To Continue Negotiations

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Allegheny County Council is looking to divert $5 million in excess drink tax collections to help out the Port Authority.

However, it’s not enough to restore the service cuts that went into effect Sunday.

On Wednesday evening, Council held an emergency session to hear from the Port Authority CEO and the transit union.

Both say they’re willing to keep negotiating to cut costs, but they differ on what’s more important, the current situation or the future.

“We need to fix that immediate crisis, get this service back to where it was,” said Pat McMahon, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 85 president.

“Nothing Pat McMahon could offer would be enough to fix this problem if the state doesn’t come through, and you’re hearing that from me,” added Stephen Bland, Port Authority’s CEO.

The bottom line is that negotiations will continue, but don’t look for any bus routes to be restored soon.

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One Comment

  1. Mark says:

    Take the $5 million and give it to another company to come in and set up a public transit system. Port Authority is the absolute worst. All they do is create negative marketing for their product and wonder why they are always on the negative end.

  2. Love the bus says:

    Hey this was awesome the P67 I ride is an EXPRESS bus, which picks up at the Mall in Monroevill and stops 2 more times and is not supposed to stop until downtown, so now that the cuts are in effect it stops at every stop on the busway and picks people up, the bus was so full people were all over other people in the seats. I love how it now becomes the riders problem, the lady that got on and sat next to me said she rode the EBS and it is too full to get on so they just pile onto our buses. Port auth will never learn, if that bus had to stop abrupt for any reason people will be killed standing on the bus like that!

  3. Paul Moschetta says:

    I have a different point of view on this topic, as I am neither a rider, nor do I live in the city, but I AM a homeowner, and DO pay county taxes. First, the drink tax was created to provide funds to the Port Authority. If all is not already going there, then it needs to be abolished. Second, the Port Authority is a badly managed entity and all employees, both union and management need to take a 20% pay cut across the board, with each employee contributing to their own health care and retirement. I am tired of my tax money being misappropriated, through the ignorance of those running the city, county or Port Authority

    1. Carroll Banker says:

      I am in complete agreement with Paul. However, I do ride the bus and/or trolley and it has been horrible this week. If the workers @ Port Authority don’t wise up, they are going to go the way of the steel industry! Pay attention PAT!

    2. Sam says:

      Paul, sorry to say… you know nothing. The drink tax IS NOT going to the Port Authority and was not created for the Port Authority. Each employee does contribute to their own healthcare and there is no need for a 20% pay cut. Why do you want the employees, who have NOTHING to do with the management, to suffer. Also, the employees do contribute to their retirement. Get your facts straight.

  4. tim says:

    The drink tax was only established to offset the 20 million the county must pay. This was to avert a property tax hike. The county is using the drink tax money. The problem is PAT needs dedicated money that increases with the costs of running the system.

  5. STEVE says:


  6. who cares says:

    Get rid of public transportation altogether. If you were to get rid of it, it could save some communities from being overidden with section 8 housing. My solution is get rid of PAT could get rid of some of the undesirable people in some communities that used to be nice.

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