Double Fatal Fayette County Crash Probed

REDSTONE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A second man has died after a car crash in Fayette County that nearly bent a car in half.

Police say the car went on to the berm, crossed the opposing lane of traffic, slammed into a tree and then spun around to rest against a home along Filbert Orient Road in Redstone Township.

The driver, 46 year-old Paul Hall of Republic, died at the scene. A passenger, 47-year-old John King, died at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, W. Va., around 3 p.m. Friday.

A second passenger, who was in the backseat, has been released from the hospital.

Police say speed was a factor in the crash. They also say beer cans were found in the car, but the coroner will have to perform toxicology tests to see if the driver could have been under the influence.

A friend of the victims, Arlene Fisher, was in shock over the news.

“Bad feelings, bad feelings. I know all three of them. How can you not have bad feelings? They’re friends. They’re family,” said Fisher. “It hurts. It hurts.”

Firefighters had to cut the victims out of the wreckage, according to Republic Volunteer Fire Department Second Assistant Chief John Duke.

“This is one of the greatest side impact accidents I have ever seen. For the family that lived in that house, thank goodness they did strike the tree or I think the car could have completely embedded into the house,” said Duke.

Stay with KDKA for the latest developments.

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One Comment

  1. Tom says:

    R.I.P Paul

  2. Bea says:

    Does it seem like an unnaturally high number of accidents in our area where vehicles hit buildings? It seems like at least one every couple weeks or more. Why is this? There must be something more to it than just drivers errors. Is it guardrail or road issues? Maybe the news could do some digging on the numbers, if they are too high & why?

    1. simple says:

      uh, slow down and stop speeding and pay attention like one should, THAT is the reason.

      1. jim says:

        Right on brother!

    2. Mike says:

      I think it’s due to the fact that we have alot of curvey roads and an extremely high number of drunk drivers. Recipe for destruction.

  3. jocelynn says:

    john and paul will be missed. may god watch over the third

    1. Mary says:

      John and Paul what is their last name

      1. Larry King says:

        Lennon & McCartney

    2. jocelynn says:

      Paul Hall and John King

      1. Jaclyn says:

        Where was Paul from? I know a Paul Hall! Oh my this is so sad!

  4. S says:

    I imagine last names are being withheld until a news site officially releases them.

  5. jguit says:

    Speeding and drinking was the cause of this tragedy. My condolences to the families.

  6. johnG says:

    yes , this is all messed up, i was the third person in the car. i cant believe i made it out, i broke my back but i lived, thank god. the seat belt saved my life. love you Paul and Johnny. you will be missed greatly, ill see u again one day..

    1. raul says:

      Was the driver drinking?

    2. Sara Sams says:

      If you were in this wreck and broke your back you would not be out of the Hospital so soon..

      1. PghProud says:

        Not necessarily…as long as the disc didn’t shatter they will release you. Possibly schedule surgery in the future. I worked with someone who had a broken back through her pregnancy and had to get surgery after she delivered the baby due to the anesthesia.

  7. Kim L says:

    John Gordon is my nephew and he was wearing a seatbelt. The reporters said that he wasn’t. It helped save his life according to the nurse at the hospital. We know that God played a major part in sparing him and I hope he realizes that he was given a second chance, he was very lucky to survive. …I feel terrible for Paul and John and will keep their familes in my thoughts and prayers. Love you Johnny G! Glad your safe!

  8. Shannon I says:

    I hope everyone thinks about this accident, when traveling this road. People drive this road like a freeway, when the speed limit is only 35 or 40 in some areas. Thank god there wasn’t another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction or we would of had a head on collision, and more lives could of been lost due to this negligence.

  9. Berneice Lewis Ross says:

    this is such a terrible tragedy…. It’s sad that this happened… I do know the 2 that were killed… may their families know that other people r thinking of them …May God Be With U through out this difficult time… R.I.P… Paul n Johnny…. 😦

  10. Brandi says:

    I don’t know the people involved, however these rude comments are not needed here. Their family members may look on this page. I’m sure if it were you in this situation or one of your loved ones, you wouldn’t want to look on here and read some of these ignorant comments. How it happened is tragic, but no need to put down the deceased. You won’t hurt their feelings, its the feelings of those who knew and loved them that you are hurting!!!

  11. Cherie says:

    We will be praying for all families. Its a sad time for everyone

  12. A Person With A Heart says:

    You know..people that live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. Name calling of a deceased person is purely ignorant. Regardless of a persons past or present faults..there family is left to suffer..and need not to see the ignorance of others posted here. Im sure you have family..and you never know what they may decide to get into some day. Its a little thing called Karma. You need to watch who you are slam banging..for one day you may be eating every word you posted here through a family member of yours! RIP Paul & John

  13. "ATTENTION!" says:


  14. Jennifer Luttrell says:

    Paul Hall and I grew up together with Harvey Nosky, George & Dana philabaum, Mitchells, Blairs, Dillengers, David and mike Diluzio, and countless others. Everyone knew everyone in Republic.. WE had so many good, fun times when we were wild, & crazy teens. It was a tragady that could of been prevented, but it happend, and the dead should should remain in peace and remembered for the great moments and the laughs we shared together:)) I too, lost my sister Sharon Evelyn Barden Rose 20 years ago… She was killed as the results of a drunk driver hitting her car. I hope everyone opens their eyes to the terrible, but yet preventable tradagy. Its senseless and people die, drinking & driving. R.I.P My friend…
    My prayers go out to the families.. God Bless..

    Jennifer Luttrell. A.K.A Jennifer Barden

  15. A friend of both Paul and Johnny. says:

    These rude comments need to stop.. Think about what you are saying, it doesn’t matter what they did in the past.. They were friends and family to a lot of people. I for one am upset by these. I can just see what a family member would think if they read these comments’ . A lot of people are going to miss these guys’ and I am one of them … R.I.P Paul and Johnny….. you are friends forever in life and in death.. My prayers go out to the families of all 3 guys. Kim glad to hear john is going to be o k.

  16. Paul's Neighbor says:

    Shame on you Dudley Redstone. Paul was our neighbor & maybe he had his faults, but GOD will be his judge & jury. He may have had indescretions, but maybe you do not know the crosses he had in his lifetime that may have led to some of the choices he made. Regardless, he was a human being, a child of God, that had polite words for his neighbors, and if he thought someone needed a hand (like digging a ditch or shoveling snow or lending his generator) he just jumped in and helped out. So maybe you should ask forgiveness for your harsh words of the dead. He has a family that he left behind, and won’t it add to their sorrow to see your ignorant remarks.

  17. "ATTENTION" says:

    I’m hoping KDKA is monitoring this remove the “IGNORANCE” of others..

  18. Brandi says:

    I see flagging the comments worked. Thank you KDKA. People are totally ignorant, like I said, I didn’t know these gentlemen but reading this garbage that was written here, I had to write. may they both rest in peace and thoughts and prayers for their friends and family.

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