Ambulance Service Sees Spike In Drug Overdose Calls

WAYNESBURG (KDKA) — An ambulance service in Greene County says it’s seen a 40 percent increase in overdose cases in the first two months of this year, compared to last year.

“It’s really alarming,” said EMS Southwest Operations Director Rob Bowman. He says they now get three overdoses or more each week. It’s unclear how many are fatal.

People gathered at West Greene High School to hear from a woman whose son died of a heroin overdose at the end of January. Nancy Horr, of Rogersville, came home to find her 21-year-old son Christopher dead.

“He had just fallen over on his bed,” she said.

She said her son had been drug-free for months, but slipped back.

“I spend a lot of days screaming at him because I’m mad,” said Horr, who tried to get her son help. “I don’t blame myself. I don’t blame anybody.”

She hopes to warn other parents and educate people about the heroin problem.

An undercover Pennsylvania State Police Trooper says that most heroin in our area comes from New York and that it can be more deadly than in years past because it’s much purer.

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One Comment

  1. Vladimir says:

    Mafia is running the world, and the most most profitable business is : 1 WEAPON 2nd. HUMAN TRAFFICKING and 3rd. place is DRUGS

    1. ryan says:

      with a name like that your probably running the mafia

  2. pele says:

    Here is a question, why would you find vehicles with New York plates driving through parts of Greene County that even the residents dont even know exists. Greene County is a world all its own, lets see 45% of the people on some sort of government assistance, large amount of section 8 housing, the rampant movement of people from West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio who rotate their public assistance needs every 2 years. Come drive through the county the last 2 days and the first 5 days of every month especially in June and July and watch all the pickup trucks loaded down with furniture and other things, these are people who either used up their benefits or are coming into the area to apply for benefits. I can list 10 other things on why Greene County has a heroin problem but right now the biggest concern for many is the destruction of the county roads, neighborhoods and livelihood of the long term residents by the greedy politician, land and business owners and the gas drilling companies. Yes the drug problem is here but a larger problem exists with drilling and related industries. I wish KDKA would do a story on these issues.

  3. les m. says:

    i am glad to see that mother is not blaming anyone. the sad part is that help is not there like it used to be. the reason is that success rates are dismil. it takes a long time for some folks to stay clean and as a society the folks with the purse strings won,t make that kind of investment (unless it is there child).

  4. Ryan says:

    Thats when you pretend you didnt hear the call come in and just let them go!!!!

  5. Slyfox says:

    Sorry – No sympathy from me. If you are on illegal drugs, it is YOUR own fault.

  6. recovering addict 12/5/07 says:

    no one was asking for sympathy Slyfox. A mother just lost a child to the disease of addiction. Maybe one day someone close to you may die as a direct result of addiction and you will get a better understanding of what it feels like!

  7. RPD says:

    Drug addition is an illness . . . guess you can’t understand that, foxysly.

  8. Onme says:

    No one forces you to start taking drugs – it is YOUR OWN FAULT. End of story.

  9. recovering addict 12/5/07 says:

    Not trying to go into a debate on whether or not it’s your fault if you use drugs. People aren’t suppose to bury their children no matter what. Imagine the pain you would feel if you lost your child to a drug overdose. If you never felt it, maybe it might be a good idea to keep your mouth shut! I could have easily died from a drug overdose after 17 yrs of abusing drugs. Any time someone loses a child I stop and think how that could have been me. I usually keep my opinion to myself because of the way society looks at people who have been in active addiction, but I think it’s wrong to post ridiculous comments saying no sympathy from me or it’s your own fault. The mother who lost her child is out trying to educate people who may not have a clue of some of the signs of drug addiction, what it was like to see her child in his addiction and there really wasn’t anything she could do to help him,etc. Stop and think before you speak once in a while. Educate yourself too. Addiction is a disease. If you don’t believe if, ask a DR that has experience, not an OPINION

    1. wej1970 says:

      Recovering, you cannot debate with idiots! People need to think before they open their mouths. I hope I never have to go thru what that this poor woman did.

      1. recovering addict 12/5/07 says:

        thanks wej.

  10. CAROL says:

    Illegal drugs are everywhere not just Greene County. My community(Sto-Rox) is full of all kind of drugs. We have the most housing project,section 8 and half-way houses than any other community I know. And I blame the damn politicians and the Police chief of Stowe Township for this problem. He turns a blind eye. A lot of people in my town are sick of it. Thet need to find a place to live why here or Greene County. I say move them to there own island or planet sorry I am sick of this.

  11. STEVE says:

    I have always wondered just how hard the government is trying to get drugs off the street. I honestly blame the liberals because they should be allowed to be shot, but no they have rights too. Its never gonna end.

  12. RedMosquito says:

    Question: How does anyone expect to keeps drugs off of the streets when the WOD can’t even keep drugs out of maximum security facilities? Some of the comments on this wall are mind-numbing to say the least. The “lock em up” attitude is tiring; 40 years and a trillion dollars later and we are STILL playing whack-a-mole. There will be a shift in policy as soon as the Webb Commission Report is published.

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