Walker Hits Grand Slam In Pirates, 6-3 Win Over Cubs

CHICAGO (KDKA/AP) — The Pirates spoiled the home opener at Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs, beating them 6-3.

Neil Walker hit a grand slam and Andrew McCutchen homered in the team’s first win under new Manager Clint Hurdle.

Although the Pirates had the worst record in Major League Baseball last year, 10 of their wins happened against the Cubs.

The Cubs picked up an unearned run at the bottom of the first because of Pedro Alvarez’s throwing error. Then at the bottom of the third, Carlos Pena hit a grounder which allowed Starlin Castro to score.

At the top of the fifth, Walker hit his grand slam into right field, batting in Ryan Doumit, Ronny Cedeno and Jose Tabata, to make it 4-2.

McCutchen’s homerun came at the top of the seventh on a fly ball to left field which also allowed Neil Walker to pick up a run which gave the Bucs a 6-2 lead.

Kosuke Fukudome singled on a line drive that allowed Darwin Barney to score at the bottom of the seventh, making the final score 6-3.

Kevin Correia (1-0) allowed seven hits and two earned runs. Joel Hanrahan pitched the ninth for the Pirates, working around a walk and an infield hit for the save.


One Comment

  1. jimb says:

    Get rid of Walker & McCutchen break up the Pirates.

  2. Tom says:

    6-3 What game were you watching?

  3. Bonnie Up'n Blawnox says:

    81 more wins to go. Nice tater, Neil

    1. Pirates Stink says:

      What a low bar to be set at when all you expect is .500 baseball. The people in this city are a bunch of lemmings.

  4. Brad says:

    Does it matter ? I understand enjoying a baseball game, I do, I love the game myself. But as long as we keep going to that great ballpark, and keeping Nutting rich there will be no changes. If we don’t go, 2 things can happen, he loses money and sells, or moves the team. Honestly, at this point, does it matter? With nutting at the helm we will NEVER have any sustained winning. He thinks we here in Pittsburgh are morons, and he treats us as such. Why do you all think he didn’t sell to the lemieux group? Because he is making too much cash to sell. He takes our hard earned money and pockets it by putting an inferior product in front of us. I say, we all join together and sue him. Class action lawsuit. Force him to open his books ALL the way. We expect a respectable product that we pay for.we have been promised a winner over and over again and nothing has been delivered. 18 years of inferior service is to long . We deserve a better owner, we deserve an owner who cares about more than just his pocket books. Let’s do something to oust nutting.

    1. Pirates Stink says:

      “I say, we all join together and sue him. Class action lawsuit.” On what grounds?

      “He takes our hard earned money and pockets it by putting an inferior product in front of us.” The lemmings will still come to the park because of their slick marketing. The Pirates’ marketing department are a bunch of geniuses.

      “Let’s do something to oust nutting.” And what pray tell would that be? Leaving hollow threats on a forum doesn’t count.

      1. Brad says:

        On what grounds? We expect a certain service, we don’t get it. No other professional sports organization has lost this much. None. So if you paid for a service, and they promised average or above average service and state their goals are to be the best and you get the worst time and time again.. Wouldn’t you want your money back? And, it’s unrealistic to go else where for the same service. The next closest provider is in Cleveland.
        Also, pirates stink, are you a lawyer? Let me guess. No. I can sue whomever I want or any reason. Doesn’t mean it will stick or go to court. But your comment “on what grounds” is idiotic. On the grounds “cause I can”. That’s what grounds .

      2. Pirates Stink says:

        What did the Pirates promise you, Brad? “Cause I can”? Yeah, that is a good enough reason. Go for it and waste your time, money and energy and get laughed out of court. Like I said, hollow threats. Of course you can sue whomever you would like, that is the American way, isn’t it? “Idiotic comment”, huh? You still didn’t provide a legitimate reason why? And yes, you most certainly can sue anyone you want, but I never said that; I asked on what grounds. Actually, there are English football (soccer) teams that have lost for far long so the Pirates haven’t lost more that some other professional sports organizations. I bet you won’t sue and are a typical blowhard who complains, but won’t do a thing.

      3. Pirates Stink says:

        And the Indians suck as much as your reason to sue the Pirates so be warned in advance so you don’t b1tch. You going to sue them too because they “promised” something to you? Typical entitled jerk.

  5. dan says:

    Pirates still suck.

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