Local Boy Returns Super Bowl Ring To Sports Legend

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — William “The Refrigerator” Perry, from the Chicago Bears in 1980’s, has been reunited with his Super Bowl XX ring, thanks to a thoughtful 10-year-old from Fox Chapel.

Young Cliff Forrest bought the ring at Mickey Mantle’s restaurant.

“I saw that in New York and I really wanted the ring, and I took the money out of my savings account,” he said.

He took $8,500 out of his college fund, which his father says he would not have approved.

“I would not have permitted the purchase myself, but his mother is a little more soft-hearted,” said Cliff Forrest Sr.

The boy had heard about the ’85 Bears team and admires Perry, and he clearly has a soft-heart, too, because he had an idea as soon as he heard about how Perry had lost the ring.

“I saw that he had a disease and that he had to sell it because of rough times, so I asked my dad if I could give the ring back to Mr. Perry.”

“He said he wanted to give it back to him. He deserved it. He only won one Super Bowl. I thought that was a great, great thing,” said Cliff’s dad.

But it was easier said than done. Ten-year-old Cliff started making calls, but was told he couldn’t meet Perry.

“The guy basically laughed at me and said no,” he said.

Eventually, his mom got on the phone, and after some work, Cliff met Perry before an autograph session in Chicago.

“He was very appreciative and he said, ‘Thank you’,” said Cliff. Perry gave him two autographed jerseys that read: “The Fridge, Thanks!”

The 10-year-old also has the satisfaction of knowing he gave something special back to a sports hero who gave plenty to his fans.

“I asked Mr. Perry jokingly if he could still do the Super Bowl shuffle and he said, ‘Oh yeah!'”

Perry was diagnosed in 2008 with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. That’s when the body’s immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system.

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One Comment

  1. Wel Hung says:

    what a nice rich kid,,im sure his familys really missing that $8500,,is this really news,,,WHO CARES

    1. Nellie Lynch says:

      I CARE!!! This kid is UNSELFISH, THOUGHTFUL & CARING of OTHERS!!! Thank you, Cliff, you’re an AWESOME kid!!!!

      1. Dan says:

        That’s not a sign of unselfish. That’s a perfect example of a 10yo not grasping the value of money.

  2. Claude VanDamme says:

    How much do you want to bet the Fridge sold it again before the kid was out of the building?

    1. BigBob says:

      I totally agree.

  3. morgan says:

    “Pond it?” Ha! Stay classy, perrywho!! You cynical dopes. It doesn’t really matter what Perry will, or will not, do with the ring. What matters is that this young boy has his heart and his priorities in the right place. I’m hopeful that he never changes.
    The world could use a few more of him and a few less of you! Good work, kid!

  4. Heather says:

    How much help would that 8.5k been to one of the many homeless shelters in PGH? I mean, yeah, its great that he has a good heart and all but, really? Giving a ring back to someone who sold it to start with? It was a waste of money. His mom, she needs to get a clue and look around a bit to see the real world. People have no homes, are starving and need help right here in PGH.

  5. Jason says:

    CASHCOW – “Give me $8500” <— That is why this country is so messed up. The entitlement mentality. And the assumption that because one has wealth, it was given to them… Do any of you know this young man? I would guess not. So therefore you do not have the slightest idea where this money came from. And who the hell are you to question it? God bless this young man. As insignificant as this act may be, this young man has more character than a large majority of our fine city.

  6. Naive Nellie says:

    Nellie Lynch, GET A GRIP!!! Wake up. And to the guy who thinks PAWNED is POND. Unbelievable.

  7. KudosToThisKid says:

    The story clearly states he intended to sell the ring to help pay for medical expenses! Great to see we’re not reading that he STOLE the ring, instead PURCHASED it with money his parents invested for him. Just goes to show,can’t please all the people all the time! A lot of people who complain about all the negativity in the world don’t know what to do when they come across a positive story…

  8. Jeff Edgmon says:

    Wow, our society has turned completely psycho. This kid does something to actually help someone, and the Rethugs are attacking him and his family personally. Why am i even surprised? Any sign of a heart and character must be stomped out of the child immediately, he might grow up and want a sick person to have food and healthcare or something, the commie little socialist.
    The only news they want reported is Quran’s burning, black people (only) committing crimes, immigrant workers crossing the border to work for free, and president Obama’s birth certificate.

    This kid does something awesome, and it barely makes the news at all, and where it is covered, half the people are attacking his kind gesture, likely because they know if it were them, they would have tried to profit from it, instead of simply doing the right thing.

  9. Charles says:

    A kid has enough money that he can blow $8500 on a stupid ring?, his mother approves?, fox chapel? nuff said…..

  10. Jim says:

    Had to sell it because of rough times? The “rough times” wasn’t because of medical bills…it was because of stupid spending. Northwestern helped secure a place for Perry at Carolinas Rehabilitation near Charlotte to cover his $350,000 8-10 weeks of medical/therapy bills. The fee was picked up at no cost to Perry. It’s certainly in the parents’ right to spend their son’s college moeny how they want, but to do so for someone who mis managed money after 10 years in the NFL and two large sponsors (McD and KFC), I find it to be a bit beyond foolish.

    1. Jeff Edgmon says:

      You’re an imbecile! It’s highly doubtful his medical bills cost only $350,000 g, Secondly, the kid bought the ring, heard about an illness, and decided to do a kind gesture, what’s wrong with that?

      Oh yeah, you’re inherently selfish and evil, my bad.

      1. Jim says:

        I didn’t say it covered ALL his bills, I said it covered his 8-10 weeks of medical/therapy. Comprehension seems to allude you. Any/most 10yo would be more than willing to give all the money that their parents saved for them to any cause: animal shelter, homeless, etc. Kids at that age do not understand what $8,500 is. And I will be my life savings that his total medical bills did not come anywhere near the money he earned in football and endorsements. So selfish, not at all. But not being selfish doesn’t mean one is foolish with money. But if you think donating money to someone who wasted their own money is a nobel cause, then more power to you.

  11. chrissy says:

    i find it very foolish that the mother actually approved her son purchasing an item for 8500…they must be rolling in the dough if she did’nt even bat an eye…i agree if the kid really was sincere about helping others his mother would have directed him to a food bank, homeless shelter…or how about one of the outlying poorer school districts where kids don’t have the opportunities he will?…i find it kind of amusing that after viewing his pic and not noticing the story below, i thought it was another justin bieber story..LOL

    1. Jeff Edgmon says:

      Jim, it must be nice to determine that he mismanaged his money, while indicating in your first post that he had his medical bills covered, so in your opinion, he didn’t need the kind gesture. Secondly, that the kid, who simply did something out of the goodness of his heart, didn’t think about the money, thought about how he would feel, if he were in the same shoes. The little commie..
      I know that’s a hard concept for your ilk, to do something kind first, and not worry about the almighty dollar first.. We should string the lil socialist up..LOL..

      1. Jim says:

        Short of an audit on his financials, I can’t determine if he mismanaged money. But at the surface, if you’re in a sport that pays more than what most peoples’ family will ever earn…and are then needing help on a $350K medical/therapy session then yes, I do believe he mismanaged his money. And his millions in salary doesn’t count his endorsements. And please read! I specifically stated that the 8-10 week session was covered. And I explicitly called out THAT session to make that clear.

        Did you ever watch a 10yo react to a fund raising commercial? All/most kids react when they see dog shelters needing money, starving people in Ethiopa, etc. It’s human nature. But it’s the parents’ job to guide the need to help and prioritize.
        And _I_ don’t see the mismanagement of funds as a particulary important need. I think you’re letting your emotion get the best of you. The kid did not make a sacrifice. He spent his parents’ money on this ’cause’. Yes, it would’ve been his money for college but at 10yo the child doesn’t have an attachment to the worth/value. But as I said before, if you want to support this ’cause’ that’s certainly your prerogative. It appears by most comments here that you’re in the minority. I, along with my children, will continue to support causes that I feel are more just. But that’s what my ilk does….

      2. Jeff Edgmon says:

        Jim, so basically you’re babbling on about his finances, and by your own admission know nothing about them, other than speculative b/s. It is possible to have a huge contract for ten yrs, and have some life changing events deplete his resources. What may look good up front, may not look so good over ten, twenty, thirty yrs, especially if you have a divorce, a couple lawsuits, and medical issues. ie.. You don’t know anything about his finances, so STFU, until you do.
        And you made it clear by your point that the 8-10 week session had been paid, and that he didn’t need it, that was the gist of your point, whether you choose to deny it now or not.
        Third, yes, maybe $8700 could have been spent better elsewhere, but maybe he liked they guy, was a fan of the guy, heard about his situation, and unlike you acted with a heart and compassion first, instead of thinking of politics and greed first. Yes, I live my life sort of the same way, if I can help someone, I try to do it, it’s called be a human being, not some kind of animal ravaging for prey in the Sahara. Essentially, being a human being, granted a rare concept to the avg NEOCON.

      3. Jim says:

        Seriiously Jeff, your rambling and avoiding the basic facts shows that you’ve lost it. Enjoy your isolation in this debate. You lost though. But keep up with the bad language….that proves you’re much more the intellect than the rest of us who have proven our point. I’m uber impressed by your neocon statement. That was really good….not relevant or intelligent but hey, you tried….I guess.

  12. Frank says:

    Spending money he never saw is easy. I’d be interested if he would be just as willing to sell his xbox/ipod/ps3 and send that money as well? I’m guessing not. It’s much easier to spend someone else’s money.

    1. Jeff Edgmon says:

      i’m sure he could get probably on a good profitable day at the pawn shop maybe $500 for the x-box, ipod, and ps3 altogether. You people truly live in a different world don’t you?

      1. Jim says:

        Don’t want so speak for Frank, but I think the point is that this would show the kid having a financial vestment in this sacrifice. So spend his parents 8500 and also put some skin in the game. _THAT_ would show a sacrifice.

      2. Jeff Edgmon says:

        And my point is, maybe he didn’t act with regard to the money, maybe he acted with regard to heart and compassion for another human being? Secondly, again, how do you know where that money came from? You’re assuming yet again, that he had no sacrifice in this gesture, when you don’t know anything about the money. Other than it was his college fund, the money could have came from birthday presents, Christmas gifts, inheritance, any number of things. Try speaking about something you know about, that may take removing your reich wing political agenda from your butt first though. ie..Show me where it says above that it was the parents $8500? You can’t, so again STFU, until you know what you’re talking about, that seems to be a hard concept for you, granted!

      3. Jim says:

        yes Jeff, it takes heart and compassion to spend other people’s money. Wow, now it all makes sense…again you’re debating skills are unmatched. kudos! And you’re right, I forgot that it’s normal for a 10yo to contribute substantially to a college fund. You’re going to ramble about me not knowing about a millionaire overspending based on my speculation and then turn around and challenge me based on your speculation that a 10yo did indeed contribute towards his college fund? It’s almost funny how you your mind (doesn’t) work.

      4. Jim says:

        Hey, I just re-read your post Jeff and see you said “reich wing”. Now that is some funny stuff! Suddenly you’re going to throw a label on me…even though you know nothing about me. You are GOOD!!! The irony in your rambling is unmatched! If I cared enough, I’d could post all the money I contribute to WORTHY (look up that word) causes but I’m sure you’d have some issue. You just can’t handle the fact that most think this is stupid and you don’t. Accept it, you’re just not in the minority. Probably rarely in life, but certainly not now. It’s okay, really it is. As I said before, it’s your right to have your own views. Don’t take it personally.

      5. Jim says:

        Correction, you _are_ in the minority. My Glenn Beck magazine got in the way of my keyboard and I mistyped….I’m sure you understand….LOL

      6. Jeff Edgmon says:

        Jim, the point which clearly is above your head is maybe the kid did contribute to the money, maybe it was all of his money. I don’t know where it came from, and neither do you. The difference is, I don’t claim ((anywhere)) that I did, while your dumb butt not only determined that it was a foolish gesture, that he didn’t sacrifice for the gesture, and that the Fridge mis spent his millions, so he was not entitled to any kind gesture, in your whacked out mind.

        That’s stupid, no matter how you try and spin it. Your judging of this kid and his family, and the Fridge is plain ole ignorance, no two ways about it.

      7. Jeff Edgmon says:

        As to the label’s, granted I could be wrong, but unlike your judgments which you know nothing about, i judge you by your statements, which it’s reasonable to come to a conclusion as to your political beliefs, by reading all the other right wing comments as well. If I am wrong, then that’s my bad.

        Yet, while attacking me for what you claim to be “irony’ you yourself did the same exact thing, while once again, saying your donations are worthy, clearly leaving the impression that the kid’s donation was unworthy. Secondly, how do you know the kid didn’t make a sound investment? It may turn out that those autographed jersey’s he received will be worth much more, especially considering the fact that many wealthy people were no doubt touched by his kindness. ie.. It’s not at all unreasonable to also conclude that those two signed jersey’s may fetch much more at a charity auction one day.

        I would suggest that you open up your mind, and think before judging people in the future.

  13. Jason says:

    This family is beyond rich, richer than most NFL players I bet… 8500 dollars does not mean several months of work to this kid like it does most people.

    I think why people are posting negative comments is because this kid is being praised for being rich, or like he actually made a sacrifice, or this is somehow going to hurt his college education “fund”.. or we should admire his action…

    POST a story about one of the millions of people that volunteer everyday or people that give their shoes for others when they themselves need shoes or don’t have much..

    Or make the story a litlte intersting about how people of different income value money differently

  14. Tea Bagger says:

    Kids going to grow up to be a Democrat.

    1. Dikbagger says:

      Right, If he shoved it up his a$$, He’d be a rethuglican

  15. All Money,No Brains says:

    This is dumber than a third handle on a wheelbarrow Throw some money my way you rich idiots, I gotta nice bridge for sale Sheesh

    1. your an idiot says:

      I was trying to do something nice

    2. Cliff Forrest says:

      you the idiots i was trying to do something nice

  16. TheTruth says:


    Yea, ‘broke’ and sneaking out to booze it up. A role model for every kid.

  17. satire247 says:

    No wonder he has money, that’s really Justin Beiber.

  18. Kcottmill says:

    A 10 year old kid buying a “superbowl ring for $8500”? I guess I “am” a bad mother, my kid only wanted a new pair of jeans. My husband lost his job due to this economy and does not even make that much in a year and this Fox Chapel family does something like this?? Are they all in therapy?? Look around people, there are people right here in our home town that are starving, living in their cars and children going to bed hungry. Could the mother have steared him in this direction if he felt the “urge” to help someone? This “pro football player” was paid plenty during his career. What did he do with all his millions? I never heard of him helping anyone out when he had the money. This is ridiculous. Now had he given the money to a charity or to homeless animals, then I would have commended this child – but a superbowl ring for $8500???? Yep, he probably turned around and sold it for drug money. I thought Fox Chapel people were supposed to be “well educated”. Hey – I need a new car to get back and forth to work so I can keep the people on welfare that are sucking the system dry and ex-football heros who squandered their money away wanting the world to feel sorry for them. Could you give me some money???

    1. Cliff Forrest says:

      My dad is a owns a resort and a coal mining company and my mom is a housewife. your way off

  19. Michael Ritchie says:

    What a heart-warming story! It is so nice to hear about unselfish kids doing something to make those less fortunate happy.

  20. jeeperz says:

    Obviously the mother has no concept as money either.

  21. TIMSTER says:

    I want his dad to adopt me. I always wanted a little brother who is rich.

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