Local Groups Call For End To Gun Violence

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Today is the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination.

The civil rights leader was shot and killed in 1968 in Memphis, Tenn.

King was there to lead a march to support the city’s striking sanitation workers.

To honor his memory, there are some local events taking place as part of the National Day of Action.

On Monday morning, several groups wanted to make sure the public understood that they are not against gun ownership. All they want is for criminals to not have access to firearms.

“Forty-three years ago today, civil rights legend Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by an assassin’s bullet. And just two years ago today, Pittsburgh Police Officers Eric Kelly, Stephen Mayhle and Paul Sciullo II were senselessly gunned down while answering a domestic disturbance call in Stanton Heights,” Time Stevens of B-PEP said.

With those tragedies as a sad backdrop, leaders of various anti-violence organizations and civil rights groups gathered to call for more focus on cracking down on illegal gun sales.

So far, 15 people have been murdered in the Pittsburgh area this year. On average, there are 1,200 homicides in the state every year.

“Almost all those murders are committed by criminals using illegal handguns,” Stevens said.

“We’re not against responsible handgun ownership or the hunting tradition in western Pennsylvania or the rights of sportsmen. All we want is simply to reduce access to illegal handguns,” Jayna Davis of Ceasfire PA said.

However, the murder of the greatest civil rights leader of all-time and the murder of three very brave police officers doesn’t tell the complete story of the group’s pleas.

It involves countless people, young men back from college and 8-year-old girls who all suffered the same fate.

“Until you are there first-hand and lose a child for yourself, there is no experience like that,” Rev Glenn Grayson said.

Grayson’s son, Jeron, was gunned down while home from college. The gun used to commit the crime was stolen.

Meanwhile, Terri Coles was shot twice and lost her future husband and 8-year-old child.

Finally, the panel called for a national registry to assure no one with mental disabilities gains access to a firearm. They also want the federal government to close loop holes at gun shows that allow people to purchase firearms without a background check.


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One Comment

  1. sadcityresident says:

    Ironic Tim Stevens hates gun violence but he asked for the 3 cops who took more guns off the streets that anyone be suspended…..NICE JOB IDIOT !

    1. Dan says:

      That is a fact!

      1. DIm TIM says:

        Tim Stevens is the biggest racist in Pittsburgh !

      2. Sandy Klingensmith says:

        the truth really hurts..all these people who say they are so against racism are the biggest racists around…..

      3. Yup says:

        Are you referring to the Jordan Miles thing? Deal. Go to WPXI and read about police officers that used excessive force on someone – AGAIN. Get a clue – not every police officer is honorable, some do bad thing and abuse their authority. Do you have proof that these “3 cops took more guns off the street than anyone?” Was there a sudden spike in gun violence once they were suspended? I think not. Instead of dwelling on the past, lets think of the future – a future where crime is almost non-existent and police won’t have to abuse their authority to use unecessary excessive force and get suspended. How about that?

      4. Code 5 says:

        Mr. Yup, you must not be a very bright person. Get your facts straight before you open up you mouth. Those 3 officers have won numerous awards from city council for the seizure of guns off the street. I guess the mayor and city council members just hand out awards to officers for nothing. I guess you didn’t research that. There is your proof.
        If Jordan Miles was the victim of excessive force, then why didn’t he suffer not one broken bone, no stiches and no extensive stay at the hospital. Miles was released from the hospital and taken to jail within an hour of the incident. How’s that excessive force you moron. These are the FACTS.
        Mr Yup, I dont know were you live, but it is a FACT that crime has risen in Zone 5 since those 3 officers were taken off the street. Just go to your local Zone and you will be supplied the FACTS once again. Mr. Yup you need to wake up and get out of your little dream world you live in and quit blaming the police for everything.

  2. Sarge says:

    The problem with “liberal” views on gun control is that passing more laws only hurts law-abiding citizens. CRIMINALS, by definition, BREAK THE LAW! So how does passing stricter gun laws keep firearms away from criminals who don’t obey the laws anyway? It only turns law abiding citizens into VICTIMS!

    If our laws were not as strict, we’d have fewer criminals too, ever thought of that? But the communistic politicians, government lackeys, corrupt cops, and idiot judges need criminals to justify their jobs, so they pass stricter laws, hurting only innocent law-abiding citizens.

    What’s wrong with this picture??? This is NOT the America I grew up loving. We need to put things back the way they used to be.

    1. MarineVet says:

      Typical delusional rhetoric bud-

      The goal of most (including myself) liberals is to restrict access to those who just plain shouldn’t have guns in the first place. It has nothing to do with taking your-or MY, guns away. We need a simple federally controlled database for LEGAL gun ownership. I could care less if you own an assault rifle-I have 2 of them. The point here is that we can legislatively restrict gun access to a good portion of America, while expanding the 2nd Amendment rights of good citizens. This is a simple issue to solve-and once the NRA and the rednecks of America realize that we ALL LIKE GUNS, we will be better off.

      Stricter laws don’t hurt good citizens, they hurt the citizens who CLAIM to be good, while they poach and cheat on their taxes a wear white masks to rallies and drink/drive.

      1. Dave says:

        > federally controlled database for LEGAL gun ownership

        No, we do NOT need that. If you want a database of who is a criminal that should be denied guns, fine…but the federal govt does not need a list of which legal owners have guns.

      2. Yup says:

        How about we stop talking “sides?” I don’t believe in the “more laws, more criminals.” I think it all lies in our current justice system. Idiots can get welfare, people can get let off of a crime if something was attained a certain way against procedure, etc. We let criminals have too many rights. Even if they are just suspects we let them off too easy. So they just keep on going. There is absolutely positively no way and will never be any way to keep guns out of hands of people you “shouldn’t have them.” Mr. Handsome-good-job-nice-car-perfect-family down the street can seem wonderful and go on a killing spree any day.

      3. Sarge says:

        No, you’ve been drinking our incompetent prezbo’s kool aid. Criminals don’t obey the laws… that’s what makes them criminals. Felons already aren’t allowed to own firearms, but many of them do so illegally. So why do you think trying to pass more (unnecessary) legislation to keep guns out of criminals’ hands will work?

        Technically if you get a traffic ticket for speeding you’re a criminal. What if these bozos in Washington pass a law that you can’t own guns even if you have a traffic ticket? Silly, I know. But most people with only traffic tickets are good people who would follow the gun laws… thus leaving firearms in the hands of criminals and not in law-abiding citizens.

        Where will this legislative nonsense end? As a former Marine (if you really are one…) you should appreciate the concept of being a CITIZEN vs. being a SUBJECT.

      4. Dumb Marine says:

        I hate to say this, but your one dumb@$$ marine. Are you kidding me? A federally controlled national database will not stop anyone from obtaining a legal firearm. The FEDS can do very few things correctly. And I don’t want some federal bureaucrat determining my ability to purchase a firearm. I know you lefty morons don’t want to believe this, but 95 percent of the guns used to commit violence in depressed neighborhoods are stolen, traded for heroin or crack by drug addicts, or purchased by legal people (straw purchase) then given to these thugs. These thugs cannot legally buy these firearms, that’s why they obtain them illegally. Therefore stricter gun laws will not them from obtaining these guns. But they will needlessly hinder lawful citizens from buying firearms. Not too mention expand the federal governments authority and create another bureaucracy.
        Do you want to lower gun violence? Then actually put people in jail once they are convicted of criminal acts. Don’t stand there and talk about their difficult home life which caused them to “stray into the life of gangs.” Arrested with a gun and you shouldn’t have one due to prior criminal convictions? 10 years. Not 1.5 years with 8.5 years of probation.
        I honestly don’t believe you are a Marine. You may have been Coast Guard, but no way you were a leatherneck.

    2. YES says:


      1. Code 5 says:

        Mr. YES, here we go again. Another Mr. Know It All. Check your FACTS again Mr. YES. Wilkinsburg is not were the officers got suspended. It was in the city of Pittsburgh moron. Go worry about your suburban neighborhood, dont worry about the city, cause you cannot even get your facts straight GOOF.

      2. insider says:

        The officers were working in the city about 3 blocks from the Wilkinsburg border, so YES, you were very close!

  3. Rob says:

    As we know welfare does nothing but perpetuate crime and a lower standard of living among the poor. If they don’t like the government housing they burn it down. If they need money for drugs, alcohol or nail treatments they sell their wefare card for cash. Nothing is going to change until the politicians stop using the poor as pawns to get re-elected. Personal responsibility and the end of welfafe would make a great difference in our society.

    1. MarineVet says:

      Personal responsibility! I like this my friend. Unfortunately, that utopian idea will never happen as long as 1% of the population holds 75% of the wealth.

      1. Sarge says:

        So what? If it was earned fair and square, who cares? You sound like a communist.

      2. Yup says:

        Sarge, how is Welfare earned fair and square? If you worked, lost your job, then when on it until you found a new job then it was deserved but there is FACT of people using it that are perfectly capable of getting a job and refuse to. They make Welfare a way of life. Going to the grocery store and getting pounds of meat and lobster and then getting on their iPhone as they walk out to their huge SUV with their 5 kids…get a job!

      3. Yup says:

        sarge – I agree with the “You earn it, you keep it’ though some of those people are rich because they are doing business illegally or dishonestly. Also, I think they need taxes just a tad harder than the ones that have to REALLY work for their money.

        It does worry me since the wealthy do get a lot of breaks, that the gap between poor and rich is becoming a clean cut. YOu are either poor or rich anymore. There is barely any middle class and nobody is stopping the GOPs from doing this.

    2. Peoples Comic says:

      You made a very good point.

    3. USING THE POOR says:


  4. Eddie B. says:

    When you buy a firearm, you fill out a Federal form 4473, All info. is on that form. That form is kept by the dealer for twenty years at which time he can destroy it or continue to keep it in his files. If a gun is traced, the dealer is the last part of the chain of information of that gun. If he goes out of buisness before that , he must turn all forms 4473 in to the ATF&E. A Pa. state police form SP-113 is filled out for all handguns and other like weapons. The state gets that within fourteen days of the sale and although this practice by the state of Pa. is unconstitional, there are no penalties to the state for doing this. The ATF&E goes to the state when they feel they need to for info. Just as a MD can take your drivers license when you are unfit to drive, A Dr. specializing in nut job cases should be able to and be required to turn that info over to the state or FBI (for firearms use only) and when a backround check is done this info will show up on the FBI / state police side of the check. Firearms dealers are not told why when a application to buy a firearm is declined. This will at least help to eleminate nut jobs from getting guns legally. Its better to say no now and let them fight the Dr’s. claim with the state than to give some head case a gun and deal with their distructive actions after the facts. And with all the illegal info that the state has on all hand gun owners now, when somebody is given mental defect status by a Dr. specializing in nut jobs, after the Dr. submits this info, the state can and should look them up, see what weapons (as reported on SP-113) that they currently have, and go after them.

  5. redrock100 says:

    CHARLEROI, Pa. — The owner of a North Charleroi pizza shop said his workers will begin carrying weapons after the business was robbed at gunpoint on Saturday.

  6. whiskey6 says:

    Frequents KFC

  7. Sarge says:

    My aunt is widowed and unemployed because she got laid off from a good, college-educated job. And she’s a white middle class girl. Are you saying she doesn’t deserve the right to own and carry a firearm? Wow, I can’t believe how narrow minded you are.

  8. stormie says:

    How many phony stop the violence meetings and rallies are you going to have before you realize that the leaders don’t care about stopping black on black crime. As long as the community is incoherent or asleep they stay in office year after year and as long as the preachers teach watered down Christianity we can hurt each other and pray about it later. just my opinion.

    1. sadcityresident says:

      stormie how else would these guys make money/ either we pay them to pretend to care or we put them in line with the rest of the welfare cases and pay them..they couldn’t get real jobs in the real world…I wouldnt trust Tim Stevens to mow my grass!

  9. DarkyII says:

    Nothin, cause there is still homicides every day in the city. He’s collecting a paycheck and living in the suburbs acting like whitey

  10. STEVE says:


    1. editor says:

      cause your a jerk off steve

  11. ProGun says:

    More useless rhetoric about how the gun is the problem. Drunk drivers kill people, not their cars. Same theory applies to guns. Without someone pulling the trigger it’s no more deadly than your couch. Let’s just say for sake of argument that it was possible to get rid of ALL firearms. Do you think crime would stop? A knife, machete, axe, hatchet, baseball bat, tire iron, etc. can all be deadly in the wrong hands. There are already background checks, waiting periods, etc. in place to try and prevent the wrong person from LEGALLY getting a firearm, which by definition criminals are NOT inclined to follow legal means. Criminals like to steal their firearms so to say they aren’t interested in targeting legal gun owners is a bunch of political B.S.

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