Pitt Loses Assistant Coach

By: Mike Vukovcan

Pittsburgh (KDKA)- For the third consecutive season, Pitt coach Jamie Dixon is looking to hire an assistant coach.

Towson University has hired Pat Skerry as its new coach. Skerry replaces Pat Kennedy, who resigned last month after seven seasons. The Tigers went 0-18 in the Colonial Athletic Association this year.

Skerry is a big loss for Pitt because of his recruiting ability. He was the person responsible for bringing All-American Khem Birch to Pitt.

Prior to Skerry, Dixon lost Tom Herrion (Marshall) and Barry Rohrssen (Manhattan). Rohrssen was fired following this season.


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  1. Mon River Towing says:

    Losing assistants to head coaching jobs is a good thing. It shows that other programs have taken notice of Pitt/Dixon and hope they can capture some of that magic. Turnover like this also brings the best young assistants to Jamie’s door because it means a quick promotion is likely coming. Bill Cowher had the same dilemma as tons of his assistants went on to take head coaching jobs in NFL. I think Skerry could have held out for a better offer than 0-18 Towson State however.

  2. Brad says:

    I wonder if this was the same assistant who was covering up the bar brawl at peter’s pub in Oakland before the st johns game. What? Didn’t hear about that? Because peter’s pub is being threatened by Pitt if they pursue charges of the 5 Pitt basketball players who assaulted a bar manager and bouncer and hospitalized him. also, to those non believers, I am not making this up, there is a security video, I have seen it. Also you ask why the press hasn’t picked up on this? They have. Peter’s pub nor Pitt will release any info. But the press knows . They are waiting for the green light. Since they do not have the whole story.

    1. Boss Terwilliger says:

      Was Brad the guy beat up you think?

      1. Brad says:

        Was boss the one who has a poor grasp on English?

    2. carly says:

      I know the incident took place and assume Pitt would want to cover it up in light of all of the recent embarassments surrounding the football team’s off field behavior. Who were the 5 players involved? Somebody pleasename them since the local media refuses to. It’s ridiculous that no charges were filed when a man was hospitalized. I guarantee if the 5 players were regular students, they’d either be facing a court date, expelled, or villafied in the media, if not all of the above. Hello Pittsburgh media? I realize Pitt basketball had a good season and the university didn’t want it to be tarnished, but come on. Do your job!

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