Somerset Bullying Incident Recorded, Posted On Facebook

SOMERSET (KDKA) — Three teenage girls are facing charges for a fight that was recorded and then posted on Facebook.

Police say it all started because of a boy.

The victim was walking with some friends near Somerset Hospital – just a few blocks from her home – when she was approached by the other three girls.

“The one girl got in my face [and] was like, ‘Who you gonna punch? Who you gonna punch? I want to see you do it!’

“And I was like, ‘I’m not punching any of you. You guys aren’t worth my time,’ and she just kept doing it and doing it and doing it,” the girl told KDKA-TV.

A girl who witnessed the altercation posted the cell phone video on Facebook later in the evening. The victim was surrounded by bullies when she was eventually pushed to the ground and kicked.

The victim says she was pushed into traffic and hit her head on the concrete. The victim’s 12-year-old sister and friend tried to intervene, but they were also punched.

Two nurses from Somerset Hospital broke up the fight. The victim was treated for a concussion.

The three bullies are between ages 13 and 15. They now face charges including aggravated assault and harassment in juvenile court.

“The juvenile act is not designed to punish a kid,” Somerset Police Chief Randy Cox said. “The juvenile act is designed to rehabilitate, to aid the child, aid the family.”

Everyone involved is back in school.

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One Comment

  1. kristy says:

    ah, such “fine and demure” young ladies. their parents must be so gosh darn proud of raising such “classy” girls.

  2. stormie says:

    Only a dummy would film their crime and then put it on the internet. Kristy I agree with you some girls are just as simple as their mother.

  3. Heather says:

    I wish names could be posted on stuff like this so that the parents of these fine upstanding young men and women can hold their heads up proudly while they go about their busy days.

    1. MsCynic says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Classy young women, their parents must be so proud.

      Give it a week and at least one of their parents will come out to try and justify the behaviour/stupidity. Sad reflection of society….

  4. Also A Child says:

    My sister was involved in a situation like this. It was, at least, a one-on-one situation, but there were five of my sister’s “friends” standing around. Every single one of them pulled out their phones-not to call for help, but to record the incident and post it online. What is with the new trend of making entertainment out of bullying? Are we just not making it clear that cornering someone and beating them up is *not* funny, it’s assault? I’m not even from a much different generation, I’m 19, and when I was that age, fights seemed scary, not amusing. If we giggled about it at all, it was after the fight was over and the various parties got in trouble.

    Oh, and to MsCynic’s comment, my dad contacted the instigator over facebook to tell her to take the video down and stop calling my sister a “whiny female dog” for telling us about the incident, and her mother chewed my dad out for “not letting her handle the situation”, when she’s the one who lets this girl run free in the first place, so I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that one of the parents will be coming forward very soon saying that this is no big deal and something that should be handled in the house, not outside of it.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if parents took that attitude BEFORE their kids started jumping each other on the street?

    1. MsCynic says:

      I’m so not surprised. Trash begets Trash, and we have generations of them out there.
      Last fall I came home from work to 4 or 5 kids 10 – 12 fighting in the street. The went home got their older siblings, who came out with kitchen knives, when the police finally showed up, the parents were out there throwing cinder blocks at people. Yes, trash begets trash……….

  5. Kristin Black Helzlsouer says:

    Yeah lets tape a crime and post it , seriously?? What class for sure I also agree starts in the home and I am sure there will be excuses.. Pathetic , I feel for that family and that mom to have to witness that.

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