Criminal Complaint: Clairton Suspect Identified Self As FBI

CLAIRTON (KDKA) — New details are emerging in the shooting that critically injured a Clairton police officer.

Officer James Kuzak, 39, remains at UPMC Mercy Hospital after he was shot three times while responding to a home invasion Monday night.

A criminal complaint states that one of the two suspects knocked on the door of the home in the 800-block of Miller Avenue and identified himself as an FBI agent.

As soon as the door opened, the men barged into the home with guns.

Before it was all over, there was gunfire and Kuzak, 39, was shot while standing at the rear of the house.

Two other officers were with him. One was at the front door and the other was at the side.

The criminal complaint says the robbers took $1,000 in cash from beneath a mattress in a bedroom and about $200 from a 45-year-old man who was in the house with a woman and two small children.

Charged in the case so far is 21-year-old Myles Hutchinson. Police are continuing a manhunt for the second suspect.

In the city of Clairton, police officers are not on routine patrol. Instead, they’re rotating in and out of the hospital to visit their colleague.

Allegheny County sheriff’s deputies and Allegheny County Police are handling patrols.


Clairton Officer In Critical Condition After Shooting
Report: Police Officer Shot In Clairton

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One Comment

  1. Voice of Reason says:

    Your all idiots! Look up the definition of an idiot and you will see what I mean.

    1. Carlos says:

      Says the person who can’t use “you’re” properly.

    2. Charles says:

      It’s you’re not your

  2. hmmm says:

    am i the only one wondering why there was 1,000 under a bed? makes me wonder if the victims were drug dealers or something i mean personally i use a bank not a bed ! not saying they deserved it or anything but makes you wonder…

    1. Raffo says:

      So anyone who keeps cash at home is automatically a drug dealer? What kind of flawed logic is that?

      1. Eyes Wide Open says:

        Seems pretty convenient that the knew exactly where to look Raffo. It doens’t take Sherlock Holmes to work that out.

  3. Dr Michael says:

    Another sad and tragic event. The men and women in law enforcement have a very difficult job to do. Whats this world coming to, shoot someone and the real victim is treated badly while the suspect has “rights” What about the people that get shot and killed, what about their rights?

  4. Informed says:

    Mona, the suspects knocked on the door and ID’d themselves as FBI to get the people in the house to open the door.
    hmmm, I work in the banking industry and there’s actually a lot of people who don’t use banks. A lot of older people will just use check cashing services and and hide their money; these would be people who grew up during the depression and think their money is safer in their home than in a bank. Or if a person has bad banking/credit history, some banks won’t allow them to have an account, so their only alternative is to hide money in their home.
    However, being that it happened in Clairton, that $1000 is probably drug money or stolen.

    1. Daniel says:

      You had me until the veiled racist comment about Clarton, I guess you must cringe when a person of the “wrong color” walks into your bank and your hand automatically moves towards the silent alarm, huh?

      1. Eyes Wide Open says:

        You seem pretty proud of a town you can’t even spell correctly. Also I think you are the one who brought the question of race into the equation. At no point did, Informed, mention anything about someone race, color, or creed. They said drug dealer. You are the one who equates drug dealer to someone of a different race, not them. Drug dealers come in all shapes, sizes, genders and races. Perhaps you should check your perceptions before judging someone else.

      2. James Slick says:

        Maybe “informed” just realizes that the average Clairton resident don’t have $1000.00 laying under the bed.

      3. Rose says:

        To “Eyes Wide Open” (an ironic pseudonym you’ve chosen, by the way): you don’t have to spell out a racist comment when it’s implied. To automatically assume that anyone in Clairton with $1000 in cash is automatically a drug dealer or a thief is completely and totally ignorant. Your grandstanding is both arrogant and ignorant and if anyone’s perceptions need to be checked it’s most certainly yours.

      4. Dave says:

        People are saying that Clairton has a high drug/crime problem. Nowhere did the person stating that claim race.

  5. just saying... says:

    I feel that criminals give up their rights as soon as they commit a crime. Especially such a horrific one like this.

  6. BJS says:

    Statistics show that in a large portion of situaitons like this, the incident is not truly random. The victim is a victim simply because they have also been involved in criminal activity. I’m NOT saying that is true in this case, but I would not be surprised to find out the victim was targeted because they were known to keep cash on hand from previous criminal activity.

  7. Sharon says:

    Oh stop the nosense. Of course, this was drug money. What – they just happened upon this house and decided to see if the people had any money? Give me a break. I’ll also bet this house is section 8. We need to start having honest dicussions. Call me racist or a hater, I really don’t care – it won’t stop me from speaking up. People need to stop being afraid to speak up. Stand for something or fall for anything. That is why so many neighoods are in disarray, no body sees or hears anything. May God bless the good officers who risk their lives everyday.

    1. James Slick says:

      I agree with the idea that the shooters(s) targeted this house. They knew that there was cash there. If it was a random robbery, There are more affluent places to pick than Clairton! I live in Brentwood, and I never have more than $100 in cash (Mostly less than $50) laying around my house. Of course that grand was dope money!
      no Sam Spade needed to figure this out!

  8. ROBO says:

    Its amazing to read some of these comments posted here. I myself was a police officer for 12 years but had to leave the field because of a non work related medical condition. Be it you work full or part time does not matter. We all went through the same training as directed by the commonwealth. And it just goes to show you it takes a very special type of individual to get out there and put your life on the line every day without hesitation regardless of your status. Seems people always complain about the police until they need them. Officer Kuzak, wishing you a speedy recovery brother.

  9. will says:

    it is what it is… the officer knew the risk in being a police officer… so does any police officer. crime happens all the time otherwise we would not need police and laws to regulate society… not saying the officer deserved it but at this same time he knew the risk of being a target any where or any call he goes on.

    1. James Slick says:

      “will” is an idiot. Bus drivers,Steel Workers and EVERY OTHER WORKER “knows the risk” of their job! Why is it ONLY when a cop or a soldier gets hurt does some jagoff say “he knew the risk…”??? It is just sadly ironic that this happened on the 2nd anniversary of the Stanton Heights shootings!

      1. Irony says:

        Two year anniversary would make it a coincidence, not ironic…

  10. sharon says:

    It is what it is ???? What exactly does it mean? I don’t mean to insult anyone but I just don’t get it. Is this a Charliie Sheen term??? A human being is seriously injured and you say it is what it is??? I must be crazy to even respond to this.

  11. TIMSTER says:

    If ever anyone thinks or doubts that society is going down the toilet, just read these posts on this forum from all the idiots. Hard to believe that there are people like this walking among us in society.

  12. Marine Mom says:

    Officer Kuzak helped my son when he was in trouble a couple of years ago. He cared enough about the people he served and he took the time to talk to my son. He’s a really good guy. I wish him well and I’m praying for his recovery.

  13. ROBO says:

    IT IS WHAT IT IS?????? For your sake Will I pray you nor your family never ever needs a police officer or become a victim of a serious crime. Your comments only prove that society is going down hill FAST…And no matter what profession you choose NO ONE should be a target PERIOD!!

  14. will g says:

    another young person who hasn’t even lived yet just threw his life away. lets hope the police officer is ok and this young fellow doesn’t get out of prison untill he’s too old to remember his own name

  15. BJS says:

    Are you all really boiling the injury of an officer down to black on white crime?Black on black crime?Officer Kuzak was a HUMAN BEING.HE was doing his job to -PROTECT AND SERVE!.Do we not still live in America?Do we not all have the right toprotection under the law? Because if we don’t, we are no better thanthe governments in Afghanistan and Iraq who kill their own citizens!The officer did not differentiate between citizens who were possible drug dealers-or possibly of a different color or race..Where is your compassion Clairton?

Comments are closed.

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