Orie Retrial Delayed By Appeal

By: Harold Hayes

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Judge Jeffrey Manning has delayed the retrial of State Sen. Jane Orie until Superior Court responds to Orie’s latest appeal.

This morning, Orie’s lawyers asked the Superior Court to stop the retrial or at least assign the case to a new judge.

Her first trial resulted in a mistrial when prosecutors alleged the defense produced forged documents and the judge agreed.

Although Superior Court has not yet ruled on Orie’s latest request, the judge’s prior order allowed for a delay if the defense sought an answer from Superior Court for permission to appeal.

Jury selection in the retrial had been scheduled for Monday. There’s no word on how long it may take for the appeals court to review the defense requests.

Stay with KDKA for the latest on this developing story.

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One Comment

  1. chance says:

    She’s going down for the count. Last desperate move of someone who thought she was above the law.

  2. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Does anyone else think her lawyer looks like Alex Trebeck?

  3. ven says:

    She always looks so PO’d

    1. 2059 says:

      NOT po’d, she’s “fugly”

  4. RAYMOND says:


  5. chance says:

    Alex, “I’ll take Famous Prisons for $400”.

  6. Dr. Heffner says:

    When is Zappala going to look into the financial shenanigans that have been going on in Leetsdale, Coraopolis, and some of our school districts. There are malso frauds like William Livorio still running around.

  7. Scuzzy Janey says:

    Better call the “Angel Lady” Jane,…..She’ll prolly go to a “golfcourse” prison…….Maybe she could hook up with Mike Veon…….I’ll take lying,crooked bioches for $200 Alex

  8. ABS says:

    No apostrophe in “attorneys” in the headline! Geez…and I see mistakes like that all the ttime in your newscasts.

  9. Chubbs says:

    DOUBLE JEPARDY!….the catagory is “Crocked Blond goes to Prison”….Alex, I’ll wager $6969….

  10. RSQ says:

    bride of chuckie thinks everyone will forget if she keeps getting delays and posponments this is also costing tax payers add it on to the money she stole

  11. criter says:

    Pardon her. She is a Republican, If she was a democrat, i would hang her at sunrise

    1. Critersadik says:

      I don’t think you make enough money to be a republican,a$$hat

  12. JMarshall says:

    the real qustion is why didn’t the AG go after in the first place!! When are those R’s going to jail like the D’s did for the same broken laws!!

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