Residents Happy About Millvale Building Being Torn Down

MILLVALE (KDKA) – Demolition began Tuesday morning on an abandoned building that partially collapsed in Millvale Monday afternoon.

It was a long night for the demolition crew, but for the people living below the building, it has been an even longer wait.

The vacant apartment building began to fall Monday afternoon, but people living in the area said it has been crumbling for a number of years.

When the back wall collapsed, fear set in.

At midnight, a demolition crew began tearing down the three-story structure. Evergreen Avenue had to be closed, but residents were happy something was being done about the problem.

“Big sigh of relief. I have three daughters that play in the creek back there and there’s always a worry that something would break, piece of wood. Something [was] going to fall and it could [have] really hurt someone,” Terry Johnson said.

Ed Charters owns several row houses on North Avenue behind the building. He was concerned about debris falling into Girty’s Run which could have caused flooding.

“The only thing that I was worried about is if it falls into the creek here,” Charters said.

Most of the residents shared his concerns. They feared if the building fell that it would dam up the creek and bring water into their back yards and inside their homes.

“We’ll be done probably 24 hours from now,” Dale Lutterman from Lutterman Demolition said. “We’ll have all the wood debris hauled out by 3 p.m. and then we’ll be able to open the road back up and finish the project.”


Crews Begin Demolition Of Collapsing Building
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One Comment

  1. Jason says:

    I am a millvale firefighter and I am happy to see the building torn down due to such a high safety hazard for anyone. Kids playing in that creek and that building falling can be very dangerous. I’m glad to see no one was hurt and now that it is torn down, people and kids can be safe.

  2. Bc26 says:

    They should demolish the rest of Millvale and then head straight to Homewood!!!!!!!!

    1. Leslie says:

      That’s real nice….Have you ever been to either one of those towns? How can you make such a comment without knowing any of the people that live there…some of whom have lived there for their entire lives. There are a lot of good people and a lot of good businesses in Millvale. I think you should take a walk through the town before you talk about demolishing it.

      1. Bc26 says:

        As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been to Millvale plenty of times when it was mostly middle class nice people. Now you would have to dodge drug dealers, wife beaters, thugs, and ex-convicts in front of sunoco. Then walk a block down the street to attic records where you would do the same. Oh, and by then you should probably just walk a few more feet to the gazebo in front of the once beautiful Holy Spirit church. Why not? The third place would be the lucky charm! HEY LESLIE!!!!!! Move out of Millvale and head to Homewood! They also have SECTION 8!!!!!

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