Superior Court Rejects Effort To Delay Orie Retrial

By: Harold Hayes

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Pennsylvania Superior Court has rejected State Sen. Jane Orie’s effort to put off her retrial on corruption charges.

Her first trial ended in mistrial after the prosecution alleged the defense offered forged documents and Judge Jeffrey Manning agreed.

The judge delayed jury selection for the retrial until the Superior Court ruled.

Orie’s lawyers argued the appeals court should reverse a number of Manning’s rulings, but the court rejected defense arguments.

That means the Orie retrial could begin soon unless the defense seeks another appeal from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

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  1. JANE says:


  2. eazytime says:

    Save the taxpayers money, admit your guilt, do your time , resign your position and become a homemaker or get a job flipping burgers.

  3. Huh says:

    Hey KDKA, why did you turn off the comments on the fan at PNC Park? Maybe because people are more interested in hearing about your producer who got busted than all the other stories (where comments are still on)

    1. FixPGH says:

      You have to love the selective allowance of commenting on this site. That’s right KDKA, just sweep it under the rug that your producer was arrested like it never happened. I bet you wouldn’t censor a WPXI or WTAE producer getting arrested. In fact, I bet your golden boy Griffin would be all over that.

      1. Bob says:

        Not only that, but the POS calling him/herself “Uncle Cracker” consistently posts blatantly racist comments which are never removed unless they’re reported

  4. steveybee says:

    Send those sisters to prison for LIFE! The lowest form of criminal, is a public servant, that is self serving, and takes advantage of those they are elected to represent. An example needs to be made ,so that the corruption is identified, and those that violate our trust are held accountable for their actions.
    The election process needs to be policed. And those running for a new “job”, need to be forced to resign their current positions. I can’t imagine another scenario where one would be allowed to do this. Imagine if you were outspokenly trying for a new job in your company, and while you were interviewing, you expected your boss to continue to pay you, let you use their resources to job hunt and interview, and maybe borrow a few of the lower level employees at the company to help you job hunt. Sounds great, where do i sign up?!

  5. eazytime says:

    Huh & FixPGH,
    Both of you hit a bullseye with your statements.
    I made a comment also earlier and it was off within a half of an hour. She should be reprimanded or suspended for stating I work for KDKA and will have your arse. Was she drinking with her buddy, the drunken foul mouthed idiot who should have been clubbed on his head instead of his shoulder. Profane language by drunks at a family venue should not be tolerated AT ALL!

  6. Ugh ! says:

    God, that’s one ugly picture

  7. Carpface Jane says:

    I’ve pulled carp outa’ the Ohio river that had “purtier” mouths than hers

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