1 Dead After Crash On I-79 In Washington County

By: Heather Abraham

CECIL TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — One person is dead following an accident early this morning on Interstate 79 that caused major traffic delays in Washington County.

According to emergency officials, the crash happened just before 5:15 a.m. in the northbound lanes near mile marker 47 around the Southpoint interchange in Cecil Township.

Investigators say 40-year-old Stephen Haught of Canonsburg was driving northbound on I-79 when he lost control of his Dodge Ram 1500 and traveled off the road.

State police in Washington County say in an effort to get back on the road, Haught over-corrected, started traveling sideways across the lanes and went into the median.

The vehicle rolled multiple times before coming to a stop in the southbound lane.

Haught was ejected from the vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene by the Washington County Coroner.

“911 told me that the individual driver rolled the car, went across the median, rolled his vehicle and was ejected,” said Tim Warco, of the Washington County Coroner’s Office. “When I arrived at the scene, obviously he was deceased.”

State police say they believe speed may have played a factor in the crash.

During the morning commute, traffic came to a crawl as a result of the crash.

Northbound traffic was backed up at least three miles. State Police were forced to close the left lanes in both directions for two hours while they investigated and cleared the scene.

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One Comment

  1. Ren Williams says:

    I commute here everyday and people drive like complete maniacs.
    I’ve never seen anyone puled over for speeding.

  2. Dave Weaver says:

    This is tragic.
    I commute here everyday and see people driving like complete maniacs.
    State troopers turn a blind eye…

  3. Michael says:

    If he would have had his seat belt on, he probably would have walked away from the crash.

    1. Sheridan Haught says:

      seat belts dont always save lifes .

      1. Gordon Malaise says:

        More often than not, they do. Check the statistics. Your point is moot, because in this case, he would not have been ejected from the vehicle and he would have had a better chance. There is a reason why it’s a law, and it’s pretty simple to do.

        I’m more interested in hearing whether there was any hint of a BAC; after Warco’s comment about the containers.

  4. Tiffer says:

    I passed this wreck on the highway. There was no way he would have walked away from this crash the vehicle was mangled. Even if he has his seat belt on I don’t think he would have survived.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Seat belts do not always save your life..There are plenty of people who still die from wearing a seat belt, it depends on how you damaged your body, This man could have suffered severe head trauma, a seat belt will not save that. The story says that the man could of lost control of his car..well what if the car had a malfunction? I would personally sue the car company.

    1. B says:

      While you’re at it, sue Penndot, the asphalt company that made the pavement, the paint company that manufactured the line paint, etc, etc. Have you ever heard of “OPERATOR ERROR”?

      1. Carrie Kuhns says:

        How can you sue the car company when you have no idea if there was anything wrong with the vehicle??

  6. PATTY says:

    A man is dead, lets have a little compassion for the family!!!!!

    1. Sheridan Haught says:

      Thanks, it means a lot .

  7. Trey Haught says:

    Thank you.

  8. alderson says:

    he was a neighbor , nice guy…..very sad…my thoughts and prayers to the family.

    1. Sheridan Haught says:

      He was your neighbor !?!?! That was my biological dad, i havent talked to him for a while.

  9. Sheridan Haught says:

    Listen, it wasn’t his fault he was driving like a maniac, he was tired. That was my father, lets show a little respect. Thank you .

  10. Sheridan Haught says:

    what is this supposed to mean ?

  11. Jan Haught Bingham says:

    R.I.P Stevie, you will be much missed! You are with your parents now & in a much better place. Sheridan, I’m so very sorry for your lost. Your dad was my cousin, but I , too had not seen him in years. My thoughts & prayers are with you and your faimily. Please don’t let all the stupid comments get to you. Some people have no life & enjoy hurting others. So, very sad. God Bless, Jan

    1. sheridan haught says:

      Thanks Jan, yeah these comments were really getting to me. This is really hard on me and my brothers , and all thee family . we lovee him so muchh,

  12. Maddie says:

    this is terrible n im really sorry for what happened.. everybody just needs to stop being so rude about this n have aheart cause if this happened to their family they wouldnt say these things cause they would know what u feel…ilove u sheridan n i pray for u n ur family…lylas..ull always be my biff<3

    1. sheridan haught says:

      aweee, thanks madddieee ❤ ilvoeyou sooo muchhhh … yourrr reallly helpingg me throughhh thiss !
      biffff ❤

  13. Madison pride says:

    im so sorry about what happened n people need to stop being rude n have aheart cause if this happened to their family the wouldnt say those things n they would know what u were going through i want u to know that im here for u and im praying for u guys…i love u n we will be biffs for life!!!<3

  14. Linda says:

    Sheridan, Trey, and Tristen. We’re so sorry for the loss of your dad. You are in our prayers.

    1. sheridan haught says:

      Thanks so muchhh Linda . i have no idea who you are , but your though counts, and it helps a lot ❤

    2. sheridan haught says:

      Linda, thank you . I have no idea who you are, but you must know me and my family ❤ Your careee countss, thankss soo muchh ❤

  15. Edgar Snyder says:

    Welcome to the KDKA memorial site for tired and unfortunate. Here seat belt use must not be mentioned for fear of insulting the families and their memorial posts. You can only mention seat belts don’t always work in roll-over, speeding accidents and it was someone other than the drivers fault. All other post will be deleted by the mods, including even hinting about culling of the herd.

    1. Family Friend says:

      I’m really glad you find humor in this.. If you dont like whats being posted, get something else to spend your time on. Some people do get really offended when people make statements about something they have NO IDEA ABOUT.

    2. Howie True says:

      ❤ … very well said. This is not the guestbook at a funeral, it's a public forum. It was a tragic accident… but with a little rest and seat-belt usage, could it have been prevented? Very possible. Slow down. Don't drink and drive, don't drive tired (I believe research shows they're about the same as far as impact on reaction time) and for God's sake, just drive carefully!

  16. Kathy Jo Statler says:

    Sheridan, Trey and Tristen,

    I am praying that God will comfort your hearts, uplift your spirits and carry you through this time of sadness.

    With caring thoughts,

    Kathy Jo Statler

    1. sheridan haught says:

      Thanks, God is definitly with us in this rough time. Thanks for yourrr thoughtss ( :

  17. will says:

    Let’s pray for the family going through a tragic loss of their loved one…

  18. Hillary Jones says:

    Trey, Tristan and Sheridan,
    I love you guys and don’t listen the mean and heartless things people are posting. I know its hurts that God called another angel home. We don’t know why bad things happen to good people, we have to have faith that good things are going to come from this. God is going to give you guys the strength to get through this. I love you guys and if you guys need anything i am here!!!

    1. sheridan haught says:

      Thanks so much Hillary ! youuu aree realllyy helping me out , in this time of needddd . God is with us so much, right now . And he loves us every step of the way . we love you

  19. TIMSTER says:

    When did this become a memorial site? Doesn’t the family have phones to call one another? If it bothers people about these comments, DON”T RESPOND BACK. Oh, and Stephanie, you are a complete idiot.

    1. sheridan haught says:

      ahh you have no idea what this is like . you should keep your opinion to yourself, if you have nothing good to say ! k, thanks ( : and stephanie is not a idiot, budd !

  20. Amanda Wolfe says:

    Sheridan….your one of my best friends and I can’t bare when your sad and just not you.You are always the one putting us in a good mood and its hard knowing that ur not happy. I wish this had never happened. Just remember that ill always be here for you! Iloveyou!!!!!<3

    1. sheridan haught says:

      amanda ! iloveyouuu , i cant wait to get bakk to school with you guys, and laughhhh anddd havee funn ! thanks for everythingg , biffs foreverrr . iloveyou ❤

      1. Amanda Wolfe says:

        I cant wait either…these last couple of day have been really hard for you guys and i just can’t wait untill u cant get back to ur normal self because u are a wonderful and awesome person. dont listen to thes people who come on here and type thoughs horrible and carless messages..they dont know you and should keep there thoughts to them-selves…….ily<3 biffs

  21. Roy, Treena, and Kelsey says:

    Trey, Tristan, and Sheridan

    We want you to know we are thinking about you. You are in our thoughts and our prayers. God is with you and will give you the strength to get through this time of sadness. We hope the special memories of your Dad will comfort you. Please take care.

    1. sheridan haught says:

      Thanks ! the memories aree helping alot. we had such great times with himm ! God is with us, in this rough time ! thanks again ( :

  22. Jamie says:

    Good thing he didnt crash into another vehicle and killed others, people need to atleast pull to the side of the road if they are too tired or cannot drive as they usually do! I drive on this morning commute every day and on average, people drive 80 mph on a 55 and I rarely ever see any cops. If you cant drive like your usual self, your putting other peoples lives at risk just like drunk driving…

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