Improved Treatment Taming Frizzy Hair Safely

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Summer is right around the corner, and so is the humidity and bad hair days for women with frizzy, naturally curly hair.

But some local women are raving about a new version of a smoothing treatment that keeps hair straight and manageable for months. It is called the Brazilian Blowout Zero.

“My hair gets frizzy so quickly,” said Jennifer Salandra, of Mount Washington. “I have to put a hot product on, flat iron on it all the time. I don’t want to do that anymore, it’s just damaging my hair.”

Salandra, like many women in Pittsburgh, can’t wait to get what the hottest celebrities already know and use.

The Brazilian Blowout Zero is now boasting zero percent formaldehyde, which has been classified as a known human carcinogen. It had clients complaining about fumes, breathing problems, swollen eyes and scalp irritation.

“The original Brazilian Blowout, in 25 years of doing hair, was probably most popular product, treatment that I experienced on customers,” said Bill Lincoln, of Sognatore Salon & Spa. “However, Brazilian Blowout thought they should change their product. So, they came out with a new product called Brazilian Blowout Zero.”

Now, this safer version of the original has the phones ringing off the hook at Sognatore in downtown Pittsburgh.

“The reason why its most popular is because it’s really not a chemical. It’s all keratin-infused into the hair and that’s what takes away the frizz and the wave,” said Lincoln. “So, it’s not like a traditional relaxer that we used to do, that was sort of like a cream-perm solution but was damaging to the hair.”

The treatment is done in four steps; first, applying the product to towel-dried hair.

“The second step to the treatment is we’re just going to blow dry the product straight into the hair,” said Jennie Williams, a stylist at Sognatore. “In the original Brazilian Blowout, this where a lot of the steam would be coming off of her head from heating the product up.”

Step three is to flat iron one-inch sections of the hair multiple times over the hair shaft.

Finally, step four is rinsing the hair thoroughly; no shampoo, just a little conditioner and then blow dry the hair. In the end, your left with soft, straight hair.

“I love it,” said Salandra. “It is beautiful and it feels so soft. I think I like the texture more than I like looking at it.”

As for safety concerns that came with the original Brazilian Blowout, Salandra had zero complaints with new treatment.

“It actually had a sweet scent kind of,” she said. “There were no fumes. I had heard rumors that I was concerned about bothering me. Also, the product on your hair tingling; I had no feeling, nothing at all. It actually was very cool, like putting a conditioner on it.”

Depending on how much you wash your hair, the treatment should last three months, cutting down on time and saving money on straightening products.

“I will no longer have to worry about running late. I will get up in the morning and if I don’t have time to blow dry my hair, I don’t have worry about it being frizzy or pulling it back,” said Salandra. “It will air dry throughout the day.

The treatment costs $300 and again it lasts three months. This isn’t just for women with long hair either, many ladies with short hair are also getting the treatment.

Sognatore Salon & Spa
Brazilian Blowout Zero


One Comment

  1. Rochelle Rosensteel says:

    if this product works its bad for you the only way your gonna get the keratin to stay in the hair for a long time is for use a formadahyde to keep the hair stright and preserve it . brazzilan blowout is a bunch of liars they have been lying to us for so long i will never believe them do your research peoople . i did im a hairstyist i would love to pump these out but at what cost for your health dont trust them at all

  2. stormie says:

    Rochelle you are correct I have a few clients that are hair stylists and they will not do the ‘Death Blow Out’. Once the fumes and chemicals get into your lungs and skins cells whatever happens will be hard to dispute in court. just my opinion.

  3. Derek says:

    Bill Lincoln. like so many of us in the Industry, wants to believe what he has been told. Unfortunately, all he had to do was read the ingredients to realize the product contains “Proprietary Compounds” (it was Formaldehyde last time) as well as Sodium Hydroxide (a strong chemical found in Relaxers and Drain Cleaners).

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