Huntington Bank Offering ’24-Hour’ Grace

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – When you’re the new business in town, you sometimes have to try something different to get new customers and that’s exactly what Huntington Bank is doing.

“With the economic times being more challenging and at the same time consumers being annoyed to a degree with what they would term nuisance fees in banking, we wanted to be proactive in addressing that,” Huntington Bank Regional President David Hammer said.

Huntington Bank calls it “Fair Play Banking.” While other banks are adding new fees to their services, Huntington is cutting back on theirs.

Hammer said that led to something called “24-hour Grace.”

It’s extra time to get cash into your account when you overdraw on checks or debit cards so you can avoid that hefty fee.

Doug Bell admits he’s had to pay those fees, but likes the idea of a grace period.

“They’re terrible, they’re terrible. They add up,” Bell said. “I think you could save yourself money and I think you could save your credit with the bank and your reputation.”

Huntington claims it is the only bank in the country with 24-hour grace. Local banks like PNC, Citizens, First Niagara and Dollar said they have other consumer-friendly policies, but admit they don’t have 24-hour grace.

“This is a permanent change here. There are no gimmicks here. This isn’t a lead-on. We want to be fair to our consumers. We want to be a differentiator,” Hammer said.

The real question is whether “Fair Play Banking” at Huntington Bank will lead all the other banks in town to adopt it and a 24-hour grace period.


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One Comment

  1. Christine says:

    Huntington Bank is the best bank ever, no fees, lots of perks for banking there and a down home welcoming atmosohere with the absolute best service!!!!

  2. Marie says:

    I prefer PNC over Huntington in my opinion. If you use your Huntington card as a debit instead of credit, you get charged .25 every time. When they took over Sky Bank, they lost a lot of customers over stupid hidden charges they have. I have alot of friends who were w/ them & ended up going to National City (Now PNC)

  3. marie says:

    I might be wrong, Huntington might of stopped that 25 cent charge for pin use, but still, alot of people didn’t like that & was the reason they left. they lost alot of business over that.

  4. banks suck says:

    A 2 week grace period is a better option, what if you don’t get paid and something you did not expect to come thru does? What if a bill is higher then normal? That is one reason not to do automatic pays. I tried it once and the utility company always took money out first then notified me of how much and any increase. So how are you supposed to cover something if you don’t have the extra money till next pay??

    1. Just Saying... says:

      2 week grace? Really? If you blow throught your paycheck the day you get it you have bigger problems than banking fees.

      1. banks suck says:

        I’m not talking about blowing thru a paycheck. You can’t blow thru a paycheck of $400 when your bills are $375.00 , I am saying what if the bills come to $410 dollars and you overdraft because you were not expecting the extra $10 and the compnay you are paying did not inform you of the increase till AFTER they take the money out. What then?

  5. John Testa says:

    dont spend it if you dont have it

  6. dilly says:

    if you dont got the cash dont spend it because its gonna bite you in the you know what

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