PITTSBURGH (KDKA)- Tax deadline day is officially here and if you’ve waited this long to file your return, you’re running out of time.

The tax deadline rush seemed to be absent Monday morning at Jackson Hewitt on Banksville Road. Because the deadline was pushed back, people had a little extra cushion to complete their taxes this year.

“It helps more people because those people who wait until the end still don’t have everything together a lot of times. So, it gives them those couple other days,” Norma Orouke said.

Orouke still anticipates last-minute filers coming in throughout the day.

The call center certainly stayed busy and was prepared for any questions leading up to the midnight deadline.

Vincent Daniele said he was very thankful for the additional time since this year he’s shelling out over a $1,000 in taxes.

“Instead of getting money back, this year I actually owe money. But [I have to] pay it,” Daniele said.

Another thing to remember this year, the post office will not stay open until midnight.

So, before you drop your taxes in the sidewalk mailbox, check the collection times to make sure you didn’t miss the last pick up.

“We don’t have extended hours, but we are open until 7 p.m. here at the GMF on the North Side, Monroeville, McKnight, Montour and Coraopolis until 7 p.m.,” USPS Consumer Affairs Manager Mark Wahl said.

For a complete list of post offices with extended hours in the Pittsburgh area, click here.


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