Lawrence Co. Couple Assaulted During Home Invasion

UNION TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — State police have made one arrest after a violent home invasion in Lawrence County.

“I thought they were going to kill me,” said Tim McMillen, of Union Township, Lawrence County.

Police say two home invaders barged through McMillen’s unlocked front door over the weekend and began beating the paralyzed man with a gun.

McMillen was paralyzed seven years ago after his spine was severed in a tree cutting accident. He needs a wheelchair to get around.

State police have arrested 21-year-old Robert Bogdan but are still looking for a second suspect. Police tell KDKA that Bogdan is believed to have been in McMillen’s home before since his former girlfriend had worked as a care provider for McMillen.

While one of the home invaders stayed with Tim, the other went upstairs and dragged his wife Amy down, according to police. Amy McMillen says she was beaten on the head with a gun as well.

They say the robbers demanded money and Tim’s pain pills. They allegedly stole a lock box containing prescription medicine and financial documents, as well as rifles, a handgun and cell phones. They also ransacked the place, destroying some of the the family’s belongings, according to the McMillens.

The McMillens are glad to be alive and glad the robbers didn’t hurt their three children.

“I was just waiting for them to shoot,” said McMillen. “It was just so scary!”


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One Comment

  1. Prepared says:

    Cowards. Kick my door in and see what happens. Some people think I’m paranoid because even when I’m home my pistol is either on my person or seconds away. Incidents like this is why, I won’t be begging for my life or wondering if they’re going to shoot me or my wife and kids. Cops will be dragging two dead druggies out of my house.

    1. Your're Not Alone says:

      You are not alone I also have my large caliber handgun on me at all times and I laugh when people think I’m paranoid and I’m a good shot as opposed to the druggies who can’t see straight.
      If they ever take people’s guns away the bad guy’s will still have theirs and thats what anti gun people don’t understand

    2. Wack 'em says:

      They kick in my door & they’ll bleed out in my living room

  2. bev says:

    I totally agree with “Prepared”..if more people shot back, thugs would begin to think twice before entering a house. The man should have had a weapon in his wheelchair somewhere…bang..bang…intruders no more!!

  3. The Judge says:

    Yes I’m with you prepared. Actually just bought my new carry weapon along with receiving my carry license. I’m only 5 minutes away where this guy lives. If these guys decide to come in my home they will be getting what I like to call…”the judge.” No carry weapon when you step in. No no. Much more powerful. Two bullets to the cranio-ocular cavity. Step on in boys and be judged.

    1. Best Of Both Worlds says:

      I know what you mean give them the best of both worlds 410/45 LC
      I hope for their sake they don’t pick you to try to victimize.

  4. Thomas J Duttine says:

    I never liked handguns but now I have two. One within a seconds reach when I am awake and about. And a larger one in the bedroom, also within a seconds reach. If you decide to kick my door in the next face you see will be St. Pete!

  5. Lk says:

    in this world, they pick on the weak, sick and old. All animals do. What a horrible thing.

  6. Smith & Wesson says:

    People are so against guns anymore, its your constitutional right to protect yourself..i got my shotgun under my bed and plan to keep my .38 on me 24/7…in today’s world you can trust anyone or anything…you are your only protection

  7. MCMILLEN says:

    When someone has medical bills beyond belief it may be hard to afford a self defense weapon. People in this world are sick. To take advantage of anyone is such a way is terrible. It is bitter sweet for timmy to be able to recognize one of the intruders. To have one of the men behind bars is great but the fact that someone who used to care for him enhanced the oppurtunity of this happening. Hopefully a HIPPA violation investagation is going to take place because there was a clear violation that lead to further devastation. I LOVE YOU UNCLE TIMMY!

    1. MCMILLEN says:

      we are thankful nothing more tragic happened and that the children are safe.

    2. Prepared says:

      I’m glad your uncle and his family are ok. The article said that he had a handgun because they stole it so that isn’t or at least wasn’t an issue. The problem is that he didn’t have it accessible, someone in your family needs to get him a holster and strap it to his chair where he can grab it quickly. Find out exactly what model handgun he has if he gets it back and check Dukes on Rt.422 for a blackhawk serpa or similar retention holster. With that type you have to push a button to release the firearm from the holster so it will keep the little ones away. If nobody in your family can come up with $50 for the holster post the model of his gun here and I’ll buy it, you can pick it up at Dukes.

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