Local Couple Accused Of Abusing 2-Month-Old Baby

BURGETTSTOWN (KDKA) — Police arrested a local couple accused of abusing their 2-month-old baby.

Daniel and Tracey Kryskowiak, of Burgettstown, are charged in connection with their daughter’s injuries.

Doctors at Children’s Hospital found several substantial injuries to the baby’s skull, ribs and legs.

Police say her father admitted to dropping the baby on different occasions.

They say her mother admitted to knowing the baby was hurt, but never sought medical attention for her.

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One Comment

  1. caren says:

    take the baby away and sterilize both of them..they don’t deserve to have a child in there care and should not be allowed to have any kids in the future

    1. johnny69 says:

      I totally agree that should be how they handle all child abusers

      1. Hoss says:

        KDKA opens the comments board for a story about these animals abusing their baby. But they don’t open the comment board on stories about the animals in Wilkinsburg and East Liberty shooting each other. Why is that?

      2. crackalack says:

        Because HOSS you would be the 1st to go cracker…

      3. Hoss says:

        @crackalack. You’re wrong and missed my point. Open the comments to all stories or none at all. And I purposely stay away from making comments about racially tinged stories. Nice that you took the low road and used the word “cracker.”

      4. Jaison says:

        What hoss meant to say crackalack is the black people in those area’s “animals” which both area’s are predominantly black neighborhoods. Clearly Hoss is the racist here and someone called him out on it . Do you wanna call me and my family monkeys too Hoss?

      5. Hoss says:

        Jaison, you and crackalack are both mistaken. I called the white folks “animals” too. But you missed that while jumping to conclusions. I comment on the person’s actions, not the color of their skin. I never used the word “monkey.” Take your race baiting somewhere else. And if you or your family were involved in a running gunfight, no matter what section of the area, or abused their baby, then yes I would call you an animal to your face. I would expect the same done to me if I committed committed crimes like these.

  2. gilman says:


    1. Suzanne Shade says:

      Children having children…….

    2. bill says:

      Anyone typing in CAPS in a forum should be neutered!

  3. servantoftruth says:

    Some “people” have no business having children. Hey, crazies, its priviledge not a right. You should earn the priviledge not just have it because you’re old to produce sperm and an egg. Animals can do that. Hint, hint.

  4. kev says:

    these two look like brother and sister… inbredding i bet

    1. bill says:

      Fail troll

  5. LEK says:

    why the hell are they smiling ? I agree with Servent!

    1. Hoss says:

      Those pictures are copies of their driver’s license photos.

  6. ECPA says:

    Sick Sick parents…how a mother knows her child is hurt and stands by and does nothing..she shouldnt be allowed to have anymore or him either…praying this little girl start to heal now that she is in a safe place

  7. ENFORCER says:

    The old “I dropped the baby” excuse. I knew it before I read the article.

  8. LSC says:

    Absolutely terrible,….i am fighting to have a child….and these children are having them and abusing them….they both need to be sterilized…..so that no other child can feel the pain their daughter already had to undergo…..i am glad they are in jail!!!!!

  9. Mepet says:

    Nothing surprises me about these pigs! They are from Burgettstown. Both should be locked up and sterilized. It’s a shame they are afforded the right to breathe the same air as that precious little baby.

  10. mary says:

    The moment he dropped that baby the first time they should have sought medical treatment,with them being young, ignorance played a big factor, like most of our young today.

  11. bill says:

    news like this really saddens me those that want and a child cant have any my theory is any boy or girl can have a baby BUT it takes a real woman and a real man to take care of it

    1. I'm with stupid ^^^^^^^^ says:

      Thats not your theory . You just stole that saying off a bumper sticker moron!

      1. leilei says:

        watch ur mouth.

  12. billyd says:

    someone should do that to them

  13. Wen D says:

    I was only 19 when I had my daughter – she grew up to be valedictorian of her class and is now in her 2nd yr of college. I’ve never laid a hand on her or my other 2 children. This isn’t a young person’s disease this is simply a by-product of our society because the people who act this way are not punished harsh enough.

  14. bt68 says:

    i like turtles

  15. Cindi says:

    Unfortunately there are a lot of not mentally stable people in the world… But keep in mind you are only getting one side of the story from the news and they tend to twist things around … Tracy and her mom Diane have had a very hard life from what i remember from our childhood… BUT still if the accusations are correct and true then she will be judged in court and by god… My prayers are with their family and the baby…

    1. Ryan says:

      There is no excuse to harm a child, I don’t care what your life was like.

      1. Wen D. says:

        Everyone has a sad story – I can give you one a mile long. I have been sexually abused on more than 1 occassion. I’ve been mistreated in all the relations I’ve had and my parents were never there for me. I still don’t treat my kids bad – I know what it feels like to be treated badly – I don’t want my kids to know.

  16. Mommy says:

    Wen D– I agree. I was 18 and my husband 22 when we had our Daughter and She has been treated like a Princess since the day she was born. So don’t blame it on “young” people. Its ignorant, rude, selfish people who do this to innocent babies. Not just because they’re young.

  17. Hoss says:

    Oh I’m not afraid of Crackalack. I just get tired of fighting the battle of wits with unarmed opponents.

    1. Mellisa K. says:

      Hoss and Steve Racist comment will not be tolerated on these boards .

    2. Hoss says:

      Mellisa…funny, you call out me and Steve but not crackalack (who used the racist word “cracker”). Read my posts again. I comment on actions, not color of skin.

  18. Former CPS Worker says:

    You are SO naive. One side of the story? People physically harm children and think that doctors at Children’s Hospital will buy their lame-ass story as to what happened.

    You don’t know what people are like behind closed doors. No one is going to brag about abusing their child, so don’t presume that you really know someone.

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