Pittsburgh International Airport Continues To Evolve

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Are you planning on flying this Easter weekend?  What about this summer’s holiday vacation?

If you’re traveling through Pittsburgh International Airport then you will want to take a listen to what JoAnn Jenny has to say.

Jenny represents the Allegheny County Department of Aviation at Pittsburgh International and she tells KDKA’s Mike Pintek the extra baggage fees are changing the way people think before packing to fly.

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Pittsburgh International Airport

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  • Mike Peace

    Yes, this was very BIG NEWS, thank you for sharing.
    Our airport is but a shadow of what it once was, remaining jobs are in jeopardy , hub status just a distant memory. What does Onarato think now, US Airways has all but ruined our city , Thank you once again. Who is selling Pittsburgh, what is it they don;t understand? Low cost of living, available job market each year from some of the best colleges and Universities in the nation.
    What are we doing wrong?
    But at least now we know how to pack, lucky us.

  • John

    It is a disgrace all of the fees the airlines are charging. Some you can get away without paying. You have to bring luggage with you

  • redrock100

    Just remember this when u do fly. USAIR refuses to purchase any Boeing jets made in the U.S. Go Southwest.

  • Zoeyzotron

    Pittsburgh International is a fantastic Airport, top three in the US in my opinion. We just need more flights!

  • critter

    Never going to happen. Make the C and D concourses into jails.

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