Ashton Gibbs Leaving Pitt?

By: Mike Vukovcan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It looks as though Pitt coach Jamie Dixon is going to have to replace more than Gilbert Brown, Brad Wanamaker and Gary McGhee.

When Pitt guard Ashton Gibbs entered his name into the NBA Draft in late March, most people figured he’d change his mind before the May 8th deadline.

It looks as though those people were wrong.

Gibbs spoke with and tells them that he is 100 percent staying in the draft.

Gibbs told Jeff Borzello of CBS Sports that, “When I entered the draft, I entered to get drafted. I feel like I can play on that level and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Gibbs averaged 16.8 points and 2.8 assists last season for Pitt. The strength of his game is outside game, shooting 49 percent from 3-point range.

No mock draft has Gibbs getting drafted in the 1st or 2nd rounds.

I think Gibbs is aware of his draft status. I’ve heard that his immediate plan would be to play in Europe or the NBA Development league, where he’d get paid.

The deadline for pulling your name from the draft is May 8th.

Once again, is reporting that Gibbs is leaving Pitt.

If he ends up leaving, who will be the 5 starters for Pitt next season?

Here would be my starting five w/out Gibbs:

PG: Travon Woodall
SG: Lamar Patterson
C: Khem Birch
PF: Dante Taylor
SF: J.J. Moore

Bench: Nasir Robinson, Talib Zanna, Cam Wright, Isaiah Epps, Durand Johnson, Malcolm Gilbert


One Comment

  1. Matt says:

    Uhm, he’s a set shooter. He’s not going to have an NBA career.

  2. Randy says:

    He sux

  3. ZZZ says:

    WoW, Is someone ever misleading Gibbs, he’s not that good, and probably no better that anyone already on a NBA roster. Sure he was Pitts leading scorer, someone had to be….. And definitely no Kemba Walker..
    Stay at Pitt another year, become a leader and go to guy…..Other teams have THAT go to guy, that when the game is on the line, they put the ball in their hands, and say, go win it.. Pitt doesn’t / didn’t have this…..

  4. bob litterini says:

    he has a lot to learnyet. He better stay at Pitt. The money will come.

  5. Mon River Towing says:

    Gibbs should go pro if he wants. the money is still good in europe. plus, you get to live in europe! The NBA is the stupidest league. Nobody watches it. I love Pitt basketball and never miss a game. I wish Gibbs the best. His shooting prowess will be sorely missed by the idiots here that say he sux. Without him Pitt sux.

    1. brad says:

      no one watches the NBA? oh ya, thats why they make 6 BILLION a year,, because no one watches

  6. einar says:

    Great shooter but he barely creates his own shot in college. He’s a defensive liability. He has no NBA future now or next year.

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