Montour High School Fire Probed

MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) — A fire that started on the roof of Montour High School Friday afternoon is under investigation.
The school’s campus on Clever Road in McKees Rocks has been a construction zone for months.

Building materials were scattered everywhere.

“Our engines couldn’t get in tight, our ladders couldn’t get in,” Moon Run Fire Chief Paul Kashmer said. “Finally, Station 128 Crafton jumped the curb and we were able to get in tight enough.”

Preliminary indications are a construction crew working on the roof may have touched it off.

“They were welding up there and one of the sparks from the welding apparently caught the tar paper on fire,” Robinson Township Police Officer Noel Pilewski said.

School was not in session. Assistant Superintendent Jason Burik says all of the high school students have been attending classes in the middle school because of the construction.

The fire was confined to the roof of the administration offices.

Montour High School
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One Comment

  1. steve jobs says:

    the electrician probably went to montour

    1. JJ says:

      you idiot, the guy that caught the building on fire was a welder not an electrician, obviously you’re sorry @$$ didn’t go to montour otherwise you would have known that.

  2. George Sumter says:


  3. Airdoc says:

    This whole complex has been empty during construction. The students have been spread out to different schools in the district.

  4. pinto says:

    weere never gonna get in that building now

    1. Boxcar says:

      I hope the English wing wasn’t damaged

  5. Boxcar says:

    I bet someone from StoRox did it

  6. Rush 4 Prez says:

    I bet it was the liberals again, freakin liberals

  7. Fred says:

    Boyer probably owns a fire restoration service company besides all the other companies he has making money from Montour SD.

    1. Arlene says:

      Nice one 😉

  8. CAROL says:

    Or maybe it was someone from Montour.

  9. A Normal Resident says:

    Wow not one comment here expressing concern if anyone was injured or that this is an unfortunate event for the students and families of the community. Just negativity and sarcasm. If you have such negative attitudes about the District then there are 499 more in Pa you can move to.

    1. Wrong Place Right Time! says:

      Looking for the kindness of humanity on internet message boards is like looking for widom scrawled on public bathroom stalls.

      1. Wrong Place Right Time! says:


    2. disgusted says:

      but i guess it’s ok for anyone from kennedy twp or robinson to make comments about sto-rox though right? because honestly, there are alot of problems in the montour school district as well. and how do you know no one is concerned about those involved in the fire? just because it wasn’t asked doesnt mean they aren’t.

  10. spartanpride13 says:

    they have been promising us that we would get into the new finished high school for ten years now…

  11. MelsHell says:

    This whole MONTOUR renovation/recycling project is a SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS.. Why a new set of Buildings could not have been built on the immense campus is beyond me.. Instead all the concern was around “recycling 50 year old bricks” and buildings, removing old drywall, removing asbestos.. etc.. Now with this fire, you know it’s going to disrupt the students for another school year… What a joke! This district is FLUSH with CASH, having $30million set aside from an unnecessary tax increase/bond issue…

  12. Fred says:

    “A Normal Resident” obviously does not know what is going on in the district and the damage being done. All reports have said there are no injuries and yes, this is a very unfortunate event . Having been born and raised around here, you need to know that the Sto-Rox comment was tongue-in-cheek. For years, anytime anything happened at Montour people said “it must have been the kids from Sto-Rox (or Moon, or WA, or…). Montour kids never do anything wrong. As for the other comments, check out how many conflicts exist with Boyer and the companies hired to do jobs at Montour. He is being paid a salary, transportation costs and more PLUS he makes money through his companies. This is much more damaging to our district than this little fire.

  13. local says:

    gone………good riddance losers

  14. JS says:

    At Montour, like most western PA school districts, politics and nepotism run rampant. Its been this way for a long time. Its easy to blame the corrupt politicians (everyone from Kennedy and Robinson knows who calls the shots there). But who keeps electing them and supporting the machine? Its those with jobs in the district, those with spouses and children hired by the district, those who own or work for companies and suppliers who work for the district, and the senior citizens who blindly pull the party lever for the endorsed candiates (I.e., those in the pocket of the corrupt bosses) because that is what they were taught to do by their parents. It wont change until candidates with the guts to fight the system are elected by voters who are sick of the system.

    1. MelsHell says:

      Being a Montour graduate, I now live far away in a more progressive part of the country. Here we have LARGER school districts, sometimes with multiple (2-3) High Schools per district.. The difference being that School Districts are city-wide, covering a population of 100-200K Residents, and not borough or township based (10-20K Residents)… Imagine a scenario whereby the immediate western suburbs of Pittsburgh were ONE SCHOOL DISTRICT with perhaps 3-4 High Schools serving the students… Instead it’s the same mess from the 1940s-50s, with declining enrollments, tax-bases, decrepit buildings, politics, patronage jobs, etc.. Guess things never change there in the ‘Burgh.. LOL

    2. Dem bashers says:

      Until your Republican boys get elected. Then it’s more of the same.

  15. disgusted says:

    oh and by the way, my boyfriend is one of the paramedics called to the scene and it was caused by a welder.

  16. local4321 says:

    @melshell……….their not flush for cash anymore, Why do you think those crooks had that fire, kiss your 30 mil plus much more goodbye

  17. CAROL says:

    Sto Rox may have the same problem . School board problems. I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt in a fire no matter where they are from. Like Montour we have the ability to have good school districts. What would happen if the school districts and police depatments merge? Are we going to keep on fighting or learn to get along. Montour is not any better than Sto Rox. We are all human beings who want the same thing for our kids. Get your heads out of the air. No one knows waht the future brings. Watch who you vote for. That goes for both school districts. PEACE!!!!!

  18. Kengles says:

    Way to go guys. Keep up the great work

  19. A Cynical Student says:

    Ha! It’s a sure sign of progress at Montour… Oh, and the welder was probably from StoRox. Derp.

  20. Student says:

    It is sad that we are not going to be able to graduate in the new highschool that was meant to be done when we were freshmen. Instead of you immature adults only caring about your salaries and pointing your dirty fingers at someone, why don’t you think of your own children for once. Afterall we are your future.

    1. Ed Trembulak says:

      true that

  21. Mandie McKean says:

    well i hope everyone was alright, but this whole project has seemed doomed from the beginning. how far does this push things back?

  22. Student says:

    We don’t have to worry guys we got 28 million to use anyway.

  23. uncle says:

    Ask you mother or father where there from you a-hole, they all came from the rox

  24. uncle says:

    I say raise the taxes at montour and make it a even 30 million

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