MOUNT LEBANON (KDKA) — The parents of a local teenager are concerned for her safety after the young man accused of attacking her was released from custody.

The fears and concerns for Joe and Grace DeIuliis are now becoming a reality.

Earlier this month, Robertino DeAngelis was released from a detention center and returned to his parents’ home in Mount Lebanon, which is two miles from the DeIuliis’ home.

“What is the rational thing that we can do when we’re still within walking distance of such a violent predator,” said Grace, Sarah DeIuliis’ mother.

DeAngelis is accused of attacking Sarah with a hammer four years ago. He has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet and get psychiatric evaluations now that he has returned to his parents’ home.

“To me, the community is at risk, the rest of my family members are a risk, and primarily my daughter Sarah is at risk,” said Joe DeIuliis, Sarah’s father.

But Joe DeIuliis is angry at the probation department for not keeping up with the court-ordered plan that DeAngelis would not be in Mt. Lebanon when their daughter comes home from college.

“We specifically stated that Sarah would be home for Easter,” said Joe. “It was clearly established in court that day what the intent was; and why it wasn’t adhered to, I have no idea. I’m appalled by the whole situation.”

But the probation department set up a one-week advanced notice, which was not part of the court order and said they missed the window. Now, Sarah won’t be coming home for Easter.

“All we wanted was that small morsel of consideration to be adhered to and it was taken from us,” said DeIuliis’ father.

The DeIuliis family says they are now considering moving out of Mount Lebanon to protect their daughter.

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