PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The persistent rainy weather we’ve gotten during the month of April has prompted plenty of flooding concern but it’s causing other problems as well.

Whether it’s a baseball diamond, a soccer field or a golf course, it’s just no place to play in the rain. Many local people are tired of it putting a damper on their springtime outdoor activities.

Also, it is having an impact on some local businesses.

Jeff Wright, who manages the Moon Golf Club, says he’s seen a major drop in tee times.

“We are about 30 percent behind where we were last year and it’s really tough to make up,” said Wright.

Another problem is the damage the rain is causing to the turf.

“With this much rain, the mud and the grass, the carts – it’s not a good combination,” he said.

But right now, there’s no letup in sight as April showers are reaching record levels.

“Well, we’ve had exactly double our normal rainfall through midnight last night,” said Bill Drzal, of the National Weather Service. “We’ve had 4.2 inches of rain so far and the normal is 2.1.”

In an example of how heavy the rain has been since the beginning of April, experts say on five occasions, water levels have surpassed the Mon Wharf.

“Since the sixth of April, generally above 18 feet with little time for them to even get it cleaned off in between,” said Drzal.

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