Elderly Woman Injured In McKeesport Shooting

MCKEESPORT (KDKA) – An elderly woman was injured when someone fired several shots into her daugher’s home early Saturday morning.

According to police, the incident happened around 2:30 a.m. Saturday on Jenny Lind Street in McKeesport.

The family had gathered at the home for a funeral and the house was packed at the time when two gunmen opened fire.

Bullet fragments struck 84-year-old Elizabeth Dumas in the head. She is bedridden.

“When I hit the floor, something grazed the back of my neck,” Linda Brown, the victim’s daughter, said.

Brown and her sister rushed to the bed of their mother.

“She knew something had happened,” Brown said. “She didn’t understand what had happened.”

Dumas’ wound turned out to be minor.

Allegheny County Police are handling the investigation.


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One Comment

  1. Ida Slapther says:

    You will have noticed by now that no good news ever comes out of McKeesport. I feel so sorry for the tax paying and law abiding citizens. There is no hope for a bright future for this once great city.

  2. johnny69 says:

    I don’t feel sorry for them at all, they choose to look the other way instead of making the bad guys mysteriously “disappear” forever. When will they get tired of living in fear and being held hostage to the bad guys? In many cases these “poor people” actually APPROVE of the bad guys acting like they are above the law. You don’t like it? Then TAKE CARE OF IT! The ONLY way to stop terrorists (and they ARE urban terrorists) is to completely and totally eliminate them.

    1. johnny69 says:

      I am sorry, after thinking about it, I do feel sorry for the innocent folks. I re-read what I wrote and it was too harsh. I just wish that good people everywhere would rise up all over the world and do away with the bad!

  3. just my opinion says:

    In my opinion the bad guy’s run the city, the mayor sits on the board of commissioners of the Crawford Village rent office and turned a blind eye to hundreds of false arrests for rent fraud via re-arranged work history and move in dates, suppressed evidence and fudged numbers to better his and his friends careers. He doesn’t care about the tax paying citizens, he is a poor man who is scheming and scamming his way out of the projects to he Senate. I hope those residents kept their botched paperwork because that is where the lies from the rent office and detective are at.

  4. change leadership says:

    If the mayor and his friends can be regulars at the grandview tavern on a weekly basis, I’m pretty sure he can look in on the elderly to make sure that they are ok. Isn’t that what public servant means? just my opinion.

  5. johnny69 says:

    i am sorry but it is way past time for ALL of the law abiding, tax paying good people of any community to step up and rid their towns and cities of ALL these human vermin.

  6. Thomas J Duttine says:

    More of your TAX dollars at work!

  7. Robert says:

    I am horrified at what I saw. A defenseless woman (mother-grandmother-great grandmother) shot at while she was sleep. What is going on? Why does our elderly being shot at, when I saw here i just cried. She reminds me of my grandmother, just sleeping minding her own business. I am so angry about this, yes McKeesport is bad but she and her family did not deserve this, I hope and pray that they find out who did this. GOD BLESS mam, i don’t know you but my heart is hurting for you. GOD will make this right. This is one of the saddest stories I have ever seen.

  8. just asking says:

    Yeah but how many people did she shoot and rob when she was young enough to bang? Is she an Eastern Star, Elk or former gang member?

  9. Sara Sams says:

    Just Asking how STUPID are you ?? She is none of your ideas. She is a Grandma who was in her own bed sleeping. She has never shot or robbed anyone. She was brought up to RESPECT and CARE for others. .Back in her days people didnt run around shooting and robbing . And their parent knew where the children were. I dont know you Gramms but I pray you get well soon. Prayer to all the family members. So now just asking you need to take your ass and crawl back into the sewer where you came from. Shame on you for the comments you made about this lovely lady. Go get an Education!!!!!!

    1. robert says:

      I don’t know you Sara, but why do you let ignorant, insidious comments like some people do on here get to you. I agree with you, she is a grandmother. Do not feed into the ignorance of one. You know how this city is, IGNORANT and blinded by the truth. I just wanted to comment on the fact that this city neighborhood she lives in, should be ashamed of what happen to her. GOD will make it right..

  10. just asking says:

    I am not the one who needs to be re-educated and have a grammar check. Lovely? I don’t think so back in her day they probably used a machete or kept a straight razor in their bra and that is where these young children get the violence from, just my opinion.

  11. whatnext says:

    i grew up in McKeesport and lived there until my family got out of there in the 1970s. my advice is this: LEAVE McKeesport!. it was the best place to grow up in the country, but now it’s just a giant mess of a place, filled with the sort of people who would fire a gun into a house filled with people. let these people HAVE the damn place. there’s not ever going to be a “going back” to the sort of place it was. it’s lost. save yourself. leave it to the thugs. McKeesport is the poster child for The Great Society. look at it and weep.

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